Former US Ambassador to Israel “US is Funding Both Sides of This War”


December 8, 2023 | 27 Comments »

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  1. Sebastien


    “has Israel by the proverbial short hairs at this point in time.”

    Which is what Trotsky was saying back in the day

    If world capitalism isn’t shifted then living on earth has had it as well as Jews living in the old home

    Known in detail right from the time of Marx truth be told and cannot be evaded when he analysed the basics of capitalism. Very obvious once it was down on paper

    Follows with the basic analysis is a system growing in complex depravity

    Dredging out of the gutter Antisemitism and many other nasties but philosophically all rooted in denial of science

    Economic misery for the 90 per cent


    Nature secondary to nature … brutal exploitation

    And the virus world will have its say as it laughs at opthalmologist no virologist at all

    Rand Paul

    Kicking in greenhouse gases as an extra blanket

    And inability to remove those in time

    To infinite downward slide into what they call cascading of tipping points

    Eventually no life. The great quiet.

    And physics has the final say

    (Unless humans can replace capitalism…that is what it is really about)

    I heard him…”Global warming is a sham”… Donald Trump

    Businessman of capitalism…sham thinker.

  2. @Felix Of course, the Trump Plan was a non-starter except for the point about giving the green light to immediate application of sovereignty to some of the land and then unlimited settlement and sovereignty if the Pals didn’t agree within 4 years.

    Of course, it could be countered that Trump/Kushner reneged on the agreement and then lied about having made it until Bibi produced the letter and that this is the sort of thing that the U.S. did with UN Resolution 242 which only specified that (some) territories would be relinquished, ignoring that, the U.S. withholding information from Israel and not releasing Jonathan Pollard in violation of the Wye Accords, and Obama not honoring the Bush letter to Sharon about leaving contiguous large “settlement” blocs intact didn’t bode well for the future.

    But, it’s true, Trump forced nothing on Israel, made no threats, and stood by Israel unconditionally. With an ally in the White House like Trump this also defangs the Deep State TSS left in Israel who are nothing but American proxies.

    You are right. Israel needs to wean herself off dependence on the U.S. But beggars can’t be choosers, and Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the sayings go (I’m going to platitude hell, aren’t I? 😀 )

    This White House is riddled with Jihadists. Trump would never have tied Israel’s hands like this in a war.

    In war, Trump supported Israel, unconditionally, which is why there was peace.

    But, while it behooves us to root for Trump, Bibi must quietly implement local self-sufficiency in the production and distribution of essential military and non-military materiele because – wait for it:

    ” a stich in time, saves nine.” “this will be making lemonade out of lemons” and finding a silver lining in this cloud” ahhhhh. 😀

  3. @Felix Huckabee was the only candidate who went that far but he dropped out in January 2016, unfortunately. It’s between Trump and Biden and the U.S. has Israel by the proverbial short hairs at this point in time.

  4. Sebastien

    You have a knack for taking every word or idea and distorting it without mercy.

    Of course it is possible in these conditions to build mass parties.

    And it is true what I said any party based on hatred of Jews is not young but very old.

    And no person on this Jewish site is old but very open and novel…thereby something very good and worthwhile.

    You just did not get what I was saying.

    Nor what Trotsky says of course.

    His thought in these four articles cover a huge area of his lived experience.

    A person can make any comment on anything and by various methods it can become the very opposite

    We always arrive at that point.

  5. @Felix
    I fundamentally disagree with your assessment of the Trump deal. It offered Israel a path to finally and diplomatically dispense with the faux peace plan which the Pals could and would never have accepted, because it would mean the death of anyone even paying it lip serviced support. It also provided Israel with 30% of her heritage lands just for coming to Washington and agreeing to the plan, knowing that the Pals could not do the same, and in four years, Israel would be faced with finally dealing with the problem which the status quo put off for far too long. The only solution which would remain would have been the JO, so ultimately a win win.

    One final point on Trump’s peace plan, Trump ALWAYS stated that he would never force his peace plan on the parties, and that they could walk away if that is what they chose to do. In fact, this is what did take place, and true to his word on this point, Trump accepted Bibi’s decision to shelve the peace plan and trade the sovereignty recognition in preference of the Abraham Accords. It was a great mistake, and there were complicating issues begun by Gantz’ successful whisper campaign to Trump against Bibi, but notably, the choice to end consideration of Trump’s peace plan came from Israel. If Trump did nothing more for the Jews than this, it would be a great contrast to the pressure placed upon Israel for concessions and security dilemmas to suit the American’s faux peace accords.

    Furthermore the Jews had far more reason to see Trump as “the answer”, as you put it, than the Trump peace plan, both in Israel and around the world. He ended support or even toleration of state sponsored terrorism, beginning first whit such support which was coming from within the US to fund the terrorist UNWRA and the PA. He ended the JPOA and applied maximum pressure, not on Israel, but on the terrorist Mullahs in Iran. He signed the Taylor Force Act, expanded Title VI protection to American Jews, supported the Abraham Accords, and much much more. We have recently listed the benefits which the Jews have enjoyed from the Trump presidency, and they are extensive and significant. You obviously disagree with this perspective given your comments and metaphors disparaging Trump, so, as you say, while not following the crowd, do explain to us as to why the Jews would regret Trump while getting ‘the whole picture’ as you say.

  6. @Felix Uh, that was a quote. You’re the one who said you can build a mass party.

    I was reminded of this glossy Canadian Anarchist satire magazine in the late 70s, that had this brilliant parody of all these people who wanted to build their own parties with 2 or 3 people or even just one and fantasized themselves as the next great revolutionary leader.

    It had a big Mao poster on the cover with the face cut out and the caption (your face here.) And a mock advertisement for “party builders inc.” or something and the heading, “You too can be the leader of a genuinely revolutionary Marxist-Leniniist Party.” If you hire their consultant firm.

    My first thought, when I read your comment, was to quip: “Do you have a price list?” As if you were a wedding planner or something similar. You really do sound like salesman making a pitch, though why you’d make it here with all us old codgers like yourself who already think that socialism is a terrible idea, is anybody’s guess. 😀

    I wonder if it gave the folks who created Obama and Co, ideas.

    Now, if you want to know what I say for myself:

    “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry too, if it happened to you 😀

  7. What!!!

    Sebastien you have rowed out to a dark deserted island.

    Is that what you took from these outstanding analyses?

    I am afraid you are more to be pitied than laughed but we will have to do both!!!

  8. @Felix If and when Ted recovers my last response on this thread, you will see my analysis of the article you posted a link to.

  9. @Felix I’ve read this. What about it? After saying, and more than once, that he knows nothing about the subject, not even having learned “Jewish” (he thinks Yiddish is the only Jewish lahguage, not Hebrew, and tell it to the Sephardim and Mizrahi) He denounces the Jewish bourgeoisie who never give (tell it to the Baron Rothschild who funded the early Zionist settlements or Julius Rosenwald who funded black education in the South during Jim Crow) and the petit bourgeoisie (most of us) says that a world Socialist Federation (no such animal exists) will make progressive the reactionary creation of a Jewish state (that woud be present-day Israel), he says Jews going to Palestine under present conditions (the 30s) are just going to their deaths.

    He was wrong about absolutely everything, Felix!

  10. Sebastien

    Every Stalinist, every Trotskyist, every Socialist I know of – except for you – supports Hamas. A plague on all their houses.

    You realise how tiny and old crusted these phonies are.

    I have the thinking of Trotsky on my side and I also have the ability to build a mass party

  11. Peloni Reader can speak for himself. I don’t follow the crowd, ever, and all the Jews can find Trump is no answer

    It is the difference between a doctor meeting you at the hospital gate after a terrible road accident and he hands you a tube of ointment. That was Trump’s deal of the century. People are easily conned.

    The only solution is for Jews to declare we are the owners of all from the river to the sea.

    In fact trump provided nests of the enemy inside that already tiny space , and those nests were the vicious jihadists of their awful Palestine… I should say the tiny remaining space.

  12. Just found this:

    Why I Just Quit DSA
    After over four decades as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, one of the group’s founding members is leaving in sorrow and anger.


    “In its inability to distinguish between acts of resistance to unjust and oppressive rule and acts of terror against civilians, and in its confusion of authentic striving for national liberation with theocratic, fascistic crimes, DSA has shown that it has become completely unmoored,” declared a letter signed by two …Nov 15, 2023

    Why Older Socialists Are Quitting the DSA – The Atlantic

  13. @Felix

    Let’s get the whole picture.

    Yes, let’s get the whole picture. Perhaps you or Reader could provide a link to the item explaining why the Jews will regret Trump. In fact, there is absolutely nothing which the Jews might regret about Trump except that he is not still in the White House.

  14. I have lost the link that Reader gave but it gave an alternative view of Trump re Israel. Of about two months ago. Let’s get the whole picture.

  15. @Felix I’m no longer a Stalinist or any kind of Marxist. It’s weird that you still are a Trotskyist. Every Stalinist, every Trotskyist, every Socialist I know of – except for you – supports Hamas. A plague on all their houses.

  16. @Felix All I said was it was only under Trump’s presidency that the U.S. didn’t fund both sides. That’s a fact. Is it not?

  17. Sebastien
    This is what Stalinism has always done. Rather than having Jews be independent Stalinism always has to find the latest big man in America to suck up to

    Which is EXACTLY what you’re doing there.

    As Reader said Jews will regret Trump!