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On Sunday, the people of France voted overwhelmingly for their demise. Of course, that’s not what they think they voted for. But it is.

They think they voted for “inclusion,” “fairness,” “diversity,” and all the rest of the hogwash served up by the leftist/globalist/communist/Islamo-fascists because hogwash is a favorite dish among useful idiots.

But make no mistake: the French people voted to assure their ruin by electing a candidate who doesn’t even believe there’s such a thing as “French culture.” Because, of course, France is “diverse.”

Hey, no kidding.

France’s diversity includes a massive uptick in violence, including rape (here, here, here, and here), thanks to their new friends from Islamic lands.

So the French voted for more murder and mayhem.

Macron made his priorities clear in speeches on Sunday, stating that “we will not yield to fear” while noting that it is his responsibility to “assuage fear.”

If they choose not to yield to fear, then they will yield to the sword. Or the knife. They will yield to guns and bombs. To trucks mowing people down. To gang rapes and a stream of threats. They will yield to all manner of destruction. Until France is gone.

And the country is well on its way to extinction. Given that the Muslim population in France is approaching 10% (the largest in Europe) and extrapolating from Peter Hammond’s book Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam, here’s what French people have to look forward to:

From 5% on they [Muslims] exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.

… [T]hey will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia[.] …

When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions[.] … Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats[.]

Dr. Hammond’s book was published in 2005. In my view, his predictions are manifesting even sooner than noted (with examples seen here in the United States).

The situation in France is bleak, and with the result of Sunday’s election, it is even bleaker. But apparently, most French people don’t care – a testament to the result of decades of inculcated stupidity.

So now that Frenchmen have voted for their demise, many comments on blogs ask why we should care, with some noting that France gets what she deserves.

In my view, we should care.

France is our ally, and that counts for something.

France also serves as a weathervane for the future of the West. The United States is following in her footsteps. If we don’t change course dramatically and quickly (and we’re not, by the way), we’ll also reach a point of no return. And between today and that point, we’ll continue to suffer all manner of needless horrors because we were fools who embraced those clinging to an ideology that mandates our destruction.

In addition, the larger the Islamic footprint grows in the West, the more power it has. And that is exceedingly dangerous.

If Le Pen had won, she would have been a leading voice on the world stage speaking the truth about Islam and mass migration from Islamic countries to the West. And she would have taken action to protect and defend her country from the army that has infiltrated and continues to advance. We need more people on our barely existent team fighting a war being waged against us that most refuse to acknowledge.

And finally, if France falls to the caliphate, the Islamic world will have access to nuclear weapons. That is no small thing and is reason enough as to why we should care about the outcome of Sunday’s election.

As Robert Spencer wrote:

Lights out for France. The French have chosen not to be so “racist” and “Islamophobic” as to resist the jihad that is being waged against them with ever greater ferocity. Europe as a whole, too, appears to be poised to make the same choice, and vote itself out of existence. And then it will be America’s turn.

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  1. “Some 10% of Eastern Europeans don’t want Jews as citizens, study finds

    May 10, 2017 3:10pm

    (JTA) — More than 10 percent of Central and Eastern Europeans do not accept Jews as citizens of their countries, according to a new study.

    The study, released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center, surveyed the residents of 18 countries and found that 80 percent of respondents would accept Jews as fellow citizens. The remainder was not sure or declined to answer.

    Many fewer respondents would accept Jews as family and neighbors. Less than half would accept Jews as family and fewer than three-quarters wanted them as neighbors.

    The study interviewed 1,500 to 2,500 residents in each of the countries from June 2015 to July 2016.

    Jews, however, were more accepted across the region than Muslims and Roma. Only 57 percent of respondents would accept Roma as citizens, while only 19 percent would accept them as family. Roughly two-thirds of the region would accept Muslims as citizens, while only 27 percent would accept them as family.

    In some countries, the number of respondents who do not accept Jews as citizens was far higher than the median, notably Armenia, where a third of respondents said Jews should not be citizens.

    Several countries with large Jewish populations before the Holocaust also topped the average: Lithuania, at 23 percent; Romania, 22 percent; the Czech Republic, 19 percent, and Poland, 18 percent.

    Respondents with more education were more likely to accept Jews as family, neighbors and citizens, the study found.

    The margin of error was 3.3 to 4.5 percent, depending on the country.”

    The new anti-Semitism: Majority of British Jews feel they have no future in UK, says new study
    The report coincides with a general rise in antisemitic attacks last year – January 2015

    ‘No future for Jews in Western Europe,’ says French prosecutor In a legal war on bigotry, Charles Baccouche, 70, fights anti-Semitism the only way he knows how — in the courtroomBY LISA KLUG September 8, 2016,

    Jerusalem Post Diaspora

    BYJACK BROOK JUNE 30, 2016 00:58
    81 immigrants arrive on first IFCJ aliya flight of summer.

    “Jerusalem Post Israel News

    BYSAM SOKOL NOVEMBER 17, 2015 21:32
    Poor language skills, and differences in academic and professional accreditation serve as barriers.”

    French olim struggle to practice their professions in Israel
    A psychologist who sells clothes at the mall, an engineer who is forced to work in telemarketing and a certified nurse who flies to Paris every month to earn a living: Thousands of French Jews who left their native country following the rise in anti-Semitism are having trouble getting a proper job in Israel, and one-third of them don’t work at all. ‘If I don’t find a job in the coming year, I’ll consider returning to Paris,’ one of them says.
    Anat Meidan|Published: 12.04.17 ,,7340,L-4457,00.html


    In the period between 2000 and 2013, some 1,658 olim committed suicide.

    “…New immigrant groups issued pleas this week to provide better mental health services to olim in light of the recent tragedy in Jerusalem in which an ultra-Orthodox immigrant from France allegedly murdered her four daughters and committed suicide.

    KeepOlim, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping new immigrants who experience difficulties adjusting to life in Israel, issued a statement calling on the government and the Jewish Agency to provide better assistance.

    The group’s statement said it was “devastated by the tragedy in Jerusalem,” but stressed, “It’s not the first of its kind. Moving to a new country is very difficult… The stress and pressure of aliya can be too much for some to handle and getting support is difficult or impossible…”

    Emergency Plan for French Aliyah – The Jewish People Policy Institute
    main areas: (1) employment, (2) attainable housing, (3) community and culture. Suggestions to …. the integration of French Olim into the Israeli work place.

    “Bibi Tells Europe’s Jews To Come ‘Home’ Israel is preparing for the ‘absorption of mass immigration from Europe,’ Netanyahu said. BY JTA February 15, 2015”

    SZ: It’s “putting money where mouth is” time.

  2. @ Philippe:
    I was educated in a French Lycée and University in France.
    Where do I start. The French are the worst anti-Semites on
    the surface of the earth. They are lousy poltroons who got
    beaten twice by the Germans in WWI and WWII. They did
    not even put up a fight. If it was not for the USA, the French
    would be speaking German today. There are areas in France
    where the Police does not go there, too afraid to do anything.
    At 20% Moslem, France is gone! Arabs are everywhere:
    At Charles De Gaulle Airport, I saw an Arab women
    pealing an orange and throwing the peelings on the floor
    with people stepping over and even sliding.
    I honestly thought that this time around, they would
    have voted for someone ready to throw the savages out!
    But no, they got same old same old. Expect more terror,
    more mayhem, more killings. When will the French say
    enough is enough: don’t hold your breath…

  3. France has already a 13 millions french-muslim citizenry . 19,6% out f 66 millions . France future is roasted like a kebab .
    France is not a NATURAL US ally like GB . France is a mendacious country whoe arrogant and crooked elites will ask for help only when their stupid pride is under danger. Remember France forbade the US airplanes to fly over its skies when Reagan bombed Khadafi in 1986 , and France vehemently opposed Bush 2003 war on Saddam , because Chirac has his bread buttered by Saddam.By the way Chirac is one of the very few living politicians who has a street named after him in Ramallah.
    Now Mitterand joined the 1991 war on Saddam ( desert storm ) to help the Kuwaitis-Saudis (,France ‘s customers ) and Sarkozy joined the Bush jr war in Afghanistan after 2001 and joined forces to unseat and kill Khadafi in 2011 , but this last military endeavour was to eliminate the arab despot who had finaced his elections in 2007. So far … for the very reluctant french ” ally “

  4. To Ms Carol Brown ; France has already 13 ( thirteen ) millions of its citizens who are muslims .
    That’s a 19, 6 %( yes you do read well ) nineteen point six percent out of a global population of 66 millions. Plus you can add a one million clandestine who are mostly muslims.

    Second error : France IS NOT your ally . France is only a mendacious country who remember to call the US for help , only when its disproportionate pride is under dire circumstances . Do you remember Mitterand opposed Ronald Reagan bombing of Khadafi in april 1986 , and refused the US planes flying over France . Chirac opposed strongly the 2003 war on Saddam and France refused the passing of US airplanes over its skies. In both cases Chirac was in charge . No surprise Chirac has a street named after him in Ramallah .

    Please do note that when Mitterand ( a kind of soft socialist ) was in charge, France joined the 1st war ( desert Storm ) in Iraq in 1991 . And when Sarkozy was in power , france joined GB to expel Khadafi from power in 2011.

    So France did not vote for its immediate submission to Islam. It voted for a kind of freshness , a new face , who could provide some economical technical expertise and rein in the ever growing power of Germany in Europe.

    Ms Le Pen was totally unable, incompetent in european matters either legal or financials. And she still remains hostage to her party own mixture of mentally not-bright-clumsy-uneducated-braggards and deep-in-their-heart-jews-haters.

    So French voters choosed the lesser of two evils .

  5. to be a leader today means to be submissive article reads of froggy submission to whomever. ISRAEL require it’s p.m be submissive to terror arabs. only in ISRAEL do the p.m have the inborn mentality of the serpent to crawl on their belly. when ISRAEL has a real stand up leader the world will shake with fear. guess the german minister got a hand written apology from nutunyahoo for not meeting him.