French-Israelis call on Jews to flee France and join them

Peloni:  And so, the same Liberal World Order which brought the waves of migrants from Arabia to populate Europe’s streets are now working in lock step with these Islamists to purge Eastern Europe of its still remaining tiny minority of Jews.  As if the West was too impotent to see this task thru on their own, they imported the descendants of those who did the same for all of Arabia some 70yrs ago.  The ignominy of this betrayal will never be forgotten, as the promise of Never Again in Europe has been crushed again and again and again.  Where next will this bond of Leftists and Islamists go to chase our people from their long held homes, where next will they pervert the legal codes to demonstrate that there is no place for the Jews in all of  Europe.  In fact, the promise of Never Again was never fulfilled by Europe as post war pogroms sent thousands of Jews fleeing for their lives, something which we are now facing will likely take place once again.  Instead, the promise of Never Again has always been tied to the existence of the Jewish state, where the fate and survival of the Jewish people will be decided, not by the masters of Europe, but by the Jews themselves.  Hence, as Europe returns to its ancient tradition of ridding themselves of their Jewish subjects, these Jews will come to find that they have a place in which to take refuge and to flourish in the lands of their ancestors where the vow of Never Again is fulfilled.

By | July 9, 2024

The recent French elections and the far left victory is leading to nervousness among France’s Jews. Islamic antisemitism rose to alarming levels during the surge of Muslim migration to France in 2015 and the years thereafter. Open-door migration has come to define leftist politics.

Since 2020, the World Zionist Organization (WZO) has been “working on a plan to bring hundreds of thousands of French Jews to Israel.” The population of Jews in France is roughly 453,000.

WZO Vice-Chair Yaakov Hagoel said at that time: “Anti-Semitism is increasing and France is surrendering to jihad.”

And in 2018, Ricard Abitbol, President of the Confederation of Jews in France, declared: “In a few decades, there will be no Jews in France….We can be hurt by words, but we don’t mind, but when we are hurt by a knife, a gun, you can’t say I don’t mind.”

Since October 7, the Palestinian “resistance” has gone global, further threatening Jews everywhere. Palestinian propaganda is rife in the West, and fully protected by the woke ideology, in which Muslims are the perceived victims, despite a 1,400-year history that proves otherwise. The history of Israel’s founding shows the “resistance” is really about obliterating the state of Israel, which Islamic supremacists consider to be an affront to Islam.

Islam managed to conquer the entire Middle East via the sword, and hold it all with the exception of Israel. Yet it is the tiny state of Israel that suffers international persecution to this day. Leftist leaders have proven themselves to be biased against Israel and uncritically supportive of the Palestinian cause.

“Dan” in the story below has identified the role of the alliance between the left and “radical Muslims” in the escalation of antisemitism.

France and other European countries could well see an exodus to Israel in the coming years, which could mean a brain drain.

Traitorous Western globalist leaders, however, will continue to prosper on the backs of taxpayers.

“French-Israelis call on Jews to flee France and join them,” by Thomas Helm, The National, July 7, 2024:

As the line grew at a boarding gate in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, Dan waited by a plug socket charging his phone until the last minute before joining the throng of mostly French Jews bound for Marseille.

Israel’s carrier, El Al, makes the trip five times a week. Marseille is home to France’s second-largest Jewish community, numbering about 80,000 people. After the US, France has the biggest Jewish community outside Israel.

Dan was going back to vote in France’s snap election called by President Emmanuel Macron in June.

The election, which held its second round on July 7, sparked huge debate among French-Israelis about the future of the Republic and more particularly about the future of French Jews, who say they desperately need the state to step up and tackle spiralling anti-Semitism.

Dan said he would be voting for the far right, something that would have been unthinkable not so long ago, having been established by openly antisemitic politicians.

Despite the far right’s history, Dan was certain about his choice. “There is an urgent need to stop the far left, which has allied itself with radical Muslims – if we don’t stop it France will become even more dangerous for Jews,” he said.

Other Israelis have given up on France entirely and are calling for all French Jews to migrate to Israel, despite the country being in the middle of a war with Hamas in Gaza and possibly facing another more devastating one with Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.…

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