Full interview: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on “Face the Nation,” Feb. 25, 2024

Peloni:  Bibi responds quite well to a series of loaded questions.  This openly hostile interview with CBS should be shared widely.  He truly is a national treasure.

Watch Margaret Brennan’s extended interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Feb. 25, 2024.

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  1. It’s totally shamelessly anti-Semitic to account a 3-state in Palestine as a 2-state: Jordan was the 2-state that was created by the British 2-state Mandate of 1948. How many 2-states = a 2-state? Why does Israel accept such poor math!

  2. @inna1 Vietnam was an unpopular war.


    Iraq and Afghanistan soon became unpopular wars.

    I’ve met very few Americans, including Jews, who fail to condemn the U.S. for Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden

    Same goes for the Indian Wars which somebody mentioned.

    I believe it was Laura who said something I had pointed out earlier, as well. People, including Americans, who hate Israel, usually hate the U.S., as well.

    This anarchist button was a best seller when I was active in the anti-nuke movement in the late ’70s.


    Here’s another variation I just found. I’m guessing it’s Canadian since the term “First Nations” is Canadian whereas “Native American” is American usage.


  3. @inna2
    Whereas I of course agree with all that you state, I think this provided Bibi a very good stage on which to answer the questions posed such that he demonstrated how completely mendacious these questions actually are. Despite her best efforts to portray Bibi in a bad light, she only succeeded in allowing Bibi to expose her yellow journalistic efforts and the fact that Israel is not responsible for the war, the Gazan deaths, or the hostile position of the US administration. So while her efforts were intended to be deleterious, I would argue that she had the opposite effect instead.

  4. This is my comment on youtube.
    3 minutes ago
    This Margaret is unprofessional, arrogant and rude. How dare she talk in such a way with a Prime Minister of a country, in this case Israel. Who is she to dictate how Israel should behave? She emphasizes on the fact that in Gaza kids are suffering, but what about Israeli babies burnt in ovens, women raped and tortured, civilians murdered? It’s a war, Margaret! Think about what America did during WWII, in Vietnam, Afghanistan… And it was not her lands. Israel is fighting for her survival, for her land! Why no country want to accept refugees from Gaza?! They want to leave! Other war zone refugees like Syrians, Ukrainians, etc. are accepted in many countries, but not Gazans. Isn’t that strange?