Genocidal Hatred of Jews and the West

by Guy Millière, GATESTONE November 29, 2023

  • Many Muslims living in the West remain under the influence of Islamist movements and the hatred of Israel and Jews that permeates their countries of origin. Hatred of Jews and Israel is therefore markedly present in Muslim communities in the West.
  • In the 1960s, when the Soviet Union wanted to gain more influence in the Arab Muslim world, its leaders decided to support what was at the time a sacred cause for Arab leaders: the attempt to destroy Israel. They… chose to invent a “national liberation struggle”…. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded in 1964 with the task of “liberating Palestine,” and the borders of “Palestine” on the maps used by the PLO showed that the goal was to erase Israel from the face of the earth.
  • Western leftists started vocally to express hatred of “imperialist Israel” and, ironically, the hard-won democratic freedoms they were at that moment enjoying to the fullest: freedom of speech, assembly, education, sexuality, and supposedly equal justice under the law.
  • The Oslo Accords only made everything worse. By signing them, Israel’s then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin recognized… that a terrorist organization was somehow the legitimate representative of a people invented fewer than three decades earlier, and that this invented “people” had “rights” and deserved to have territory and self-government.
  • In reality, it was Israel that decolonized the land from the grip of the British, who governed it from 1917 until Israel’s war of independence in 1948.
  • The recent pro-Hamas demonstrations in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia show that hatred of Jews and Israel among Muslims living in the West has reached a degree where many of them openly support genocidal atrocities not only against Jews in Israel but against Jews anywhere…. These demonstrations also show that support for the “Palestinian cause” sometimes also leads Westerners to support genocidal atrocities so long as they are committed against Jews.
  • [I]f nothing is done to respond to the forces seeking to overturn Western civilization, all in the name of “democracy” of course – and Western values such as equal justice under law, equality of opportunity rather than of result, education from facts rather than from propaganda, a media that actually challenges authority rather than allowing itself to be suborned by it, freedom of speech with which one disagrees, the sovereignty of the individual rather than of groups — the worst is bound to come.

The atrocities committed by the terrorist group Hamas in Israel on October 7 aroused fear and horror throughout the West. As soon as the Israeli government decided to retaliate and announced that it seeks to destroy Hamas, “the new ISIS”, fear and horror began to fade and rapidly gave way to a return of “the world’s oldest hatred”.

The mainstream media described the demonstrations that swept through Western Europe and the United States as “pro-Palestinian”. They were, in reality, anti-Jew and brimming with hatred towards Israel. The slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” — meaning that Israel must be wiped off the map — was shouted out and emblazoned on banners.

In Sydney, Australia, men chanted “gas the Jews” and boasted that they, the demonstrators, were “on the hunt to kill Jews”. In Berlin, demonstrators shouted “death to the Jews”. In the US, anti-Semitic acts increased by 400%, Jewish students on university campuses were physically attacked and threatened. During the last three weeks of October, anti-Semitic hate crimes in London, England were up 1,350%. In France, between October 8 and November 1, the Ministry of the Interior recorded 1,762 anti-Semitic acts — far more than throughout the entire year of 2022.


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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Islam is a political and supremacist ideology masquerading as a religion. Islam has been at war with the entire rest of the world for 1,400 years. Nothing has changed. The goal of Islam now is the same as it was 1,400 years ago: conquer and take over the world, kill anyone who gets in the way, and turn everyone else into de facto slaves. To accomplish their goal, they will do anything necessary, and that includes, besides killing, lying, cheating, stealing, whatever… For those who think this all began with Israel, or that it will end with Israel, I can say only that it is high time to wake up to reality before you find out the hard way that we are in a lot of trouble.

  2. Two articles at the Washington Free Beacon are signs of ever expanding Jew hatred and the normalization of Jew hatred brought by Obama:


    and the no. 5 person in Biden’s CIA posted her support for Hamas on social media:

    There seems to be a tsunami of support for the genocidal Hamas from all corners of the US, from colleges and universities and from the US government.

    There are also indications that the US government was speaking with Hamas before 10/7 in Qatar:

    This substack article quotes the AP and WaPo (two highly suspect sources) regarding Biden’s efforts to get rid of Bibi, and a decade or more of back channel talks with Hamas in Qatar, all of which point to the possibility that the US knew of the massacre before it occurred.

    The chickens of antisemitism and anti-Zionism are coming home to roost given the virulence of Obama’s and Biden’s antisemitism, as well as the antisemitism of the billionaire globalists.