German Court to Demjanjuk: A Murderer at 91 – Still a Murderer

Simon Wiesenthal Centre

The Simon Wiesenthal Center today praised the guilty verdict for John Demjanjuk, who stood trial in Germany for his complicity in the murder of 27,900 Jews at the Sobibor death camp in 1943.

“John Demjanjuk’s Nazi past finally caught up with him,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Wiesenthal Center. “For decades he skirted justice, living a normal life with his family in the United States, successfully covering up his past as a guard at the notorious Sobibor death camp, where 250,000 Jews were murdered,” he added.

“Today a German court finally put an end to his disguise and set the record straight that he was, in fact, one of the sadistic and brutal murderers at Sobibor and sentenced him to, what for a 91-year-old man, is a life sentence in jail,” Rabbi Hier concluded.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. So it’s worth murdering JUST Jews after all… You don’t get killed and, after all, you get less than two hours of house arrest per murdered Jew when you are 91, like Demjanjuk… Which is not so bad…

    THAT was Bin Laden’s ONLY mistake: he did not murder JUST JEWS. Had he done it, he’d still be alive…

    His followers told him: murder just Jews, like the Muslim Brothers, Hamas and Hizbollah, even the US Secretary of State will say that you are a moderate or a reformer!

  2. I would think the Jewish nation has more important enemies to defend ourselves against than a 91-year-old Ukrainian soldier in the Red Army who was captured by the German Nazis in World War II and chose service as a guard in one of their death camps rather than all but certain death in one of their prisoner of war camps.

    Demjanjuk was not in fact the “Ivan the Terrible” for which he was deported from the USA to Israel. But being “Ivan the Not So Nice” in a world that is about as anti-semitic now as it was when these people were young men, hardly seems to justify all the attention focused on him.

    My interest in the Jewish nation is centered on Israel as the Jewish state for the Jewish nation under rules passed down to our forefathers some 3400 years ago. That does not involve endless participation in the Holocaust industry. Chances are that Stalin was totally correct when he said: One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is just a statistic.” The only security against the enemies of the world’s Jews consists of building Israel into an expanded, powerful and independent homeland for the permanent future of the Jewish nation. Everything else is an illusion covering a miasma of ultimate disappointments.

    And I am interested solely in long-term victory, not in the disappointments which are a disease of fools who walk around as if they were lightly chloroformed, as some Jewish American novelist once referred to this phenomenom.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  3. Fistel: I also think you are wrong. Please read my comment #3 at this link: Israpundit » Blog Archive » Israel: The Miracle It was posted earlier but because it was held in moderation it showed up late and you may not have seen it.

    Further to that, “Christian Nazi” is also a oxymoron (see above link) and neither Roman Catholics (“RCC”) or Eastern Orthodox are Christian. They are descended from paganism. See, Babylon: a global empire at this very moment! for their shared symbols with Freemasonry, Islam and the Occult. Those people not deceived by the RCC and Eastern Orthodox were deceived by false prophet Martin Luther who set up Europe for the Holocaust. Luther wrote the book called “The Jews and their Lies,” proving he was false because Christians are many times in the Bible told to pray for, support and comfort the Jews, not to oppose them. Hitler honored Luther by arranging Kristlnacht on Luther’s birthday. While protesting the pagan worshipping RCC, Luther didn’t protest enough! He didn’t restore the biblical Ten Commandments. The RCC had omitted the second Commandment, changed the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, and split the last commandment into two to make the total 10. Luther didn’t change the Sabbath back to Saturday from Sun God worship day, and he wanted to exclude the Book of James from the Bible which specifically requires obedience of Christians. Only those who “keep the commandments” have the right to enter into the promises of G-d. As such he was an Antinomian (a-nomos = no law; lawless one) and taught Europe to be same. See The Antinomians are Coming Antinomianism is the chief false doctrine then and now from which all others spring because if one does not obey G-d [Shema!], G-d will not give them understanding and in fact will hide the truth from them. In Christianity, they would be Christians in Name Only (“CINO’s”). Do you not have Jews in Name Only (“JINO’s”)? Do not judge history by the work of CINO’s because they have “fallen away” from the truth or never had it to begin with.

    I do not identify Pre-Trib Rapture as a Christian doctrine. Rather it is a false doctrine of the apostate church. Anyone watching that canary in the mine Israel should know better. I have no fellowship with any Christian holding to Pre-Trib Rapture because I consider them deaf and blind, devoid of understanding, unconvincible and ultimately dangerous because they can’t be trusted to know the truth when it is presented to them. When someone holds a false doctrine of men rather than believing what G-d had written in the Bible and doing it, it is as though a bag goes over the head of that person and they see and hear less well. When they put on other false doctrines started by the RCC (such as Ecumenism; Once Saved~Always Saved; Blanket Forgiveness of the Unrepentant; Replacement Theology and many more I could name) more bags go over the head and the person is blind and deaf. Yeshua went about healing the blind and the deaf and even that is a picture of getting off the bags and receiving the truth.

  4. I have come to the conclusion that if the german christian nazis had won World War Two and occupied America, they would have had no trouble finding numerous American christians to help them exterminate all the American Jews.

    Who thinks I am wrong?

    I think you’re wrong. And I doubt you believe it yourself. But it makes you feel good to lash out at Christians. Fine. Knock yourself out.

    First, Germany most mostly de-Christianized two or so hundred years ago. Being white and being European doesn’t make one a Christian.

    There were no doubt Jews like yourself who thought de-Christianization was a good thing, that it made Jews in Europe more secure. Well, I ask you: are Jews in Europe more secure than Jews in America? Is America or Europe more Christian?

  5. Why the german christians prosecuted Demjanjuk:

    The catholic western europeans expelled its Jewish population in the Middle Ages. The Jews took the path of least resistance, and headed east. They were more or less welcomed in Greater Poland (Poland and the Ukraine). They retained their native German language (Yiddish), and did pretty well, with eventual large increase in their population.

    The Ukrainians were catholic in the west (and favored catholic poland), and russian orthodox in the east (favoring Russia). Both groups hated the Jews (and continue to do so).

    When the german christian nazis invaded the Ukraine (1941), they quickly exterminated the one million Jews living there. This was before the death camps on Poland were operating. The Ukrainian Jews were killed one at a time, with the help of numerous willing christian Ukranians. The Ukrainian Jews were buried in unmarked mass graves (Babi Yar outside of Kiev is the best known).

    At first, the western (catholic) Ukrainians collaborated with the german christian nazis, and formed an SS unit to fight Russia. Many of the eastern (russian orthodox) Ukrainians joined the Russian (Red) Army.

    John Demjanjuk was one of the russian orthodox Ukrainians who joined the Red Army. He was soon taken captive by the german christian nazis, and agreed to help out as a guard in Sobibor, rather than being sent to a prisoner of war camp.

    Sobibor, Belzec and Treblinka (in Poland) were pure death camps. They were built to efficiently kill every single Polish Jew in their regions. They did most of their dirty work in 1942 and 1943, and were destroyed immediately to remove any traces. Auschwitz, in contrast, was a combination of death camp and work camp, and survived till the end of the war.

    Demjanjuk was apparently not Ivan the Terrible, a notoriously sadistic Ukrainian death camp guard. Instead, he was just a “typical” guard (if he was sadistic, none of his victims survived to tell the tale).

    The Germans were happy to prosecute Demjanjuk. Since Demjanjuk was not himself german, it allowed the Germans to imply that guilt for the Holocaust was widespread. This is part of the german strategy to alleviate their guilt and responsibility (“just following orders”, “didn’t know it was happening”, paying a little blood money to the Israelis).

    The current Germans have now added the charge that, “by their actions towards the innocent palestinians, the Israeli Jews have shown themselves to be “real nazis”, implying that that the european Jews somehow brought the Holocaust on themselves.

    I have come to the conclusion that if the german christian nazis had won World War Two and occupied America, they would have had no trouble finding numerous American christians to help them exterminate all the American Jews.

    Who thinks I am wrong?