‘Germany Is a Nation of Immigrants’: Employers’ Unions Demand Open Borders

By Virginia Hale, BREITBART


Declaring that Germany is in desperate need of migrants, the head of the umbrella group for employers’ associations has demanded the nation loosen border controls and recognise itself to be an “immigration country”.
“Germany is an immigration country. And Germany has to be made aware of this situation,” said Ingo Kramer, president of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA).

According to the German Press Agency, Kramer said the nation will be ‘missing’ six million people of working age by the year 2030, and argued that politicians ‘must quickly realise that the country needs immigration”.

The Bremerhaven-born entrpreneur admitted, however, that this was not easy at a time when “there is some unease about migration — at least on the right of the political spectrum, because of the refugee crisis”.

But Kramer (pictured, far left) warned that the alternative would mean ‘trying to keep Germany going as an economic powerhouse with fewer people’.

As well as calling for new, ‘labour-oriented’ immigration policies, the employers’ associations chief said the state should be looking at expanding facilities — and the hours at which they operate — for looking after children so as to ensure that women work at maximum capacity.

“Only then will women be able to fully exploit all the opportunities open to them in their careers,” Kramer said.

‘Einwanderungsland’, the term used by the BDA chief to mean ‘a country of immigration’, has traditionally been used to refer to countries such as the U.S., Australia, and nations in Latin America.

In recent years, activists and politicians in favour of mass migration have been increasingly keen to include Germany amongst ‘Einwanderungsland’.

In 2015, gushing over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open the borders to well over a million migrants who subsequently made the trek to Europe as “a miracle”, publisher of weekly Die Zeit, Josef Joffe, said: “Germany, like the countries of English settlement, is turning into an Einwanderungsland, a country of immigration, accepting different colors, faiths and origins.

“So Germany is evolving into a kind of America, where you need not be born as American, but can become one. It is a mental and emotional revolution.”

A paper unveiled in November last year by Commissioner for Immigration, Refugees and Integration, Aydan Özo?uz, sought to enshrine in the nation’s constitution that Germany is “a diverse country of immigration”.

But Historian Klaus-Rüdiger May warned that the demands of the document, which was developed by more than fifty migrant organisations, would bankrupt businesses, pensions, and the country, and would make native Germans second class citizens in their own homeland.

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  1. @ Robin Rosenblatt:
    Where is our Charles Martel? He was Charlemagne’s grandfather:

    “A Muslim France? Historically, it nearly happened. But as a result of Charles’ fierce opposition, which ended Muslim advances and set the stage for centuries of war thereafter, Islam moved no farther into Europe. European schoolchildren learn about the Battle of Tours in much the same way that American students learn about Valley Forge and Gettysburg.”[32]”


  2. “Kramer said the nation will be ‘missing’ six million people of working age by the year 2030”


    The reason Germans aren’t producing babies is because they no longer have financial security – because greedy idiots like Kramer keep pushing for evermore (economic) ‘immigrants’ & ‘refugees’ (read: cheap labour – bigger profits). (Please note: Traveling across multiple borders violates the definition of “refugee.”)

    If Germany instead planned to reduce its unemployment significantly, they would have adequate time to indigenously-birth sufficient numbers of “working age by the year 2030” – without adding any more ‘immigrants’!

  3. Insourcing needs a new meaning. Traditionally it is defined as an antonym for outsourcing but these German manufacturers probably hope to drive workers pay, benefits and working conditions down without having to pay to move their plant anywhere. The factories that is. The owners probably spend all their time in places like Monaco, the Riviera, being safely waited on hand and foot. They want to have their cake and eat it, too. Hell, why not? they don’t have to live there. And they can use some of their excess cash to fund university chairs for academic political correctness crazies glad to have a sponsor — which foundations, in their turn, turn about and serve as lucrative tax shelters for their humble donors. “Turnabout is fair play.” Thusly, one hand washes the other; and, all fueled by enough pious hypocritical hot air to fuel a rocket. Well, lots of rockets. Aimed at us, unfortunately. “It’s good to be the king.”

  4. Bosses in places like Germany are hoping to get cheap labor! What a shock for them! Most of the Muslim migrants will live off the state welfare.
    The Muslim population grows very fast – they believe in large families and in polygamy.
    When they are in the majority, they will vote for sharia for the whole nation!
    Then, Germany will be completely destroyed!!

  5. :
    Those Israel-bashing, European countries are not going to allow themselves to be overrun, and culturally and politically dominated, by Saracens.

    They’re going to become .. APARTHEID states.

    I absolutely LOVE it!

  6. :
    I find it amusing that those European, socialist-democracies are attracting millions of foreigner welfare leeches (to join the many-times more native-European leeches already there).

    I look forward to seeing how those countries will deal with the ever-increasingly restless and numerous Arab-immigrant population.

    Arabs to Palestine!

  7. Europe
    Islam is taking over Europe and England they will enter a New Islamic Dark Ages of Islamic Sex Slavery. All European women will be turn into Islamic sex slaves. Starting with 9-year-old girls.

    I imagine there will be many and women and young girls refugees seeking a safe place to go to. But where will they go?