Glick interviews Wurmser | Mideast News Hour

July 31, 2022 | 1 Comment »

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  1. Very important conversation.

    The discussion is a very detailed review of a series of really devastating events, from the Biden field trip to undermine America’s allies in the Middle East to the Tweedle Dee – Tweedle Dumb govt looking after Israel’s interests til Nov.

    Among the many issues discussed is that it is really striking how Israel was so recently in a position of real dominance in the region, with strong leadership, a strong US ally and the Arabs rallying around them, and now all of this appears to be in reverse as Iran moves from a period in which they held expectations of daily imminent destruction to those of complete victory over their enemies.

    Another poignant point that is well discussed is how completely misled the Israeli military establishment is by the US and their intent to protect Israel from her enemies. As Wurmser states, ignore what America says and look at what America does.

    Well worth the time to watch.