Gorka: ‘Liberal elements’ of US Jewry ‘basically anti-Israeli’


Ousted Trump adviser also complains of a smear campaign over his ties to a Hungarian nationalist group linked to the Nazis


The “liberal elements” of the American Jewish community have “basically become anti-Israeli,” former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka said in a radio interview.

Gorka, a senior security adviser to US President Donald Trump before leaving the White House last week, said he believes the left wing has attacked him in the media because of his support for Israel.

“In everything I have ever done, I have been a great friend of Israel,” he said. “I have spoken with honesty about the threat of jihadism in the United States.”

Gorka noted that “some great Jewish Americans came to my defense,” naming specifically Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America. In March, Klein called Gorka a “great friend of Israel.”

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) president Morton A. Klein (Joseph Savetsky/courtesy of ZOA)

Gorka said that liberal American Jews are “doing so much to betray [America’s] great friendship with Jerusalem.”

He said his left-wing supporters “told me that this is one of the saddest phenomena of American politics now that liberal, the liberal elements of the American Jewish population, has basically become anti-Israeli. It’s the greatest saddest paradox.

“You know there are key people such as at the Forward, at the Forward, who are pro-BDS, who are pro-Iran deal. It’s this very tragic phenomena that the people who should be supporting Israel and US-Israel relations the most have really done so much, done so much, to betray our great friendship with Jerusalem.”

An investigation by the Forward months ago quoted leaders of the Historical Vitezi Rend, a namesake of a defunct order of merit that existed under Hungary’s Nazi-allied government, saying Gorka had sworn allegiance to the movement. The original group ceased to exist in the 1940s following Nazi Germany’s defeat.

Gorka has worn the organization’s medal and uniform to public events, saying he does so to honor his father’s anti-Nazi and anti-communist activity. He has denied membership in the Vitez Rend, the original group, but not in the Historical Vitezi Rand. Gorka also has denied being a fascist or anti-Semite.

Gorka, a former editor of the right-wing Breitbart News website, is expected to return to Breitbart in some capacity.

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Forget the worn out malarke with the Nazi ding dong sound. Soros was and remains at peace, unrepentant being a voluntary aid to Nazi SS officers. He is the money bag for Antifa, BLM and Obamatoids.
    So please spare me from any further Nazi stain spreading towards others.
    What is true to the core is that well over 75% of the so called American Jews are enemies of the state of Israel.
    The trash voted consecutively for Obama and then Clinton all arch enemies of Israel, we could add some more but no need. Case closed.

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