Hamas Official: There are no Palestinian people. They are Egyptian and Syrians.

By MEMRI TV                                                                          March 23, 2012

Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad admits Arab forgery right on Al-Hekma TV (Egypt) on March 23, 2012. Have the Arab in Israel (so called “palestinians”) managed to fool you to believe they are Natives in the land of Israel ?  And why they are so intimidated by History and facts ?  In a temper tantrum he could not keep his mouth shut but had to blurt out the truth: that the “Palestinian” people are a fabrication, an invention. There never existed a state called Palestine or a people called Palestinian. And there never existed an invasion of Palestinian land over a territory that belonged to the Jews over 1,000 years before Mohammed was even born.

The Palestine-Israeli conflict is about hate.  Jew hate.  In fact, it’s about 1,400 years of antisemitism created by the Arabs.  The Muslim faith demands that Muslims must hate Jews and must dedicate themselves to kill Jews. This deliberate effort of ethnic cleansing of the Jews by propaganda and lies have even been spread to the West by Arab money, and deliberate Arab propaganda put into our schools and media as a result of the Cairo declaration (1943) that allowed Arabs to create a “positive impression” of Palestine to the West.  Prior to this we were free of this propaganda.  The Arabs who now claim to be natives of the Holy Land migrated to Palestine and invaded the land after 1917, from neighboring Arab countries, predominantly from areas now known as Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.  Where was this “Palestinian people”? In March 1977, Zahir Muhsein, an executive member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), said in an interview to the Dutch newspaper Trouw: “The ‘Palestinian people’ does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel.”

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