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  1. Is this true”
    What is the source and the date of this information.
    This is a serious matter. Why is it presented in this manner instead of with a proper text?

    Dogan Akman

  2. Found an article that claims to use “science” (that word will never be the same again) to support Hamas’s previous claim, or one of them. Debunking needed please. And. 2 questions: a) Is there a scientist in the house? b) Hi, Doc, how ‘ya enjoyin’ the show?

    Oh, wait, you probably don’t all know that joke.

    In a theater. Urgently: Is there a doctor in the house? Is there a doctor in the house? I’m a doctor. Hi, doc, how ya enjoying the show?

  3. Hamas probably only reduced the death count as the more killed the less left and the less money they can claim pro-capita from UNWRA and the UN, a vastly overstated number anyway for that very reason