Harvard President refuses to condemn campus antisemitism

Rep. Elise Stefanik asks the President of Harvard whether calling for the genocide of Jews violates Harvard’s rules. The President refuses to answer “yes” or “no”.

Dec 6, 2023,
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Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) on Tuesday grilled the President of Harvard, Claudine Gay, at a hearing of the House Education Committee which dealt with the phenomenon of rising antisemitism on college campuses in the wake of the Hamas massacre of October 7.

During the hearing, Stefanik asked Gay whether calling for the genocide of Jews violates Harvard’s rules regarding bullying and harassment.

The President would not answer the question with a simple “yes” or “no” even as Stefanik continued to press her to do so, and would only say that calling for an “intifada” against Israel “is at odds with the values of Harvard”.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Stefanik has been an important voice in the Rep party since she first rose to public awareness during the fake Russia hoax when she stood next to Jim Jordan and addressed the public regarding the false claims being leveled by Pelosi and her minions in the Congress. The service she has provided in her congressional leadership role has been particularly important, but in this moment in particular, she has truly outdone herself. She is to be strongly congratulated for having fully lifted the veil around which antisemitism is harbored and protected in the American education system.

  2. I liked Stefanik’s velocity. Next time, though, I think she should call “from the river to the sea” incitement to genocide. That phrase needs to be laid out on the political opertaing table, and exposed for what it is.

    Nobody should have to tolerate it. How about also charging college administratore with complicity in incitement to violence or genocide? Perhaps some lawyer can work out the terms for this.