Hillel Neuer attacks UNCHR and makes a great case

July 24, 2014 | 6 Comments »

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  1. @ bernard ross:
    The very reason they did not want Bolton. He wanted to cut their precious benefits. It is about time to call for the US to withdraw from the U.N. If the rest of the countries want to have a UN under the same politicized system they can pay for it. Put Bolton in charge. Israel should withdraw from the UN also.
    Why will Israel continue to belong to an organization that exist only to condemn them.
    The truth and facts do not matter. It exist only to constantly blame and berate Israel. For that you could get it from free from the EU. Enough is enough. It would save a few millions not belonging to the UN.

  2. I think the IDF should launch a commando raid on the UNHRC and at the very least, take delegates from hostile nations hostage and in some cases such as Iran or Cuba or Venezuela and maybe even South Africa, gun them down publically in front of the other delegates.

  3. @ bernard ross:
    The UN has become obsolete. It has deviated from the original purpose for which it was founded. During the years of its existence many countries have been added to this entity as different countries declared themselves independent and were recognized by the UN. As a result we have a large body of nations mainly practitioners of the Muslim religion where its neutrality have been replaced by religious ideology. With so many countries voting against the ideals and purpose of its founding it
    has become obsolete. The vote has been diluted by the size of the organization preventing normal discussions where compromise is possible and reason will prevail. The Security Council should consist of the original founders
    US, UK, Germany, France with the addition of China. As it is we have the worse offenders from totalitarian regimes in charge of the Council for Human Rights. It would be laughable if it was not so sad.
    The participants with the exception of a few are incompetent and most of the time ignorant people who are appointed by their countries for the benefits and salaries they can receive without doing their duty. It is a fact that has been exposed more than once. They check with one another before voting in order to vote the same as the rest. Only the big five occasionally refrains from voting or vote
    against a resolution.
    Conclusion: It is a POLITICAL ORGANIZATION that has become OBSOLETE.
    The United States and Israel should withdraw from a body which does not represent them. Why continue to contribute and belong to a body of rats who do not represent our interests and is controlled by the VERMIN?
    By neglecting their duties the time for its existence has pass. The only time they agree is to vote against Israel.

  4. Why nobody but the US voted against the UN’s anti-Israel resolution
    The EU states tried to get the Palestinians to agree to a more balanced text, but eventually decided to abstain

    Read more: Why nobody but the US voted against the UN’s anti-Israel resolution | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/why-nobody-but-the-us-voted-against-the-uns-anti-israel-resolution/#ixzz38Pta03KL
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    the euros especially should be cut out of all discussions with israel on the ME. They have proven themselves to be the lowest of the lowest filth. I only hope that europe is made to suffer for their continuing despicable acts against the Jewish people. they are worse than the muslims because they have the advantage of “enlightenment” and “education”. I puke when I think of europeans.

  5. I hope someone could take the time to explain, WHAT EXACTLY IS THE BENEFIT in continuing to be a member of this den of vipers?
    Yes Hillel neuer made a nice speech.
    SO WHAT???
    Takhless. What is the benefit ?
    We all know that this is a kangaroo court , which is not even pretending anymore to be impartial.
    There is a lot of “HASBARAH” to be done for sure, but the UN, is not the place to do it for it is the epitome of futility.
    And assuming Israel does see the light and gets out of this criminal hypocritical organization, what would be the worst thing that could happen?
    It will be denounced?…. 🙂
    How would that be any different than now?…