Hilton: Stop dangerous divisive misinformation

May 13, 2020 | 6 Comments » | 602 views

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  1. Good job by Mr. Hilton.

    I wonder if anyone really cares what the data are. I’ve been counting dead people as sort of a hobby, since this disease first broke out in China. For whoever cares, heere’s what I have so far:


    San Marino, N. Italy, Belgium; New York Metro, New Jersey, Connecticut.


    W. Europe, NE U.S., Equatorial South America, Sao Paolo-Rio de Janeiro, NM-CO, Los Angeles Co., Que-Ont, Iran, Hubei., FL-LA

  2. I timed out on editing the above. Also hard hit are Metro Moscow, Silicon Valley, Riverside Co., CA, Seattle-Everett, WA, MN, IL, VA, MS, GA, Sweden, Baja Cal. del Norte, Quintana Roo, Mexico City

    That’s about it. Africa, India, E. Asia (including all of China except Hubei), C. America, Temperate S. America (entering Winter, but no spike in cases), India, Oceania (incl. Australia)… None of these have been hit very hard. What I gather from this, is that:

    A. Incidence of viral spread is not very much affected by hot,damp weather (else the Amazon would not be having a pandemic), and

    B. an Autumn “spike” in cases is anything from imminent.

    C. In short, the conventional wisdom we have learned thus far about coronaviruses and other viral infections does not apply to COVID-19.

    Put differently, we know next to nothing, so far, about how to fight this thing.

    I personally am squarely within two of the identified “vulnerable groups”, so I do not plan to come out of a very comfortable retirement in order to rush out and get infected. Everyone else will have to follow the dictates of their own consciences and common sense. I don’t control the government, either here in the US or where my family lives in China; and I thank God that I do not.

    Stay calm, and drink tea. We’ve been through troubled times before. That said, THANK GOD I’M NOT IN SOUTH DAKOTA!!! (joke).

  3. @ Michael S: Why joke about this, Michael? I’m seriously thinking of spending my summer in South Dakota. I’m tired of being locked up in Cuomoland. Might be better to hang out in a bar with cowboys and cowgirls.

    Might also summer in Sweden. I”m always badmouthing the Svenskers. But the truth is I’d love to hang out in one of their bars and pick up one of those gourgeous Nordic blondes (fat chance I’d have!) I’m not kidding!

  4. @ Michael S: Actually, I have noticed some patterns in the way country’s are affected by the virus outbreak. Countries with many well-run hospitals and clinics, a good doctor-patient and nurse-patient ratio, dedicated, well-trained doctors and nurses, and a population willing to follow the government’s recommendations seem to have a minimal number of cases. Countries where the government has been forced to cut back spending on the healthcare system tend to have a lot of cases.Countries in which the quality of nursing home care is poor have a higher rate than countries (there aren’t all that many of them) where most nursing home residents are well cared for Countries where the healthcare system is poorly managed, there are few hospitals and/or where hospitals and nursing homes are poorly run tend to have high numbers of cases (for example, Brazil).

  5. “The haredi sector and coronavirus: Just the facts, please
    To Ron Jager: It is sad that what began as a factual piece concerning COVID-19 descended into lambasting all of Haredi society. Opinion.
    Ari Walfish , 14/05/20 16:00

    Haredi man wears face mask and gloves as he shops in northern Israel”

    From today’s Arutz Sheva.The author points out that there has been considerable misinformation about the haredim has been spread about the haredim, essentially blaming them for the coronavirus outbreak, even though this is untrue and unfair. Most haredim have obeyed the lockdown and the closure of synogues and study halls bey the government, even though for them this is a big sacrifice. Those haredim who defied government orders and/ot rioted to protest them actually represent a small minority of zhasidim. Most “main stream” haredi rabbis have urged their flocks to obey the government’s edicts concerning social distancing, avoiding travel, etc. But the Israeli mainstream press has created the impression that all haredim are scofflaws.

    In this time of crisis, all of us Jews should love each other, It is not a good time for settling intra-communal scores.

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