Hostages return to Israel, undergoing examinations at Ichilov Hospital

Peloni: The evil which led to the Simchat Torah massacre is inherent in the Pal population, their education, their culture and their entire society.  Failing to learn such truths and deal with them equitably is why the massacre took place on October 7.  Ignoring this reality only serves to maintain the threat into the future, the elimination of which should be the true objective of this war.  They must go. 

Ron Krivoi’s aunt revealed on Monday that Gazan civilians located Krivoi and brought him back into Hamas captivity.

Roni Krivoy, returned to Israel from Hamas captivity on November 26, 2023 (photo credit: Hostage and Missing Families Forum)It was like a scene from an action movie: Newly-freed hostage Ron Krivoi escaped his captors by extricating himself from the building where he was being held after it was bombed and collapsed on top of him.

Fleeing the rubble of the destroyed Gazan building, Ron attempted to escape the Gaza Strip on his own, managing to stay hidden for four days straight before being recaptured, his aunt disclosed to KAN’s Reshet Bet radio on Monday morning. A 25-year-old Israeli Russian with dual citizenship, Krivoi was released by Hamas on Sunday evening following the Russian government’s intervention, in addition to 13 other Israelis and three foreign hostages released on the third day of the ceasefire with Gaza.

Krivoi was working as a sound engineer at the Re’im music festival when he was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

According to his aunt, he was taken by the terrorists and kept in a residential building in the Gaza Strip. “Due to the bombings, the building collapsed and he managed to escape the rubble and break free,” she explained.

She said that Gazan civilians eventually did locate Krivoi – but brought him back into captivity at the hands of Hamas.

Gazan civilians located hostage during attempts to reach border

“He tried getting to the border. But he didn’t have the capacity to understand where he was or where he needed to go, so he couldn’t navigate through the open field. He was all alone,” Magid said.

“I asked him today: ‘How are you feeling? Do you have nightmares?’ His answer was: ‘Yes, I have nightmares about the party and from being in captivity, but everything is alright now.’”

Krivoi was injured when the building came down, suffering from head wounds, his aunt further revealed. “He has some other injuries as well. He is under medical observation, but he is okay.”

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  1. Besides the facts that 1. Hamas was elected by the Palis in Gaza to run that place within days of the Israelis leaving (and leaving them multi-million dollar green houses and other facilities that were promptly destroyed), 2. Recent surveys done by Arab organization prove that at least 3/4 of the Palis throughout Gaza, Israel and the territories agree with the brutal actions of Hamas, 3. Most Palis want us (Jews not just Israelis) dead, this is just one of many stories that should tell us to not in the least to be concerned with their welfare while we try to defeat Hamas (notwithstanding the pressure from the Biden administration).