Hotovely: Freedom to Vote on Sovereignty – A Red Line


The Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Tzipi Hotovely, conducted yesterday a meeting via “Zoom” with a group of representatives of the
Sovereignty Youth Movement, in which she addressed the matter of the coalition negotiations, and the Likud demand of freedom to vote their
conscience on the issue of Sovereignty.

The minister emphasized the significance of Sovereignty and the commitment to realize that vision during the political window that exists before the US elections.  egarding the American president’s “Deal of the Century” and the paragraphs addressing the establishment of a Palestinian state, Minister Hotovely asserts that Israel is  ot obligated to the plan as it is merely nothing more than an American proposal.

According to her, included in the understandings reached with the Americans is the fact that Israel will not adopt the plan in its present form, and this plan will work in conjunction with previous proposals put forward by Washington. Hotovely asserts that a political plan becomes dangerous when it is adopted by the Israeli government, which is not the case here. “We believe that there are some very good components in this plan, like the fact that the Palestinian right of return does not exist, united Jerusalem will remain under Israeli sovereignty, and that all Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria will be under Israeli sovereignty,” said the minister, who considers the American agreement to all these as empowering Israel for the day that the process of applying sovereignty begins when it will require strong support against the anticipated political reality that will  oppose that step. Moreover, she emphasizes, there is no need for the Israeli government to adopt the program verbatim, a fact that obviates the dangers of the program.

Minister Hotovely added, in addressing the coalition negotiations, and noted that the Blue and White party has not raised any demand that the program be adopted verbatim. However, there is a Likud demand that freedom to vote one’s conscience be granted in this matter.

A representative of the youth noted before Hotovely the response of the chairman of the Likud negotiating team, Minister Yariv Levin, to a question of Sovereignty Youth regarding the concern over a Palestinian  state, and his determination that the Likud is focused on the application of Sovereignty and not on what he characterized as other issues. Hotovely agreed with the statement and stated that, indeed, her party is insistent in its demand for Sovereignty and that there is no intent to enable establishment of a Palestinian state. “We are opposed to a Palestinian state and we will do everything to ensure that Sovereignty will be part of the fundamental guidelines of the government; Sovereignty, yes, Palestinian state, no.”

Hotovely continued and emphasized the importance that she sees in the activity of the youth which provides momentum for leadership that expressed the spirit that emerges from the people, as it is manifest in the activity of the members of the Sovereignty Youth Movement. Hotovely mentioned the changes that the Israeli public consciousness has undergone since the days, a decade ago, when no one presented a right wing program, in contrast to the present day when it is the Sovereignty program that remains on the political agenda, due to, among others, the advocacy activity like that of Sovereignty Youth.

In response to a question posed by the youth, Hotovely explained the significance of the freedom to vote that the Likud Movement is demanding in the government. It is based on the assumption that the right wing majority in the government will lead to ratification of Sovereignty, after which it will be possible to bring it for ratification in the Knesset, which is not required by law.

According to Hotovely, it is clear to the Blue and White party that the issue of Sovereignty is a deal breaker for the Likud, and their refusal to meet this demand will lead to an additional round of  elections in which they are not interested. In her opinion, the demand of freedom to vote is legitimate and reasonable as there is no demand
that the Blue and White party vote in favor of that step.

The joint broadcast with the minister concluded with the statement of Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, who explained the danger posed by the Trump plan that includes establishment of a Palestinian state on 70% of the territory in Judea and Samaria, a step that the Sovereignty Movement will oppose in every possible way. “Just as we opposed the Oslo Accords, and they were stopped, to our chagrin, a bit too late, we must not lose what is in our possession. We will state explicitly that the Trump plan is a bad one. No to the Trump plan. Yes to true Zionist sovereignty. ”<

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Women in Green reject the Treump Plan because they reject a Palestinian state on 7o% of the land or on any of the land.

    I on the other hand, would accept sovereignty on 30% and agree to a freez on the other 70% for 4 years because I do not believe that agreement with the PA will be acheive in that time. therefor we can do what we want.

  2. @ Ted Belman:
    I agree with you that Israel should apply sovereignty now to the 30% of Judea/Samaria. It encompasses all the Jewish Towns/Cities, Jordan Valley and North Dead Sea Area. Then in four years Israel should apply the rest of the Land. Hopefully Trump will still be POTUS so Israel can receive recognition on this part of the land also.

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