House Votes Down Proposal to Know the Enemy

August 26, 2017 | 5 Comments »

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  1. @ Economist:

    LOL……so you still think elections make a difference? It’s all undeniably a sham. Much like whenever we’ve had enough in Israel and vote in a right-leaning government, or so we think. They without fail go back on their promises and turn their back on those who put them there. Sharon and Gaza just one of the more glaring examples, but certainly not the only one by a long shot.
    Same story in America. The masses have been fooled into thinking their vote means something.
    The Senate, House, and WH, not to mention most of the governorships in Republican (cough cough) hands, but you would never know it.
    What a joke

  2. Brilliant and well-informed commentary by Robert Spencer. The MSM never reported this bill, or the and the vote on it by the House. Without Mr. Spencer’s broadcast, I would never have known that even occurred.

  3. So who are the 20 Republicans? He’s not going to change anybody’s mind with this piece but he could have told Republican voters which congresspeople need to be opposed and replaced in the next primary season. It’s hard to unseat incumbents. Grassroots campaigns have to start years in advance.

    Even in a general election, if there were any elected Republicans in Congress from my district in my lifetime, if I knew the Republican candidate was one of these, I would abstain.

  4. The US is upside down. The TSA scrutinizes cleanser cans in suitcases, but won’t study their true enemy, Islamic jihad. Islam is not a religion, it’s an ideology that uses religious jargon to get a pass. Spencer is right – Islam is not a free pass. The Congress is ignorant and playing with fire.