How America is being infiltarated by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine, aka, violent Jihad, is one of many of HAMAS’ fronts.

By ANDREW BENJAMIN        DEC 2, 2023

THE HIJRA – The Muslim invasions of Europe are centuries old. It was in Hungary, in Central Europe, at THE “GATES OF VIENNA” in the northwestern City of Pécs, where the invasion was stopped dead in its tracks. It resumed at a smaller pace during and after WWII with migrations into Europe from North Africa and Arabia, mostly into France. Later it advanced under JIMMY CARTER’s Iran fiasco, and went full frontal nudity under BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. In his seething hatred of Israel, the president with two Muslim fathers, Hussein Obama, empowered both Iran and the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

Ever since those heady days when Islam took over a large part of Europe, and failed, the West’s elites, intellectuals, academics, communists, media, THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE between the political left and the Islamists of HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood, the national socialists (aka NAZIS), and the SOROS NETWORK, could not forgive Hungary, Austria and Poland for standing up to, and having defeated Islam.


The Hajira is ongoing and has become an existential threat to NATO, Europe, Australia, the Americas, Israel, the entire mideast, and Western civilization as a whole.

I wrote in 2022:



THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY REPORT on the infiltration of America by Hamas, Daesh, Muslim Brotherhood, and Islamic Jihad.



The extremist Islamic World, Hamas, al Q’aeda, Muslim Brotherhood, DAESH, and the rest of the World of Hatred and antisemitism within the political left represent a global security threat.

These literal criminals have allied with the political left we see marching through the world’s capitals demanding the genocide of the Jewish people. This narrative can only be dealt with by adhering to Tom Cruise’s solution he demonstrated in the film COLLATERAL.

Tom figuratively represents the IDF, the briefcase being taken from the back of the car represents Israel’s kidnapped, raped, maimed, burned and abused citizens, Israel’s history and legacy being replaced with the fake Palestinian NAQBA (catastrophe) fairy tales about the Jews depriving the Arabs of their homeland; and the terrorized driver tied to the steering wheel represents Israel’s hands tied for most of the 20th century to prevent Jewish self-defense, reprisals, and the Jewish nation from defending its people. WATCH!

“Of course, the real catastrophe that befell the Arabs in 1948-49 was that they failed in their attempt to annihilate Israel and exterminate its population, and for that they paid a price.”

Watch the Mark Levin video above to its conclusion to understand why everything the media and academia tell maleable minds is just not so.

© Andrew G. Benjamin is in finance, real estate and equities, a former advisor to New York City mayor‘s office (Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget). Benjamin wrote extensively about politics, transnational and domestic, intelligence and military affairs, security and strategy, economic issues, Mideast, terrorism, technology and high end audio.j

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  1. @Edgar Here’s the reference you asked for (sort of, Wikipedia says, “citation needed” but this dovetails with what I remember being told growing up).

    After the Battle of Mohács (1526) in which the invading Ottoman army defeated the armies of King Louis II, the armies of Suleiman occupied Pécs. Not only was a large part of the country occupied by Ottomans, the public opinion of who should be the king of Hungary was divided, too. One party supported Ferdinand of Habsburg, the other party crowned John Zápolya in Székesfehérvár.[citation needed] The citizens of Pécs supported Emperor Ferdinand, but the rest of Baranya county supported King John. In the summer of 1527 Ferdinand defeated the armies of Szapolyai and was crowned king on November 3. Ferdinand favoured the city because of their support, and exempted Pécs from paying taxes. Pécs was rebuilt and fortified.[citation needed]

    – Wikipedia/Pecs

    Szekesfehervar is where the current PM of Hungary, Orban, as well as my late father, was born, apropos of nothing.

    Also, apropos of nothing, Hungary was the only European country to vote against condemning Israel for “illegal settlement” recently and outrageously, in the very aftermath of October 7th.

    Both Russia and Ukraine voted to condemn Israel as usual. And of course, Armenia. Empathy for these entities is entirely inappropriate. They have their own interests, we have ours and they often clash. Why should we virtue signal on their behalf when they won’t on ours?

    Neither lionization nor demonization. Realpolitik should be our guide as it is theirs and everybody else’s.

    This is what is meant by “light unto the nations.” But, this is all it should be interpreted to mean: 😀

    Creative minds transform materials from wood to wool into unusual fixtures to light up spaces far and wide.

  2. @Vivarto

    Pécs is the champion after a final full of twists in Hungary

    …PTE-PEAC, the winner of the long-memorable final, became the champion of the men’s Extraliga, defeating the big rival Celldömölk by 4:3 in the final duel of the Final Four in Budapest. The bronze medal was won by Szécsény.

    “It is going to be for sure a fierce battle with great excitement, and it is going to release big emotions as well. I am convinced that this final will be fantastic” said Roland NÁTRÁN before the men’s final, and the prophet spoke from the President of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association…

    “and the prophet spoke” Amen to that.


  3. @Vivarto It’s true the article doesn’t mention it but I think the “Gates of Vienna” is metaphorical. In fact, you had Hungarian and even Polish troops fighting. I looked it up and the battle of Pecs was apparently the decisive battle of the war. Then, again, on re-reading, it doesn’t say that in the Wikipedia article and I couldn’t find anything else about it being decisive or even near Vienna (central Hungary, it says).* (at least at that time. It appears to have been the decisive battle today (humor). See next post.)

    The siege of Pécs was fought from 14 to 22 October 1686, in the city of Pécs in southwestern Hungary, between the armies of the Ottoman Empire and of the Holy Roman Empire.

    After the castle of Buda was wrested from Ottoman rule in 1686, the Austrian army advanced to capture Pécs. The Austrian advance guard broke into the city and pillaged it, the Ottomans saw that they could not hold the city, so they burnt it and withdrew into the castle. The army led by Louis of Baden occupied the city on 14 October, and destroyed the aqueduct leading to the castle. The Ottomans had no other choice but to surrender, which they did on 22 October. The siege devastated the previously prosperous region and the area was depopulated by the peasants who fled from the Austrian soldiers.[1]

    – “Siege of Pecs” – Wikipedia

    Incidentally, in Hungarian, cs is pronounced like ch in English so it’s really, “Petch. as in “Wretch”

    It’s funny, how everybody says, “the Ottomans” instead of the Turks but the “Austrians” instead of the Holy Roman Empire.