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Terry Hurlbut, editor at Conservative News and Views, another of the publishers who graciously posts my articles, sent me this extraordinary email today after I thanked him for publishing “The Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change II – Debunking the Bunk – hoax 46.”

Terry Hurlibut replies,

No, Linda. I thank you. For giving me yet another opportunity to resurrect my Wayback Machine links and paste them into a more recent article, at a critical moment in the debate on American, European, and other national public policies in this area.

Yes, it was I who, on 19 November 2009, broke the Climategate story out of the blogosphere and into the realm of semi-professional journalism. It was my article, “Hadley CRU hacked with release of thousands of e-mails”, that went viral and forced Phil Jones to take a leave of absence while his superiors met to find ways to whitewash his violations of the tenets of the scientific method. And it was I who made a graph of the period in parallel with the Hockey Stick graph, using their own “temperature anomaly” table, to show that the Hockey Stick was never accurate, and Michael Mann knew it.

And it is I who have consistently held that none of those besmocked bunco artists, nor their public-money sponsors, will lead by example. Just look at how everyone got to the Fifteenth Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held at Copenhagen, Denmark, in December of 2009. 140 business jets! 1200 chauffeured limousines! Which represented the complete rent-out of every chauffeured limousine on the entire continent of Europe.

And it was I who pointed out the conflict-of-interest of Rajendra Pachauri, then Head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, whose closely-held companies stood to gain financially from cap-and-trade schemes under negotiation at COP-15.

And it was I who kept harping on this subject–right up to the time that Google News told, and told me, to “stifle myself,” saying I was off my beat.

Where upon Linda replies,

I am absolutely in shock that this man who has been publishing my articles for two years was responsible for breaking the shocking story of Climategate that I wrote about in The Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change II – Debunking the Bunk. I had no idea – and apparently neither does most of the Western world thanks to the deliberate censoring of Terry Hurlbut and his explosive articles exposing the massive scandal.

Below is the continuing email thread 3 and 4 – with his permission of course. Please review them. I think that Terry’s articles should be republished and the scandal of burying the Climategate scandal should be exposed to the conservative media. The story is a colossus of malfeasance – crime and coverup that continues in advance of the 2020 election.

Linda replies again,

WOW!!!!! I am reeling from your email Terry – I had no idea you were so personally and professionally involved in exposing this monstrous climate hoax. BRAVO!

In 2009 I was not politically engaged – I was still clueless. Becoming a political analyst was a surprising development of my retirement that began in January, 2013. Rob and I shuttered our business and moved to the beach – I was no longer encumbered by work responsibilities or family responsibilities. Our children were all adults and I finally had the time and energy to pursue whatever interested me.

I wrote a philosophy book in 1995 titled Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? that explored why people do what they do – it presented a universal paradigm of human behavior and the tools to understand how to change behavior. I never considered it political but I was wrong. I was very proud of Dear America but could not find a publisher. I threw the manuscript in a drawer and forgot about it for sixteen years until 2011 when I decided to self-publish it. The only thing that I would change from 2011 to now is that the regressive pull I witnessed in society 25 years ago was DELIBERATE!

That is how I became a political analyst – I started examining the regressive social pressures back to dependency and permanent childhood, and began thinking about WHY anyone would advance such a demonstrably destructive attitude. That is when I started connecting the dots and writing about the deliberate culture and information war against America – its motives, its allies, and the humanitarian hoaxes used to dupe people into accepting its false premises – it is revolution without bullets.

With your permission I would like to forward your editor’s notes to some folks who might be able to resurrect this important story. I thought you were speaking figuratively when you said Wayback Machine

Editor’s Notes:

The above article appears here at See also the author’s website.

Your editor first broke the Climategate story on a now-defunct site. It appears here, courtesy of the Wayback Machine. See also:

Phil Jones admits the files of the Climategate Archive are genuine.

Established media organs start to pay attention.

The Hockey Stick was never accurate—and Michael Mann knew it.

Rajendra Pachauri, then head of the UN-IPCC, stood to gain from a climate agreement.

The Terry had the last word.
Subject: Re: The Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change II – Debunking the Bunk – hoax 46
Date: September 13, 2019 at 9:39:54 AM EDT
To: Linda Goudsmit
Permission granted!
The Wayback Machine is the site which takes pictures of nearly every Web site that ever existed. If you know the exact URI/URL, you can resurrect a long-dead page even after the original server has gone down. Which is what I did in the case of those articles.
I want people to know about my work, for two reasons, and I shall be honest about them both:
1. Apart from Andrew L. Schlafly, Esq., Founding “Bureaucrat” of Conservapedia, I never got the credit I deserved for breaking this story out.
2. More to the point, I want people to pay attention to my findings.
And if they have any questions, let them not hesitate to contact me. Furthermore, I retained my original copy of the Climategate Archive. Sending all 62 megabytes of it might be a spot of bother–unless they can send me a thumb drive for me to load it on and send back. If I have enough demand for it I’ll put it on Dropbox or some such place where I can then share it.
Tell them about the flyer from UK-DEFRA titled The Rules of the Game. Someone at DEFRA was channeling Saul Alinsky. That ought to have been a Royal scandal. It scandalizes me that it was not. But with HRH Duke of Edinburgh speaking casually of “culling” the human race, and HRH Prince of Wales buying into the scam himself, well, I don’t suppose it could ever have been. All’s fair in love and planet-saving, eh, what?
In the meantime ask everyone to follow every one of my links as deeply as the Internet currently allows.
And then send them these:
Heck, why not send them this search result:

Here is how the first linked article above begins:

It will happen without warning. As you drive along a street, road, or highway, your engine will die. So will every engine of every car or truck on the road at the time. Two pointed exceptional types will exist: police or military vehicles, and vehicles antedating the typical remote-stop anti-theft systems of today. (Cars of the latter type will get only so far as a roadblock perhaps 500 feet or so away.) Perhaps you will now wonder whether this was what that UN official told everyone to expect in her radio address to the world. What was her name? Ah, yes: Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary to the..what? Oh, yes: United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change. You will suddenly realize that jaw-breaking name stands for a concept now about to get right into your face.

Curfews, candlelight, and confiscation

A white vehicle with baby-blue trim will pull up behind you—a Zed Wagon.1 Out will step a burly, jackboot-wearing, no-nonsense soldier in a white uniform with a baby blue helmet. He will carry a rifle at port arms. His chest will bear the designator of his service: UNCliFor, the United Nations Climate Force. He will then walk up to your window. “Out,” he will bark. If you protest, he then will cock and level his rifle at you. “Out of the [fornicating] car,” he’ll say, “or I’ll blow your [fornicating] head off and drag you out!” You will then get out—one way or the other.

Then the Zed Wagon (having very powerful electric motors) will pull alongside. A double crane will lower a carrying frame over your car. A crew of three will then dismount and rig beams and chains under your car, and attach it to the carrying frame. The Z-form double crane will then lift your car off the tarmac and onto the cargo bed. Finally the crew will get into the Zed Wagon and drive away—with your car, leaving you standing where you stopped.

Unless you can get safely to a place of lodging by sundown, UNCliFor will pick you up for violating curfew. Wherever you do manage to lodge, there you will stay overnight. Christiana Figueres will likely appear on television (or the Internet Stream) to announce the new Global Emergency Decree Against Climate Change.

A list of regulations
    1. Curfew will begin at local sundown and lift only with local sunrise.
    2. No person, except a law-enforcement officer, an active-duty member of UNCliFor or a friendly military service, a Very Important Person or the said person’s chauffeur, shall own or so much as come near a private automobile.
    3. Rail and bus transport shall replace transport in sedans (even including taxicabs!) forthwith.
    4. Anyone wishing to conduct any activities at night must do so by candlelight.
    5. Truck or “lorry” transport shall give way at once to rail transport.
    6. The Global Aviation Administration shall ground all flights by any aircraft using fossil fuels. UNFCCC, UNIPCC, UNDSD, and similar officials, and their friends, will get special passes. The Global Aeronautics and Space Agency will announce plans to develop a jet that does not burn fossil fuels. How long such development will take, the world must wait and see. In the meantime, if you want to travel overseas, perhaps you can get a ticket to fly in a new class of helium-filled airships with propellers running on solar battery power.
    7. Local “block directors” (Upravdom in Russian) will issue assignments for doubling up in existing houses. Construction will begin at once on mixed-use dwellings. The regional Upravdom in each city or town will start accepting applications from shopkeepers for shop space on the ground floors of these new buildings. The upper floors will, of course, hold apartments. Electric shuttles will take residents to commuter trains, bus stops, etc.

That will give you a taste–just a taste–of my material.

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  1. @ Terry Hurlbut:I personally am in favor of half the Knesset coming from defined districts as you call it and half from the national party lists plus a directly elected PM. In my change the PM would pick his cabinet of ministers who would NOT be from the Knesset but would be professionals.

    This might have a chance to pass and would have a greater chance of the PM coming from the largest party. Also some of the lawmakers would likely keep their jobs, which would help them pass a new Basic Law Needed if this was the way this could be enacted.

    There is not currently a great ground swell for what you are proposing or my idea. There have been constitutional committees at times for years studying how to change things. They would then be voted on by the government and if a full constitution likely approved by referendum. Hopefully if this ever occurs it has more success than Brexit.

    One of the reasons this is difficult the people who need to enact the legislation will be voting themselves or some of their fellow party members out of a job in the Knesset. Some of the parties are not even democratic in how they make their party lists as they are either appointed by a committee or the party leader.

    To do this type of serious reform would need it to be part of passing a full constitution possibly. Right now Israel is governed by partial constitution called the Basic Laws which have gradually been added since the rebirth of the State in 1948.

    If we have a third election within a year perhaps there will be a movement to change the election format. Then what government will be around to do this?

    You may read more about the Basic Laws and get a flavor for Israeli Laws have been enacted over the years one by reading at the following link:

  2. @ Terry Hurlbut:Israel electoral system is convoluted. Israel I do not know if you are aware does not have a constitution.

    For one term the Prime Minister was directly elected. Since the parliament was not elected with him Israel had gridlock (sort of like the USA now with split congress and POTUS). So the Parliament (Knesset) changed the system back.

    You are correct Israel needs a change in election system plus some other serious issues. Then democracy is messy (now very messy) and Israel is only 71 years young as a democracy.

    There is a long history of Israel’s governing system has gotten to where it is at.

  3. @ Adam Dalgliesh:

    Is that really what the former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces plans to do? I would have expected a general officer to have a better grasp of enemy identification than that.

    But the real fault might lie with an electoral system that assigns all representatives at large. If you want a Gentile’s advice–I’m not sure you, in particular, do, but it’s just a thought–I advise ditching proportional representation in favor of defined districts. That way, people vote for their neighbors, not for some to-be-defined number of mandates, as you call them.

  4. The enemy is not only at Israel’s gates, it is now about to get inside the gates with Benny Gantz’s plan to include the anti-Israel, pro-terrorist Arab parties in his government. And you guys are arguing about whether or not the Greenland ice sheet is going to melt by 2100 C.E. Frankly, we Jews are a nation of self-destructive fools. I wish you guys would forget about Greenland for a little while and shift your focus to the crisis in the Mideast and within Israel right now.

  5. @ Terry Hurlbut:

    Stop talking your crap about insults and etc. If you never heard of that name, as I never heard of your name, then it should be obvious to even an impassioned denouncer like you, who assumes that every negative item written on this page ..ALMOST..(recall in your coming gush of outrage that I didn’t say “all” but “almost”)

    I don’t care if you are or are not. The best people to engage with you are the smarmy ones who will agree with everything you say.

    Just a point…It is patently clear, that Felix never did say that YOU were a “barbarian” and he fully corrected your glaring misunderstanding. Yet, later, I see that you still assume that appellation …for your own reasons no doubt. Please don’t address me in future, you are to “sizzling” for me to deal with without asbestos lined gloves.