IDF is the most moral army in the world

December 18, 2012 | 7 Comments »

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. The issue is simple. Savage & primitive people know nothing about the ethic of life since they are conditioned in the believe of redemption through death for Allah.
    Interest trumps ethic and if the West believes that it is in its interest to dump IL, ethics will not make a damn difference.
    This is an important if not he only reason for IL to keep permanently her “ultimate defensive weapons”. There is NO ONE to trust.

  2. The morality of the IDF is engendered by fear from the Israeli politicians, who are scared to death of world opinion rather than protecting their citizenry.

    If you have an enemy willing to shoot rockets (9000) into your country over a period of time and do nothing but send your vulnerable populace into bomb shelters rather then KILL the enemy, there is only one word that describes your behavior and that is immorality!!

    If you have a populace that voted in a terrorist organization, and passes out candy when some horrific action happens to the West or Israel, gee you think these morons have some complicity in what Hamas does.

    So, with that in mind, if Hamas or Hezbollah use its’ civillian populations as shields, kill them all an call it Islamic induced collateral damage. Israel may or may not survive the dustbin of history, but not because of its’ appeasement!

  3. What’s so moral about tying the soldiers hands so they can’t use deadly force against Arab rioters? What’s so moral about not destroying the Hamas enemy instead of bombing empty buildings?

    If we didn’t have the leftist Netanyahu and his henchman Ehud Bardak, we could unleash the IDF against these Arab terrorists. Sacrificing our priceless boys to the Molech of so called ‘world opinion’ is extremely immoral. The army has the obligation to protect its soldiers not to send them into a storm or rock throwers where they have to run away because they fear being jailed more than for their lives.

  4. In general the IDF is a moral army–but when the IDF runs away from Arab murderers who are throwing rocks–when they should be shooting them dead–this is immoral; but the blame here is with the immoral politicians and Jewish Israeli’s who allow such immorality!

  5. YOU MAY NOT THINK THIS MATTERS – but the recurrent reports of animal abuse at Kosher slaughterhouses are a powerful tool of anti-Semitic propaganda among the great majority of people who love animals. There was a video that went viral a few years ago, showing a US kosher slaughterhouse where the animals had their traqueas ripped open, then they would stumble to be cut up while still conscious. I remember the impression this video made on me.

    A group of hareidi Jews on Monday protested in Jerusalem for “animal rights” – specifically, for the right not to be abused – a result of a recent television report showing workers at a major Israeli slaughterhouse abusing and acting cruelly to cows set to be slaughtered for meat. –

    These Haredim don’t have public opinion in mind, but they are protesting the mistreatment of animals out of a sense of outrage. The issue of animal rights should unite all Jews, regardless of whether they are observant or not. It’s not enough to have laws against abuse. ALL animal abusers should be heavily penalized.

    I have always thought that one of the Ten Commandments should have been to be kind to animals. We have an enormous debt of gratitude to them. They have guarded us, fed us, clothe us, and quite often kept us sane with their unconditional love.