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  1. So far the dems “silent majority” supports the destruction of the blue cities in exchange for the presidency and the end of the US as it is!
    The old guard of liberal is being liquidated the way the PC does it! Two major figures out: Crowley and Engel. Who’ s next?
    The number of far left dems will increase after the Nov elections.

  2. John Locke is important to our understanding of what “democracy” means for more reasons than just the ones Ben Shapiro gives. Locke wrote that any person who wages war against the state in which he lives is not entitled to civil rights of any kind, or much the less the right to vote. And he defined being at war with the state as a “firmed, fixed, settled design” to destroy it. It didn’t require him to be actively carrying out violent acts against the state or its people on a daily basis. All that was required for him to be an enemy of the state would be to have the intention to destroy it when he had the opportunity. Even an attempt by a ruler to impose laws or decrees on the people of the state that were in violation of the nation’s established constitution, and that had not been approved by the people’s representatives, could be considered to be waging war against the state.

    Aplied to the Palestinians in Israeli ‘occupied” territory, or some Arab politicians within Israel, Locke’s conception would mean that they did not have the right to vote or hold office in Israel , such as being Knesset members. It would also meann that any Arab in Judea, Samaria or Gaza who wanted to destroy Israel and was willing to help terrorists if asked, and supported terrorism against Israel, even verbally, was not entitled to civil rights in the administered territories. An extension of Israeli laws and a declaration of Israeli sovereignty would not entitle the Arabs who supported war against the state or saught to destroy it in any way to civil rights or legal equality in Israel.

    If Locke’s principles were applied In the U.S., Antifa and Black Lives matter activists, and anyone who supported their acts of insurrection and rejection of legitimate government authorities, including the police, would not be entitled to keep their civil rights. They could be interned indefinitely until they could demonstrate credibly that they had renounced their subversive intentions and would be low-abiding citizens in the future.

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