In dramatic move: IDF decides to close shops in Huwara

IDF announces decision to close shops in Huwara and increase its presence in the area.

The IDF decided on Thursday evening to close the stores in Huwara and increase its presence in the area, in response to the terrorist attack in the town earlier in the evening.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced that, that, in accordance with an assessment of the situation, it has been decided to close the shops in Huwara, for the purpose of strengthening the security assessments in the area while increasing as the security measures in the area.

In addition, the IDF decided to reinforce the area with another unit.

Earlier, Arutz Sheva published that Finance Minister and Minister in the Defense Ministry Bezalel Smotrich spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and demanded that Netanyahu immediately close the shops in Huwara for two weeks until phase one of the Huwara bypass road is open.

Smotrich made clear to Netanyahu that, as far as he is concerned, the current situation cannot continue.

Netanyahu earlier on Thursday evening held a discussion with the participation of the Defense Minister, the IDF Chief of Staff, the Director of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), the Head of IDF Central Command and the PM’s Military Secretary.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria are unacceptable and directed the IDF and Shin Bet to increase defensive and preventive measures against terrorists while focusing immediately on the Huwara corridor.


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The Prime Minister referred to the pace of work on paving the Huwara bypass road and ordered that the remaining construction time until the opening of the road be shortened by half.

Netanyahu instructed the IDF and the security services to present him with additional actions in the fight against terrorism and to increase security for the residents of Judea and Samaria. The discussion will be held on Sunday morning.


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