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  1. Hi Ted,

    Please correct the title. The Latin expression should read “In Memoriam,” not “In Memorium.”

    Other than that, when it comes to defend Pakistan from Islamists, Bhutto was at least as corrupt as Israeli leaders. She was assassinated because what Western leaders want in Pakistan is precisely al-Qaeda, not a well behaving US puppet.

    The last shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, was a US puppet from the very beginning… until US leaders realized they needed something more radical than that. Then covert support was given to Khomeini.

    US intelligence has long realized that only radical Islam might prevent Asia from falling under the yoke of Russia, China and India. So they invest all in it and tell you nothing about it…

  2. Shows the sham that is ‘democracy’

    In this case it is an Islam killer and killers.

    But there is no qualitative difference to the murder of Slobodan Milosevic in his cell by the US, EU, NATO and UN.

    Somebody please tell the difference! The only difference is that Milosevic had been elected by the majority of his people as President, then deposed by a NATO run junta, illegally deposed. Bhutto had been in power and her uselessness in power and corruption of her regime meant she was out.

    The main question…how to fight Fascist dictatorship which has many forms, with what is democracy is useless.

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