Ingraham: Restoring order

June 2, 2020 | 1 Comment » | 467 views

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1 Comment / 1 Comment

  1. Could the riots simply be a fallout from the coronavirus lockdown with Floyd’s death providing a psychological trigger?
    This is a simpler explanation than some sort of an involved conspiracy on the part of the “leftists and Democrats” to destroy the country.
    The powers that be and the privileged fellow travelers find it impossible to imagine that a lot (probably most) of Americans have been seriously PO’d at being locked in for months, “social distanced”, muzzled, made to obey ridiculous orders (in England, for example, there is a new law now that one may only have sex within one’s own household) invented by politicians and criminally insane multibilionaires who don’t follow these orders themselves and who will benefit HUGELY from the virus, at the destruction of their and their loved ones lives and livelihoods, psychological damage caused their children who are now afraid to go out for the fear of the virus, and the taking away of their constitutional and civil rights.
    In some cities the policemen and sheriffs are already marching with the protesters. What if the military also decides to take the protesters’ side?

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