Ingraham: The truth about hydroxychloroquine

APRIL 28/20

I am in conversation with experts in Israel to convince them to recommend that Israel start using the drug big time.

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21 Comments / 21 Comments

  1. Ted you have a JD not MD stop talking about stuff you are not qualified about it sounds silly at best in my view.

  2. @ Bear Klein:
    I am just the advocate/messenger for credentialed people who have asked me to connect with the Israel government or experts advising them and I am doing just that. We are making the case that Israel should embrace the use Hydroxychloroquine as soon as possible.

    I am really disappointed in your comment.

  3. @ Ted Belman:
    If you are just acting as a liaison of sort that sounds much more proper. Then I wish to retract my earlier comment. Sort of doing what a pharmaceutical salesman does.

    Did the qualified medical experts also inform you of the side effects of this drug, so you can also present that. That is usually required for full disclosure when marketing pharmaceuticals. I have been told by a physician that long term usage this drug has know side-effects.

  4. @ Bear Klein:
    I can’t quote you about the side effects if any.. But I can tell you its limitations are clearly understood.. I have an enormous amount of information and tests and links that have been supplied to me.
    I will send you what I sent them. I reduced it to the essence.

  5. @ Bear Klein:
    That sounds like a Jackie Mason quip… really..!!!.

    On another matter are you still taking 5000 of Vit D. I’ve read that there can be side effects from such a large dosage. like elevated calcium in the blood, and a variety of unpleasant others..

    T Yu likely know that there are studies right now as to it’s effect in minimising or preventing Covid-19. But no clinical trials have yet been completed.

  6. @ Edgar G.:
    Still taking D3 (some not 5k units) daily based on physician recommendation and not on the advice of Israpundit non-medical expert commentators.

    What is sad that medical decisions have become so political in nature. Everything is political.

    US could be headed for a civil war as people are so split and violence is rearing its ugly head. The evil genie is starting to get out of the bottle. As of yet there is no tit for tat violence in the US as takes places in the middle east so maybe civil war will not happen.

    How is Canada by the way? Have not heard too much from British Columbia lately?

  7. @ Bear Klein:

    I’m glad because hefty Vit D doses can cause mucho problemo. I’ve been taking 1000 Vit D3 for years, just discovered it’s not actually a vitamin susprising. It’s some sort of hormone.. .. I take a few others too, Vit E, Calcium, selenium, B12 and Omega 3.

    I pay almost no attention to what goes on here. It’s all pretty pathetic anyway. I haven’t been out of my apartment for over 6 months. I have heard that there are 18 virus cases on the Island with only one “active”. That must be a load of mullarkey, because it began on the Island with several elderly dying in a Home , and there are about 850,000 people here.

    I strongly believe that the Health folks here are keeping the facts away from the people, and testing only those who report some sort of illness. I just saw the other day that they’ve now tested 17,000 people in B.C. .. There are nearly 4 million in B.C.. At the same time they are laws about social distancing, and wearing masks in public etc. There must be many thousands walking around who have or had the virus and recovered.

    Next week I expect a visit from a health official to see if my bathroom needs any aid fixtures. This because I have a very arthritic hip, and it would be easier with a strong hand rail, beside the bath. I contacted them just to fill in some time. Anyway, the official will, at my request, arrive with goggles, mask, and an unused complete coverall, as well as keeping a good 6 feet away from me. She agreed at once, although it seems they don’t usually go to such extremes. .

    But I had a tough time warding away a deluge of offers of walkers, canes, seats with legs inside and outside the bath, which I’d never heard of before -and more. She wants to test my balance etc. So maybe they also are looking for something to do…to make sure they spend their full budget, to prevent it from being cut next years….??? Just speculating..

    A simple query has mushroomed into a potential out-pouring monster. If I’d known all this beforehand, I’d have never touched the phone at all. One thing…she forgot to offer was a set of crutches. Maybe they only give them to old sailors with wooden legs.

    So maybe their policy is the best one after all.

  8. Information on the treatment and prevention of Covid-19 infection

    Not a panacea, but a significant slow down the likelihood of hospitalization, etc.
    Protocol of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (USA):
    Hydroxychloroquine-200 mg. twice a day. (Not “Chloroquine”, which has serious side effects) Hydroxychloroquine at this dosage is very safe.
    Zinc Sulphate-220 mg. (50 mg. Pure zinc) once daily (required)
    Azithromycin-500 mg. Once a day. From a secondary bacterial infection. Take 5-7 days at the first symptoms of the disease. It is important (very) to take it at the very beginning of the disease. The earlier is the better. Up to 4, 5 days from the onset of symptoms. Further, this will no longer help or will help much less. According to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko this treatment significantly reduces the likelihood of hospitalization by 84% and fatal outcomes by five times. The entire treatment costs about $ 20. Hundreds of other doctors have received similar results. But information about this is being hushed up for various reasons, including what Trump said about it.
    For prophylaxis (before the disease), the doctor recommends taking within five days:
    Hydroxychloroquine-200 mg. once a day.
    Zinc Sulphate-220 mg. (50 mg. pure zinc) once a day.
    After five days of use, take this combination once a week.
    Hydroxychloroquine is a very safe drug, used for over 60 years, over a billion doses have been prescribed for malaria, lupus, and others with very rare side effects.
    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko also believes that his protocol can be successfully used to prevent and treat influenza. The flu vaccine is often ineffective due to the constant mutation of the influenza virus and vaccines being developed cannot keep up with these mutations.

    Prevention with natural supplements to strengthen the immune system:
    Vit.D3 3,000-10,000 IU per day plus 15-20 minutes sun. The darker the skin of a person, the longer it is necessary to be in the sun. But everything must be done in moderation. High levels of Vit.D3 in the blood (50ng / mL and above) significantly reduce the likelihood of hospitalization and fatal outcome.
    Simultaneously with Vit.D3, it is advisable to take Vit.K2 (90mcg per day).
    Quercitin-500mg. 2-3 times a day (instead of Hydroxychloroquine) The addition of 1000mg.Vit.C (better Liposomal vit.C) enhances the effectiveness of Quercitin. Quercitin has problem with absorption in the body and should be replenished each day to be effective.
    Hydroxychloroquine and Quercitin are the conductors of zinc ions into the cells of the body (ionophore). Zinc basically kills the virus, reducing its reproduction and spread. Hydroxychloroquine is probably more effective than Quercitin and has several mechanisms of action against the virus. Hydroxychloroquine also stay longer in the body.
    EGCG-30 drops several times a day, 400mg. (green tea extract) is also an ionophore in addition to Quercitin.
    Zinc – 25-50mg. (pure zinc) per day (Zinc Sulphate-22% Zn, Zinc Citrate-31% Zn,
    Zinc Picolinate (20% Zn). Zinc should be taken separately from iron supplements.
    25mg. for prevention and 50 mg. for treatment within 5-7 days.
    NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) -600mg. 2 times a day or glutathione.
    Melatonin 2-10mg. before bedtime.
    Selenium-100-300 mcg. a day.
    Vit.C-1000-3000 mg. a day or more. In case of illness, increase the dose. It is even better to take Vit.C intravenously in large doses (30,000 mg. and more.)

    What is the problem with Hydroxychloroquine? Hydroxychloroquine should be consumed at the initial stage of the disease (up to 4, 5 days from the onset of symptoms, or better on the first day.) And this is the problem. It is not always possible to catch and diagnose an infection in time. After a person has felt some symptoms, he is at first in no hurry to see a doctor or test for the presence of a virus, and while he receives Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc Sulphate and Azithromycin (Dr. Zelenko protocol), if it does, it will be too late. But this does not mean, that nothing needs to be done. First, you can have a good immune system and the body will fight the virus on its own. Secondly, if you do not fall into this group of lucky ones, instead of Hydroxychloroquine can be used with Quercitin, EGCG, Zinc Citrate and a variety of natural preparations that kill both viral and bacterial infections and strengthen the body’s immune system. All of these can be purchased inexpensively at health food stores. It is very important to have high blood levels of vitamin D3 (50ng/mL and above). This level must be reached before infection, not after. Dr. Zelenko believes that using his protocol everywhere for people with increased risks (the elderly and/or people with serious chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, oncology, etc.) can reduce the risks to the level of seasonal flu. But his voice, and many other doctors, remains crying in the wilderness. There are basically two reasons. The first is that Trump mentioned it. Secondly, the Zelenko protocol costs only $ 20, while other possible treatments promise thousands and thousands of dollars in profit per patient, plus hospitalization, which costs an average of $50,000 per person in the United States. And the vaccine, which does not yet exist, promises billions in profits.

  9. As for Hydroxychloroquine, the policy from democRAT’s party and the medical establishment, along with the media, have started a dirty political game to discredit Hydroxychloroquine because Trump reported it. There is no limit to their meanness. First, they started hounding Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and try to discredit his protocol and Hydroxychloroquine.
    How? Very simple. Pretending to be idiots, they started the Chloroquine trail, instead of Hydroxychloroquine without zinc, and in a toxic dosage, and the trial took place in hospitals when patients were already on a ventilator or close to it. Of course, nothing helped, but only worsened the condition of the patients. Then they switched to Hydroxychloroquine.
    Again use it without zinc and of course at the last stage of the disease. And they announced that nothing was helping. They even published fraudulent article in The Lancet journal. At the same time, they began to intimidate and misinform the population that you can die from Hydroxychloroquine or get serious side effects, although this is a complete lie. (Hydroxychloroquine at the recommended dosage (200 mg. twice a day) is very safe. In some countries Hydroxychloroquine is sold over the counter without a prescription.) Following this intimidation, many governors from democrat’s states in USA have made it illegal to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine by physicians, except in hospitals, in which the use of Hydroxychloroquine is much less effective. Thus, they deprived many people of the chance not to get sick and not to die. The governors and mayors from democRAT’s states decided to move patients with covid-19 into nursing homes, As a result of this, thousands of elderly people died. How they can be called after that, but criminals with blood on their hands.
    There is currently a very low incidence of Covod-19 in Africa. Some doctors attribute this to the widespread use of Hydroxychloroquine for malaria. The Chinese who arrived in Africa at the beginning of the epidemic received Hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis against malaria, which prevented the outbreak of infection there.

  10. @ Bear Klein:

    You know Bear, this being a Jewish site, I am totally surprised that there are NO medical doctors coming to the fore. There must at least be a few dozen doctors who are members.. a JEWISH site……. ???

  11. @ efirub:

    Have you seen any news of Dr Zelenko lately. The last I read was an appeal from him because he was suffering from a very serious cancer. it sounded as if he was on the verge of passing away, unless specific treatment was made available to him. It surprise me, because being a doctor, he should have had immediate help from multiple colleagues. Perhaps the unfair ostracism had had an effect there too.

  12. I am making progress in my attempts to connect with the Israel experts who are charged with making recommendations regarding dealing with Covid-19 and Hydroxychloroquine. My brief appeal is being presented to them this morning.

  13. So Ted you have now deleted two of my postings? Wow. I am very disappointed in you! Scientific information and you would not post it! Very bad!

  14. Interesting scientific finding on Covid-19

    In May, Michigan researchers also hypothesized that a bradykinin response could lead to life-threatening respiratory complications in some COVID?19 patients, finding the bradykinin response was to blame for leaky blood vessels observed in those patients’ lungs, BI reported.

    The researchers behind that work suggested that a drug called icatibant, which blocks the body’s signal to produce bradykinin, could help treat infected patients. A small follow-up study showed that four of nine patients who got the drug no longer needed oxygen support after 10 to 35 hours.

    But Jacobson’s study found evidence vitamin D might hinder a bradykinin storm from developing in the first place. His study also supports the idea that corticosteroids can improve survival rates for COVID-19 patients.

    Full article

  15. @ Ted Belman:
    Sorry for the allegation of trashing, your site has a mind of its own sometimes and that frustrate even the most patient people once every 5 years.

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