Inside the INSANE Intelligence Failure of Oct. 7

By Caroline Glick JNS 30 Nov 2023

Caroline Glick makes the case that these two men be fired now.  It cannot wait, as the successful prosecution of the war depends upon their not being in positions of command.

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  1. you have to wonder if this was treason, if they purposely allowed this to happen, who can be this incompetent?

  2. NYT: Israel knew of plans for Oct. 7 massacre over a year ago
    Hamas blueprint details ‘methodical assault’ to overcome Israeli fortifications, overtake cities, military bases, report says.
    Israel National News
    Israel National News
    Dec 1, 2023, 11:46 AM (GMT+2)
    Swords of Iron
    Kibbutz Be’eri on the day of the massacre
    Kibbutz Be’eri on the day of the massacre
    Oren Ben Hakoun/Flash 90

    Israeli intelligence officials knew of Hamas’ plan for the October 7 massacre over a year before it happened, The New York Times reported.

    An investigation by NYT’s Ronen Bergman and Adam Goldman showed that Israeli officials had obtained Hamas’ battle plan for the attack, and held a document approximately 40 pages in length, codenamed the “Wall of Jericho,” which outlined, in detail, the invasion which on October 7a led to the deaths of 1,200 people and the kidnapping of around 240.

    The document did not specify a date, but it did include details of “a methodical assault designed to overwhelm the fortifications around the Gaza Strip, take over Israeli cities and storm key military bases, including a division headquarters,” the NYT reported.

    “Hamas followed the blueprint with shocking precision,” the report added. “The document called for a barrage of rockets at the outset of the attack, drones to knock out the security cameras and automated machine guns along the border, and gunmen to pour into Israel en masse in paragliders, on motorcycles and on foot — all of which happened on Oct. 7.”

    From Arutz Sheva,quoting New York Times.

  3. Plus Gantz, Hanegbi and Bibi, if Bibi does not advance a resolution to zge Knesset to void the Oslo Accords and Disengagement.