Instead of Bombing Gazans, Pay them to Leave

By Moshe Feiglin

Why bomb Gazans if we can instead help them to actualize their wish to leave as 80% of them have indicated they want to do?
All kinds of estimates of the number of Arabs in Israel have been publicized. The following are the exact numbers as per the Demographic Institute of Yoram Ettinger. This is the only authoritative, professional institute, which cross-references its facts.
In Judea and Samaria there are 1.7 million Arabs.
In Gaza there are 1.3 Arabs
East Jerusalem: 300,000 Arabs, citizens of Israel
1.4 million Arab citizens of Israel outside Jerusalem

Now let us put these numbers into context. According to this morning’s economic news, as per the precedent of the Second Lebanon War, Operation Protective Edge in Gaza will cost at least 10 billion NIS in direct and indirect costs.
In Gaza there are 1.3 million residents, which are approximately 200,000 households.
The average salary in Gaza is 350 NIS per month. Let’s say 500 NIS per month. In other words, the money we have already spent to bomb Gaza, killing many Gazans in the process, could have been used to give each household 50,000 NIS – approximately 100 monthly salaries or 8 years of work – to help them to comfortably actualize their desire to emigrate.
As soon as we think out of the box, there are solutions to this conflict.
August 2, 2014 | 9 Comments »

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. @ Topaz:

    “Their leaders want the international ‘aid’ money to make them into iinstant billionaires.”

    This is ALREADY the case.

    Arafat (whose widow is struggling along in Paris on his $3 Billion) was not an aberration in this regard.

    He was carrying on a long tradition going back to Hajj Amin al-Husseini (the Grand Mufti), and way beyond him.

  2. The “Marshall Plan” was never used to relocate terrorists or those who elected them into power. The Marshall Plan was used, according to Norman Podhoretz, “to hasten the reconstruction of the war-torn economies of Western Europe…” Your use of the term here is a blatent transmogrification of its historical context. The Marshall Plan was not used to pay Nazis to leave Western Europe.

    “But repeatedly bombing the Arabs is a palliative not a cure.”

    Paying the Arab Muslims to leave will work as a cure? You don’t know anything about the Jews, and likewise, it would seem from your statements not so much about the Arab Muslims either. You can’t pay a religiously incited enemy even a fortune to stop hating you, you stupid bastard. Money is the palliative and not the cure. Forcing these religious savages by military means out of Gaza (and their “friends” out of the rest of Israel) is the only alternative. There is no “cure” available for the disease of anti-Jewish hatred. Assholes like you are a perfect proof of this truth. A smack in the mouth is all these animals understand. Anything less they interpret as an opportunity to do violence to the Jews of Israel.

  3. Paying off the Gazans or for that matter any Arab is equivalent to paying off the Mafia to leave you alone. It simply won’t work. The amount of Jew hatred by Arabs and Muslims is so intense that nothing but self defense protects Israel. Killing those who come to kill you is a better method then paying off the potential murderers who would probably use the money to buy more weapons as they have used the Gazan “aid” money in the past.

  4. I am surprised that ‘ you know who’ has not showed up yet…
    With a “pay them to leave” headline….

  5. Another approach is for Israel to make that offer and identify those Arabs who accept it. Then Israel announces that Obama must find countries to take in their share of Arabs by a certain date. After that date Israel will level all of Gaza. This who remain will be killed in the bombing. The responsibility must be placed clearly on Israel’s critics. Is Moshe Feiglin the ONLY leader who can come up with fresh, sensible ideas? It seems so.

  6. Every one recalls how Rabin expelled the Hamas leaders to Lebanon and finally allowed them back under relentless world pressure. That is no longer possible and Israel should simply execute them.


    Their leaders want the international “aid” money to make them into instant billionaires.

    Moshe Dayan tried that after the 1967 war, and the US made Israel travel to where these 5th column monsters were and bring them back.

  8. Its a lot cheaper to pay the Arabs to leave and to separate the two peoples.

    A Marshall Plan to do it would cost less than the cost of rebuilding Gaza and it would remove a source of constant conflict. And its also humane.

    No one is proposing genocide. But repeatedly bombing the Arabs is a palliative not a cure.