International sanctions on Israel

As you know, the UN may impose sanctions on Israel once it recognizes a Palestinian state, if we refuse to.

I am writing an article in which I will argue that Israel can survive sanctions.

I would appreciate any arguments or thoughts, pro or con, that you have, on the matter. Just post comments.

April 3, 2011 | 22 Comments »

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22 Comments / 22 Comments

  1. AmericanEagle wrote:
    Besides, the building freeze was a decision that was made by the Israeli government, not by anyone in the US.

    Yamit responded:
    What a specious infantile, sophomoric statement. Taking your stupid thinking and applying it to America, George Soros can’t be blamed for anything nor the Saudi influence and diktat.

    This may be a glimmer of light in Yamit’s normal intellectual fog. In the hope that he will become increasingly literate as I continue his education, neither George Soros nor the Saudis can be “blamed” for any decision made by Imam Obama, no matter what they do.

  2. Besides, the building freeze was a decision that was made by the Israeli government, not by anyone in the US.

    What a specious infantile, sophomoric statement. Taking your stupid thinking and applying it to America, George Soros can’t be blamed for anything nor the Saudi influence and diktat.

  3. Yamit writes:
    This proves how deleterious our relations with America is to our economy (The building freeze alone has cost us many billions of dollars and driven contractors to bankruptcy and some out of business.)

    This is a great example of what I meant in No. 20 above.

    The US has underwritten Israel’s economy for decades now and continues to do so, yet we see the relentless attempts to divide the US and Israel for reasons that are quite crystal clear to me, but apparently not to some of the others on this forum.

    Besides, the building freeze was a decision that was made by the Israeli government, not by anyone in the US.

  4. PE firm Vector in Ness acquisition talks
    Ness has been approached by private equity firms with offers at $200-300 million.
    4 April 11 17:52, Shmulik Shelah
    IT integrator Ness Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: NSTC; TASE: NSTC) may undergo a change in ownership, 13 years after the company was founded. The company is in acquisition talks with private equity firm Vector Capital at a company value of $300 million.

    Israel arms exports topped $7.3b in 2010
    does not include under the table sales to China: 😛

    This proves how deleterious our relations with America is to our economy (The building freeze alone has cost us many billions of dollars and driven contractors to bankruptcy and some out of business.)

    Roche to lead Israel stem cell consortium
    The consortium is based on research by Prof. Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor of the Technion and Prof. Nissim Benvenisty of the Hebrew University

    Surgical suture co NeatStitch files for IPO
    Xenia CEO Anat Segal told “Globes”, “When we began development with the NIH, the company’s needs changed and it now has a dream which needs funding.”
    read the article linked above.

    TowerJazz confirms to buy Micron Technology fab
    “Globes” reported the impending purchase of the Japanese facility in February.

    4 April 11 09:36, Ron Steinblatt and Hillel Koren
    Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (Nasdaq: TSEM; TASE: TSEM), which trades as TowerJazz, announced to the stock exchange this morning that it had signed a non-binding term sheet for the purchase of Micron Technology’s fabrication facility in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo, Japan. “Globes” first reported the pending transaction at the end of February.

    Tower says that the proposed purchase will nearly double its current internal manufacturing capacity, increasing production by 60,000 wafers per month. According to the company, the availability of additional capacity, combined with the additional business potential in Japan, will help it to achieve its goal of $1 billion annual revenue by 2014.

    We are buying Japanese semiconductor companies now!!!! I used to import Micron semis 🙂

    Sanctions? Sorry Israel is in the big leagues, If a company won’t sell to us and if it’s vital, we just buy it or a competitor.

  5. I think it is lunacy to believe that the US will support sanctions against Israel – too many Americans support Israel to make that a reality.

  6. Jerry says:
    April 4, 2011 at 3:11 am

    Regarding Yamit’s rather optimistic assessment,

    I have been involved in Import for many years and have imported from Asia and Europe as well as Some from America.

    We import more from Europe than we export

    the value of trade between the EU and Lebanon in 2009 was approximately €4.4 billion (Dh22.89 billion) with Brussels’ imports worth €250 million and exports’ worth €4.2 billion, making Lebanon the third-largest market for EU exports in the Middle East after Syria and the UAE.

    Then there are figures for the Palestinians which reach an embarrassing €59 million total trade balance, completely lopsided, with the EU exporting €52 million and importing €7 million worth of Palestinian goods.

    Israel, of course, maintains a monopoly on the Palestinian economy with additional taxes on all goods coming in and out of the Occupied Territories

    And then there is Israel — the largest EU trading partner — with an initial trade balance of €20.2 billion that is substantially more equilibrated: the EU exports €11.4 billion to Israel and imports €8.8 billion worth of machinery, transport and technological equipment from Israel.

    Israeli companies such as Israel Aerospace Industries (the state-owned manufacturer of drones), Motorola Israel (producer of ‘virtual-fences) and the security intelligence company, Verint Systems, enjoy 12 out of the 58 EU ‘security research’ projects. Unlike its Arab neighbours, Israel also enjoys trade in services: the EU exports €3.7 billion of services to Israel, and imports €3 billion of services from Israel (2008). Moreover, foreign direct investment (FDI) between Israel and the European Union reached far into the billions. FDI: EU investment in Israel amounted to €3.7 billion while Israel invested €6.3 billion in the EU.

    There is little Israel imports from Europe that can’t be replace by other sources but most of our high ticket items are unique to Israel.

    Europe effectively Bankrupt would be mad to impose economic sanctions against Israel.

    No Asian Country abides by sanctions. Money Talks there. European and American companies always find ways of going around trade sanctions Like GE in iran.

    The Bank of Israel has amassed Dollar reserves of almost 70 billion dollars and I don’t know how much in Euros and Gold. Our Agriculture could switch to producing more for domestic market with more water allocation. We just stop giving away free water to Jordan Gaza and the West Bank. Jordan gets free of charge some 70 million cubic meters of water from Israel as part of the Piece treaty with them.

    Hamilton #15 is correct a blockade is an act of war or at least can be construed as such by Israel.

    For every day of blockade I would advise: one ME oil field would be nuked. Any military craft entering our territorial waters would be sunk with no prior warning: Remember the LIBERTY Boycott is one thing Blockade another. Prior Israeli restraints of Israeli military sales due to American pressure would then be off the table: China here we come!! Our Know-how and advanced technology culd advance China up at least ten years. I could envision joint production cooperation between Russia India and Israel and maybe China.

    Where are Israelis going to run to? America within years will be deep in depression and Europe? I see an eventual breakup of the EU. many civil wars. Far right backlashes and at a min a return to old fashioned fascism a European Forte. When Iran gets their bomb(s) officially the world will turn on it’s current axis.

    There will never be real sanctions against Israel but if there were we could easily beat them.

    Worst case we can herd goats and sheep for a few years till it blows over 🙂

  7. I see a great difference between Israel and Iran/Iraq/Libya where sanctions were imposed. These just happen to be oil=money rich countries. As a result there was always a way around the limitations. We no not have those kinds of finances.
    Unlike many of the Iranians/Iraqis/Libyans most Israelis know very well what they would be missing if there was an effective blockade. I think it would push more people to leave the country.

    At this point the agricultural output of the rural population, ie the kibbutzim does not cover our basic food needs. We are vulnerable on many necessary products. We no longer feed ourselves and too much of the food we eat comes from abroad, not to mention all our petroleum requirements.

    I think too many Israelis would freak out if they could not get the latest hi-teck gadgets.
    Of course the world would loose out as well.

    It really would be a loose / loose situation for everybody.

  8. Israel has a state with a strong military, rich resources and nuclear weapons. It is currently being boycotted, sanctioned against and all-around blasphemed, as it has in the past. With God’s help, they will survive and win.

  9. Who would institute a formal blockade which is an act of war? The obvious candidates are Britain, France, Arab states ,Iran, Turkey and possibly Russia. I totally disagree it would force Israel to capitulate in short order or at all. Since any blockade is clearly an act of war, even the feckless leaders of Israel would have deal with the blockaders as they have dealt with Arab nations during Israel’s numerous wars. The blockading naval vessels would not stay afloat very long. In addition, to devastating attacks by Israel’s Jet fighter and bomber fleets, the offending naval vessels would be sitting ducks for ship to ship missiles as well as land based missiles. Israel’s 3rd anti-blockade attack group would consist of UAV equipped with warheads and bombs. Israel could even use UAVs in Kamikaze-like devastating attacks(without the necessity of sacrificing pilots) as well as using offensive UAVs which will return to base. Would France, Britain,Turkey or Russia risk losing much of their naval assets ? Israel also has their ace in the hole : their nuclear arsenal. It is about the same size as Britain’s but smaller than France’s and much much smaller than Russia’s. But 300 nukes is more than enough to devastate the major cities of any nation which blockades Israel. It also allows Israel to withstand any attempts at nuclear blackmail. Even participation by the US would prove very costly to the US . I highly doubt the US would ever participate in such a blockade for the following reasons: the US population’s “battle fatigue” . It has been fighting 2 war for the past 8+ years and one war for almost 11 years. The other reason is a significant majority of American citizens would never agree to unprovoked war with an Allie. I certainly would not be surprised if the thoroughly evil Obama would agree to participate, the overwhelming remainder of the US government would be very strongly object to US participation. While I agree Israel’s oil and gas fields are more vulnerable because they are offshore, the price any nation would pay if they attempted to disrupt the flow of gas and oil was be so severe , no one would pay such a price.

  10. Regarding Yamit’s rather optimistic assessment, it should be noted that “sanctions” can include an active blockade, only a step away from military hostilities. A blockade would indeed be effective and force Israel’s capitulation in short order.

    Furthermore, the oil and gas that could enrich Israel is off-shore and quite vulnerable to disruption and seizure.

    I have frequently felt that Israel’s rejection is the result of its successes. As a struggling Socialist economy in the 1950s and ’60s, little opposition was felt from Europe. That only changed with military successes and later economic growth. Jealousy is a green-eyed monster that affects even intelligent people to an inordinate degree. Typical is the famous quote from the French ambassador to Britain, which I will not quote directly since my entire comment would be banned. Jealousy in people without a firm footing in ethics and altruism can quickly justify calling for the death and dismemberment of the object of the jealousy. It is much akin to hate. Singer’s book makes me proud, but makes others angry and bitter. Remember, it was the lawyers and the doctors in pre-WWII Germany that got shafted first.

    Nothing to be done about it! We shall not shut up about our successes because it justifies our existence. “They” will blame us for our successes to the point of finding phantom victims, like the Palestinians.

  11. yamit82 says:
    April 3, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    If the UN issues sanctions against Israel

    The UN is one worthless body with a cast of bad characters.

    Who the hell needs the UN?

    Well George Soros and Husein Obama would love to see a world order that will diminish the US and Israel’s leadership role in the world.

    You want to know why the anti-Semite dumbo ears Obama would not aid in any way shape or form the uprising in Iran. It’s not space science.

    Iran want’s to destroy Israel.

    Get the picture.

  12. Throughout the centuries, the Christian world placed many restrictions on the Jews so that they wouldn’t become too successful. Jews were limited as to where they could live, what trades they could indulge in. I think they were also prevented from owning land in some countries. Kings would often borrow money from Jews to fund their wars and then neglect to repay them.

    Muslims also heavily taxed the Jews.. So if sanctions are coming our way, it won’t be for the first time.

  13. Arab Sanctions were quite beneficial to Israel. It forced us to develop parallel markets. To manufacture at home those product that were denied to us in The Arab boycotts. It forced Israel to improve quality of our own manufactured goods for domestic but most importantly for export.

    Israel was forced to be innovative and not adverse to excessive risk taking. Israeli reps literally traveled the globe to advance export sales.

    Zim today is one the largest Shipping companies in the world, With nearly 90 vessels and an extensive fleet of high-quality containers (including a full range of special containers). Global Reach, Local Support

    With four operational headquarters, an extensive regional office network and agents throughout the world.

    To reduce your total supply chain costs, They have created a network of logistics centers offering full range of services, including freight forwarding, customs brokerage, consolidation and deconsolidation, off-dock container terminals, warehousing, trucking and container repair, and more…..S&P raises Zim’s bond rating to ‘ilBBB-‘ with stable outlook

    The upgrade is in light of continued improvement in the company’s performance and the stability in the global shipping sector. Zim’s CFO, Allon Raveh: “this additional upgrade indicates that Zim is on the right track.”

    The factors mentioned by S&P as leading to the upgrade are improvement in the world trade and the shipping market, Zim’s operational performance and the results of the first three quarters of 2010, as well as the continued improvement in the company’s cash flow.

    The current upgrade follows a sharp raise of 4 grades in September 2010.

    In November 2010 Zim published its 3rd quarter results, indicating profits and a continued trend of improvement of the company’s performance. Zim is currently implementing a new strategic plan and organizational and structural changes, which are designed to improve profitability.

    Allon Raveh, Zim’s CFO said: “this additional upgrade indicates that Zim is on the right track. They consistently generate a positive cash flow from operations and have reached a peak of nearly 200 million dollars in the third quarter of 2010. Improvement in the global market and our intensive efforts in all areas of operation to improve efficiency and profitability, are reflected in the company results as well as in the bonds’ rating.”

    Many of our companies like Teva are global companies some with corporate headquarters in EU and North America.

    If Cuba, N. Korea and Iran can withstand sanctions, for Israel I can see it being a nuisance but it might have many unforeseen benefits.

    If the UN issues sanctions against Israel, the Russians can be induced to veto the UNSC resolutions at the price of Israel switching over to it from the US—if the US refuses to veto them. Whether on the UN level or by individual countries. Israel on Q should quickly with maximum effort transfer all the palis in Y&S and Gaza. Same sanctions but with no Palis to cry about the UN will lose a club to beat us over the head. After a year or two the sanctions will crumble and we will have gained all of the territories to settle and develop. By that time we will be ready to export both gas and oil. Have moved out from under the American heavy handed stranglehold on our political, economic and security options and will have gained a partner that would be no less reliable than the Americans but would open up new possibilities like joint ventures in arms and technology, veto in UN forums and unlike the Americans our enemies fear the Russians who might then be more reluctant to initiate attacks against Israel.

    We have two major national airlines.

  14. Sanctions against Jewish Israel are coming:

    1. Gentiles hate Jews. They are unable to tolerate the existence of a strong, free, independent, and successful Jewish State of Israel.
    2. So we are seeing history repeat itself. 70 years ago, the european christians exterminated six million Jews like they were vermin. Christian america stood by and pretended it did not know what was going on.
    3. Then, for a generation, the europeans and americans felt a bit guilty. But the new generation is fighting back against that guilt. Their never-ending Jew-hatred is returning with a vengeance. They now insist that stateless Jews lawfully returning to their ancestral homeland is the same as british and dutch colonialists stealing land in South Africa. And they now say that Israeli Jews are the “real nazis”, so that, to some extent, the european Jews deserved their extermination, by somehow “provoking” the european christians.
    4. And once again, america is standing aside; as america, under obama (the “christian muslim”) becomes a majority non-white, second world, nation of Jew-haters.

    So sanctions are indeed coming against Jewish Israel (as they came to germany’s Jews with the nuernberg laws). Jewish Israel will have to see how tolerable the sanctions are. They then can surrender and be destroyed, like in World War Two.

    Or they can fight back, and ramp up the Samson options: destroy the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosques. Destroy Medina. Destroy Mecca. Eliminate the gulf oil fields, either directly with an explosive nuke, or indirectly by contaminating them with dirty bombs.

    The european christians could easily destroy europe’s Jews because they were kept defenseless. Jewish Israel was established to give the Jews a chance to fight back. Who thinks they will?

  15. Israel can survive a boycott for several reasons: 1. Israel produces high tech products of such quality they cannot be easily purchased elsewhere at reasonable prices. An example is the purchase by Russia of UAVs. Israel is not a banana republic , not Rhodesia , and not South Africa. 2. Investment in Israel by foreign companies has resulted in multimillion dollar profits for corporations such as Microsoft , Motorola, and Cisco among many. Innovations by Israeli branches of multinational corporations have created very valuable ,innovative products especially in the fields of computer hardware and software, and biotechnology. A multinational giant such as Microsoft is not going to accept to easily accept significant financial loses for a boycott motivated by antisemitism. This factor will soft the impact of a boycott. 3. If Israel had an Achilles’ heal it was its’ total lack of natural resources. However, with the discovery of giant natural gas fields off the coast of Israel and smaller deposits of oil, Israel can clearly be self sufficient in energy. 4. Once the arch Jew hater Obama is no longer president, a new Republican administration will be more open to public opinion in the US. A majority of Americans support Israel and will put pressure on the US government to weaken , if not totally abandon cooperation with a boycott. 5. A boycott sponsored by the UN will have a positive effect on the public image of Israel ,especially among American Jews. Israel will again be viewed as David vs Goliath (in the form of the totally corrupt , antisemitic UN.)

  16. The Jews have taken crap in the past & will continue to take it in the future because they allow it to happen.In this regard #1 Terry is 100% correct.Barak,that fat little porker with the round pig eyes runs back & forth.He is yelling “give me a treaty to sign,any treaty,saying anything,I don’t care what it says just let me sign”.In the last 30 years or so the Shtetl Jew started raising his head in Israel.Whimpering in fear & going into their victimhood routine.Shtetl Jews afraid of everything,especially fearful of talking back to Europe.In the event of this UN business happening Israel should annex the larger part of Judea & Samaria & let the Arabs rot in the area they have left.Squeeze them till they start to leave for other lands.Israel is not a weak state like it was in 1954,exporting oranges & figs for a livelyhood.Today Israel is a leader in cutting edge technology,Israeli products are much sought after by other nations.Israel is a regional power with one of the worlds best militaries.Under the circumstances how will the UN enforce their edict?Who will attack Israel,France?England? NATO?Not a chance, these cockamamie armies can’t even handle Gaddafi in Libya,how are they going to take on the IDF?.Will they impose sanctions?Sanctions can easily be circumvented;Iran has sanctions imposed on it & gets what it wants thru all sorts of dodges & 3rd party deals.Germany & India are doing big business with Iran;they don’t give a damn about the UN sanctions!Israel can do likewise.

  17. The Palestinian effort to declare statehood via the United Nations General Assembly presents many issues for Israel and the overall peace process. Additionally, it may be setting a precedent that goes against the norms of international law. Alan Baker addresses these topics and others in his most recent article: “The Palestinian UN Gamble – Irresponsible and Ill-Advised.”
    Find it here:

  18. If the US backs a UN resolution like this, they will be placing a UN decision above any treaty or law they have instituted against Israel, ceding US sovereignty to the new world government. This will not happen. The VAST majority of Americans strongly support Israel. They know that “first comes Saturday, then comes Sunday”.

    Caroline Glick is right. Obama is weak. Now is the time to PUSH BACK! Besides, Israel has gas, oil and lots of things that the world cannot do without and can’t invent themselves. If they insist on sanctions, don’t sell to them. Let’s find new allies like India and sell only to them.

  19. “Presents” to heads of states and UN delegations should be distributed. Three-dimensional models of the topographical features of the region should be prepared. One should never presume that even the “elites” are aware of the facts on the ground. Words are the bread and butter of diplomacy, but pictures – in this case, a three-dimensional model – will do far more than 1 million words.

    Creative use of Pixar-like 3-D technology, properly prepared and distributed should be funded. Here, historical as well as topographical information can be meshed. Nothing nuanced, please. Should “governments” be unwilling to consider such information by reviewing it and responding to it positively, then the material should be broadcast to their populations – including the Arab and Muslim nations. Yes, go directly to their people. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. No one should be able to say, “We did not know!”

    The key is the minimization of words and the maximization of pictures. Whatever words are used, they should be contextualized by pictures.

    “We shall not go quietly into that good night for your convenience!” This is the theme and perhaps the title of such a production.

  20. The international community is feckless in this matter. The only thing that can prevent precipitous one-sided decisions is the clear understanding that without security arrangements acceptable to Israel, the UN will be responsible for war that will lead inexorably to the use of atomic weapons. Do they wish to live in a world that they have helped pollute and destroy quite directly? Do they wish to expose their children to the effects of radiation? Is it not enough that we are already going to suffer negative effects from Fukushima Japan. Do they wish to increase the possibility of such preventable consequences – consequences that can be so easily foreseen and avoided?

  21. Who does a bully like to pick on? Someone who doesn’t fight back. We make ourselves the victim because we act out of fear. The bullies smell blood, they attack us even more. We apologize, we explain, we try to sound ”reasonable” – but the forces against us are not interested in rational arguments nor in any idea of ”fairness” …….
    What kind of fool apologizes for being alive?
    If we’re tough, there won’t be any sanctions. And, I mean really tough. And blunt. Stop babbling about ”peace” –