Iranian official lays out attack plan to destroy Israel in nine minutes


An Iranian official closely tied to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has released a detailed plan to attack Israel, according to a Middle East media monitoring site.

Alireza Forghani, an Iranian politician and staunch ally of the regime, recently released an article titled, “Iran Must Attack Israel by 2014,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The article comes amid an ongoing media debate about whether the Iranian regime’s rhetoric against Israel is as homicidal as some claim. Forghani’s article offers definitive proof that Iran is determined to annihilate the Jewish state.

While some in the American media would downplay the regime’s murderous language, observers on Capitol Hill are viewing Iran with growing alarm.

“When the outrageous rhetoric from Ahmadinejad and people like Forghani is coupled with the capability, with nuclear weapons, to actually destroy the Jewish State of Israel, we can’t afford to dismiss what they are repeatedly telling the world,” said a Capitol Hill aide who tracks Iran. “The Hill is taking the threat from Iran very seriously.”

Forghani’s recent article reads like a blueprint for the destruction of Israel. In it, he “claims that Tehran is capable of annihilating Israel within less than nine minutes using its arsenal of missiles and by deploying operational combat units throughout the world,” MEMRI writes.

Forghani ideologically roots his essay in Khamenei’s extremist interpretation of Islam, arguing that Muslims are obligated to attack Israel for it’s so-called occupation of Palestinian lands.

He advocates for a two-stage attack, the first of which would focus on Israel’s most densely populated areas, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. Forghani states that Iran could use its medium-range Shahab-3 missiles to annihilate these cities, which are home to around 60 percent of Israel’s population.

During the second phase of the attack, Iran could use its solid-fueled Sejil missiles to destroy Israeli power plants, sewage treatment facilities, and transportation infrastructure, among other sites, according to the essay, which was translated into English by MEMRI.

The ultimate goal, according to Forghani: The “final annihilation of Israel’s people.”

“It would seem that the article, whose publication coincided with statements by [Ayatollah] Khamenei, in his Friday speech of February 3, about the need to wipe out the ‘cancerous growth’ of Israel, is the regime’s response to recent statements by Israeli leaders regarding the necessity of attacking Iran,” MEMRI writes in its analysis of Forghani’s essay. “While Forghani, who notes that his article expresses his own views and not necessarily those of the regime, states that Iran must take it upon itself to annihilate Israel, Khamenei has avoided pitting Iran as an active combatant against Israel, keeping his country in a supportive role of assisting other forces against Israel.”


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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. I wonder if Russia in the face of Putin, Lavrov & others will react to this Iranian plan or they will continue to acuse Israel in forcing the tension in Middle East.

  2. Iran wont have time to fart when, and i totally support them, Israel hit them for a six at some time of some day soon. Israel have every right with the threats Iran has been spinning. After all in my eyes it will be many muzzies gone from this world we wont have to face across weapon sights in the near future when the muzzie/Real Civilization War starts.

  3. The US plans to attack Iran with blindfolded, unarmed former embassy staffers. The State Department has had trouble finding volunteers. Israel plans nothing; they are screwed.

  4. After all of the Israeli and American threats against Iran we should expect these counter threats in kind.

    Most people in Iran do not believe our threats and live their lives quite normally with no apparent fear of an Israeli attack. Israel has yelled wolf so long and so often that we are not taken seriously by the man in the street The leadership has not be cowed by our threats and continue with speed to reach their nuclear objectives.

    If you are going to shoot, then shoot don’t threaten as Israel has for the past 10 years or so.

    While I too believe the Iranian regime would like to do us,I also believe while they may be fanatics, I don’t think they are suicidal. Tehran alone has some 17-20 million Iranians. I do believe they would fight to the last Lebanese & Hezbollah, Syrian and Palestinian. Iran fought a bloody long war with Iraq under Saddam and didn’t give an inch while incurring over a million losses.

    What few are considering is that Iran has purchased or bartered for off the shelf nuclear weapons from the likes of Pakistan, N. Korea and some of the former FSR, like the Ukraine.

    I also find their apparent openness in mastering the nuclear weapons cycle as opposed to a secret one like India, Pakistan and N. Korea CURIOUS.

    Why is their program largely out in the open as opposed to being developed clandestinely? A secret project would have allowed them to avoid sanctions and all the negatives.

    What if their program is a big bluff or failure and they want to be attacked to cover it up and save the regime? They could blame it on Israel and or America.

  5. By 2014? The Talmud enjoins us to wake up earlier (2012) and kill Iran first. That’s the Jewish way. It worked in 1967 and it will work again in 2012. The trick is the “wake up” part. Time to WAKE UP!