Is another holocaust coming?

How the mass media now promotes the same lies that caused the death of more than 5 million Jews in WWII

By Francisco Gil-White, Historical and Investigative Research

Genocides don’t just happen. The killers must think they kill in self defense. Which is to say that the victims of an extermination must first be perceived as a mortal danger. For this, a propaganda campaign will be necessary. The propaganda that got between 5 and 6 million Jews exterminated in WWII went by the name Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion. This series documents that this propaganda is once again being energetically spread by the Western mass media, just as it was in the prelude to WWII.

The next Catastrophe looms…

Short Preface

How likely is a great anti-Jewish slaughter in the twenty-first century?

To answer this question is to make a forecast. Any kind of forecast requires the person making the prediction to evaluate patterns in the past in order to guess about the future. Thus, in order to get a feel for the likelihood of an anti-Jewish slaughter in the twenty-first century we examine the past to see whether such an event would be surprising, or else normal. As it turns out, it would be perfectly normal. For 2000 years in the Western world it has been more common than not for a century to contain at least one great anti-Jewish bloodletting. Unless otherwise specified, the items in the following list — which is not complete, but which will suffice to make my point — are culled from James Carroll’s history of Western antisemitism, entitled Constantine’s Sword:


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  1. I think there a good possiblity Israel will vanish some day in a matter of hours – from ordinary high tech weapons – something new and improved perhaps.
    More like a Flashcaust -wil be over before it can be reported.

  2. Of coarse there is another holocaust of the Jews in the works. The final solution. However I do believe that at the 11th hour it will be thwarted somehow…but how many more are going to have to die before that happens?

  3. DavidBenAriel says:
    September 5, 2010 at 1:02 am

    2,000,000 to 4,000,000
    Source: Cited by Yehuda Bauer

    Bauer is a favorite source of (no less than) convicted Holocaust denier and Hamas and Hizballah advocate, David Irving.

    But you are consistent, David Hoover. All of your sources, whether on Judaism, christianity, history and now specifically the holocaust, stink. What’s that smell?…

  4. Yamit:

    …Scotsmen in skirts dancing with each other…

    Usually there are nasty swords placed on the ground so that the dancers have to dance very carefully. Nuanced dancing if you like. Adds a little spice to the dancing.

    These are the guys they called “The Ladies from Hell” in the beer-gardens in Germany after the war… And that was when they WEREN’T armed…

  5. I would put the figure close to 7 million and can document it. The six is based on the Nazis own records and none else, the 7 million figure stems from murders not documented those killed by your Christian friends and relatives having fun on their own or just happy Nazi helpers.

  6. 2,000,000 to 4,000,000
    Source: Cited by Yehuda Bauer in 1982 in his book, A History of the Holocaust. However, by 1989 Bauer revised his figure to 1,600,000. 1,600,000
    Source: This is a 1989 revision by Yehuda Bauer of his earlier figure in 1982 of 2,000,000 to 4,000,000, Bauer cited this new figure on September 22, 1989 in The Jerusalem Post, at which time he wrote “The larger figures have been dismissed for years, except that it hasn’t reached the public yet.”

    Mr. Bauer lived at Kibbutz Shoval when I was a volunteer there years ago. I had asked him about the infamous quote from Benjamin Franklin against Jews. He said it was spurious, although he added Benjamin Franklin was not a “friend of the Jews.”

    Yehuda Bauer is simply one of many who know the six million figure is a BIG LIE. I would hope that a professing Christian magazine would be interested in the plain truth and dare to share it – not propaganda.

  7. Why is the world different now? Yamit – you’re sitting on top of it right now. It’s called Dimona.

    Right the top of it? More like we have a mega bulls-eye painted over us. I guess that’s sort of like sitting on top of it.

    Check out the clips I posted there is a scene of Scotsmen in skirts dancing with each other. Maybe you might recognize some of them? 🙂

  8. …they will have to document why the world is now different.

    This is a burden they cannot meet.

    Why is the world different now? Yamit – you’re sitting on top of it right now. It’s called Dimona.

  9. Jews have always existed in perpetual denial. One might think that after 3000 years some would have learned a thing or two?