Is Obama re-electable or should I say , “defeatable”

By Ted Belman

And how will He do this year?

Posted by Fairfacts Media On January – 25 – 2011

The ObamaMessiah is preparing to deliver the State of the Union Speech.

Apparantly, a focus on jobs and the economy is promised. Just like it was last year!

So how has he fared? Especially when we consider there has been two years of ‘Hope and Change?”

As Gateway Pundit says: Gee. Let’s look and see…

The 111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined: $10,429 Per Person in U.S.

It was historic.
Barack Obama
tripled the national deficit in one year. When Speaker Pelosi took over Congress the national deficit was $162 billion. When she exited in 2011 as Speaker it was at $1.29 Trillion dollars.
Obama topped a trillion dollars his second year, too.

Spending was up 84% under Obama.

That’s not all…
Barack Obama is the
worst jobs president since the Great Depression and possibly the worst jobs president in US history.

It’s really no surprise then that only 42% of Americans want to see Obama re-elected.

Look for the media to hide all of these facts from you this week as Obama gets in front of the American public and calls for more spending on Tuesday.

Indeed, only 28% of Americans believe Obama has the same priorities they do!!

No wonder his media fan club would much rather smear Sarah Palin !!!

Paul Kengor, writing in American Thinker, thinks Obama Will Cruise to Reelection. That;s because he has a loyal base which keeps his approval above 40% no matter how Obama screws up.

FrontPageMag in an article State of the Usual, takes a dim view of the SOTU.

    The president declared that America needs to reinvent itself, but then proceeded to say that the only conduit for such a rebirth is the federal government. The only way to kick start our economy, Obama declared, was to take taxpayer dollars and use them to seed a “green economy” and to hire more teachers who will train future generations. It was a rather remarkable message, given the mood of the nation. It’s as if Barack Obama is congenitally unable to comprehend the basic argument that is at the heart of economic discussions in the United States today: is the government better equipped to create prosperity than the free enterprise system? This is, of course, a more subtle argument than a simple declaration or “choosing of sides”. There is an ideal balance between governmental authorities ensuring that a level playing field actually exists, and the environment of freedom of thought and innovation in which entrepreneurs make the most of such autonomy.

    Obama is perfectly willing to tip his hat in the direction of American entrepreneurs, so long as those businessmen and businesswomen aren’t too successful. The president praised small businesses and acknowledged their role as job creators. But, at the same time, Obama stuck to the progressive playbook, declaring that “big oil companies” and insurance companies were the enemy and deserved to be punished. In the president’s world, there is nothing wrong with a ma and pa enterprise making a twenty per cent return on a one million dollar investment. But, if a large oil company realizes a five per cent return on a one hundred billion dollar investment, there’s something terribly wrong in the world. The term “economy of scale” – which is so prevalent in the business world – seems to be a matter of mystery in the public sector.

    Far from being a message of the kind of “hope” that Obama trademarked in 2008, this state of the union address was little more than an exercise in mouthing tired, discredited platitudes. The economy isn’t going to rebound as a result of how many unneeded solar panels some guy in Pennsylvania is able to produce. Meaningful deficit reduction cannot happen until the imbalances that define the Medicare and Social Security are addressed. If the nation in going to move forward together, much less as one, we’ve got some tough policy decisions to make.

Yet according to CNN Poll: More than half of speech watchers have very positive reaction

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  1. George H. W. Bush had an approval rating of 80% in 1991, then lost the election in 1992. I’ll make my predictions after the votes have been counted — and recounted — and the winner takes the oath of office.

  2. Yet according to CNN Poll: More than half of speech watchers have very positive reaction

    Most of those watching were probably predisposed to favoring Obama.