This will clip the wings of Peace Now

Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann’s new proposal to limit eligibility to petition the High Court of Justice has expectedly riled various parties within the judicial system and politicians who claim such a move would weaken those who fight corruption. But other legal experts say the bold change would allow the court to better its treatment of ordinary citizen petitioners.

Retired Judges Slam Justice Minister
In conference dealing with ties between judicial system, political establishment, former Supreme Court Justices Cheshin, Dorner, Zamir say Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann caused much damage in six months in office. Friedmann’s aides say ‘he has revived the system’.

Friedmann’s proposal may reinstate the policy which only allows parties directly affected by the matter at hand to petition the court, effectively neutralizing the numerous non-profit organizations that petition the court on various matters.

August 25, 2007 | Comments Off on This will clip the wings of Peace Now

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