Israel and the US are financing a terrorist organization

Israel Joins the ‘Axis of Evil’ by David Bedein writes

[..] Pinchas Inbari, the only Israeli correspondent covering the PLO in Tunis at the time, writing for the Israeli left-wing newspaper Al HaMishmar, broke the story of the PLO non-ratification of the DOP. The rest of the Israeli media, however, did not report that the PLO never ratified the accord, while the Israeli government acted as if the PLO had done so.

Yet, since the PLO did not ratify the Oslo accord nor renounce terrorism, the PLO and Fatah were not stricken from Israeli law as terrorist entities.

The other concrete commitment made by the PLO in Oslo was that it would officially cancel the PLO Covenant, which calls for Israel’s destruction. On two occasions, the Palestinian National. Council gathered to discuss the PLO Covenant – on April 24, 1996 and on December 14, 1998. On neither occasion did the PNC cancel the PLO Covenant.

However, the government of Israel, facilitating the spin of the Oslo peace process, has consistently acted as if the PLO ratified the DOP and canceled the PLO Covenant.

Over the coming week, the Palestine National Council, the PNC, once again convenes. This reporter posed a formal question to the Israeli government asking if it will demand that the PNC finally ratify the DOP and cancel the PLO Covenant. The Israeli government spokespeople would not answer. PLO spokespeople, however, made it clear that the PLO is not being asked by Israel to ratify the DOP or to cancel the PLO covenant.

The PLO, therefore, remains a terrorist entity. This means that, by its decision to arm Fatah, the government of Israel has become an official sponsor of a terrorist entity.

While the Bush Administration concurs with Israeli support of Fatah, lawmakers of the US Congress may yet define Israel as an official sponsor of a terrorist entity. The March 2002 US government designation of Fatah’s Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades as a terrorist organization has not changed. Under US law, any government that aids and abets an organization defined as a terrorist entity will forfeit US foreign aid assistance, which must be approved by the US Congress.

In other words, the Israeli government, in a move to placate the US administration, may undermine its own base of support with lawmakers of the US Congress.

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  1. Fortunately we know Israel’s God has the final say:
    Ezek 13:10-16
    “‘Because they lead my people astray, saying, “Peace,” when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash, 11 therefore tell those who cover it with whitewash that it is going to fall. Rain will come in torrents, and I will send hailstones hurtling down, and violent winds will burst forth. 12 When the wall collapses, will people not ask you, “Where is the whitewash you covered it with?”

    13 “‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: In my wrath I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones and torrents of rain will fall with destructive fury. 14 I will tear down the wall you have covered with whitewash and will level it to the ground so that its foundation will be laid bare. When it falls, you will be destroyed in it; and you will know that I am the LORD. 15 So I will spend my wrath against the wall and against those who covered it with whitewash. I will say to you, “The wall is gone and so are those who whitewashed it, 16 those prophets of Israel who prophesied to Jerusalem and saw visions of peace for her when there was no peace, declares the Sovereign LORD.” ‘ NIV

    Note that the Lord repeats himself, saying twice how he is going to bring down the wall and the whitewashers. That’s his style, he repeats himself to really drive home a point. Sometimes he repeats something in a different way, using another analogy, but he never ever contradicts himself.

    Fortunately he has in his GRACE also built in a BUT in his dealings with man and Israel: “… if you repent and turn to me and my ways, I will spare you!”

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