Israel is the only one who can take on Iran

By Jerry Gordon, Iconoclast

This Iran nuclear  attack scenario by US and Israeli Gens.  James Cartwright and Amos Yadlin is up on The Atlantic website, Israeli or U.S. Action Against Iran: Who Will Do It If It Must Be Done? .

It looks pretty much like the Institute  for National Security Studies  (INSS) scenario played out last year at Tel Aviv U, the results of which  indicated that Israel could survive a three day assault on Iran’s nuclear program, despite retaliation from Iran and Proxy Hezbollah that might set back the nuclear clock by three years. See our December 2012 NER article  for a discussion about the INSS, here. 

The bottom line. Israel is the only one who can undertake this.  As to whether a conventional strike is the way to go is another matter.  I have made my assessment innumerable times over the last several years.  Israel has enough non-conventional and conventional options to undertake this mission without US involvement. The Obama Administration is unwilling to undertake one because it might upset the Muslim ummah. Better to have the blame left at the dorrstep of those pesky unloved Jews beavering away in the Zahal pits in Tel Aviv.  Israel has only ‘en brera’, one option, and they are letting anyone in on what is planned.  Saeed Jalili, the ‘leading candidate’ in the June 14th Presidential elections in Iran is the hard line conservative nuclear program negotiator who has fobbed off the P5+1 negotiators. He has let it be known that the upcoming election will not deter Iran from obtaining its nuclear capability. As we have written, the nuclear clock is racing ahead.

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. two-thirds of the Ummah hates Shia Iran.

    The USA should not be fobbing this off totally on Israel

  2. Rock throwing is, in some respects, harder to stop than Iran. Israel can, and will, reduce Iran’s nuclear capability. @ NormanF:

  3. BS.

    Netanyahu can’t even stop Arab rock-throwing at home! Don’t expect him to be able to handle the nuclear threat emanating from Iran.