Israel must destroy Hamas now

I was just advised by a military man.

Let me add one critical factor to the discussion. Iran is currently transferring to to Hamas more capable missile guidance. Future Hamas rockets will be guided by GPS and have the ability for evasive trajectories. Thus, the hypothetical Israeli casualties that were avoided by Israel’s employment of Iron Dome will become actual Israeli casualties in the future engagement. This is why Hamas looks forward to an eventual truce during which they will reorganize.

in other words, our technological advantage will disappear.

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  1. Israel needs to defeat Hamas in a completely comprehensive destructive manner. We have killed between 500 to 700 (700 per field commanders) jihad’s in Gaza to date. This is not enough. We need to kill most of the leadership including Meshal in Qatar.
    Obama and Kerry are desperate to stop shooting. That is the win for them. How it happens they do not care. If it hurts Israel strategically and security wise that does not matter to them. They are half-hearted friends of Israel. Unfortunately the Jews do not have a lot of friends to choose from.

    Even the far left Ha’aretz writes, the following: “Kerry Proposal Gives New Life to Muslim Brotherhood Alliance – Ari Shavit
    Very senior officials in Jerusalem described the proposal that Secretary of State John Kerry put on the table as a “strategic terrorist attack.” His decision to go hand in hand with Qatar and Turkey, and formulate a framework amazingly similar to the Hamas framework, was catastrophic. It put wind in the sails of Hamas’ political leader Khaled Meshal, allowed the Hamas extremists to overcome the Hamas moderates, and gave renewed life to the weakened regional alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

  2. IDF maintains highest moral standard than any other military known to mankind. What will happen if Israeli headship says “we cannot tolerate terrorists any more and if most countries of the world do not side with us to disarm terrorists, we will use all our might to completely annihilate them like any other countries of the world do in times of war without restraint?”

  3. yamit82 Said:

    BBC Breaking News ? @BBCBreaking

    Palestinian militant group Hamas declares Gaza ceasefire after Israel ended earlier truce amid rocket fire from Gaza


    yamit82 Said:


    yamit82 Said:


    Maybe Hamas is managed by a woman ????????

    You could use a nice relaxing bath in a tub of warm dark chocolate !!!!!!!!!!

  4. yamit82 Said:

    Qatar’s financing of Hamas

    Your kidding, Cowboy ????????? Where did you get that idea ???????? I bet you’re scared of scorpions and snakes.

  5. Netanyahu will fold if given half a chance.
    It is our collective right and responsibility to prevent that. Our soldiers lives have been squandered by the political generals and their civilian lieges for long enough.
    Destroy Hamas and all other enemies at the first sign of attack against us. Or before that happens.
    Notices have been published on that the “judicial system” hounds our fighters. Livni runs that gauntlet on behalf of Netanyahu. That must be stopped cold.

  6. There is no alternative.
    Destroy Hamas or repeat wars with them every two or three years. By which time their armaments and skills will have greatly increased.
    A truce (hudna) is not the answer.
    Only unconditional surrender will provide the peace that Israel so dearly longs for and deserves and for which our IDF soldiers have died.

    Mickey Oberman

  7. Obama calls Netanyahu, urges immediate, unconditional ceasefire
    In phone call to Netanyahu, Obama stresses need for ‘immediate’ Gaza cease-fire

    Obama told Netanyahu he wants a ceasefire “that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs.

    An immediate and unconditional ceasefire ending Israel’s assault on Hamas is a “clear strategic imperative” to Israel, US President Barack Obama told Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in a phone call on Sunday.

    While the conversation focused on the immediate concerns of the United States, the president also discussed the broader implications of the Gaza operation, Protective Edge, now over two weeks old and burdened with a mounting death toll, both within the Israel Defense Forces and the civilian population of Gaza.

    Obama told Netanyahu he wants a ceasefire “that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs, while strengthening the Palestinian Authority,” the White House said, in a readout of the call to reporters.

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  8. Like it or not, the only way to permanently destroy Hamas will be to nuke Gaza. It is that, or a second Shoah.