Israel Rejects Kerry’s Ceasefire Proposal – WANTS CHANGES

Cabinet unanimously votes to reject the ceasefire proposed by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

By Elad Benari, INN

Israel rejected U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza on Friday evening.

According to reports in the Israeli media, the Cabinet which met on the issue unanimously voted to reject the proposal.

“The security cabinet has unanimously rejected the ceasefire proposal of Kerry, as it stands,” Channel 1 News reported, adding that ministers would continue discussing it.

According to Channel 10 News, even though the ceasefire proposal was rejected, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would still prefer to avoid an extensive ground operation in Gaza at this time. 


Earlier on Friday, the London-based Al Hayat newspaper reported that Hamas had agreed to a five-day “humanitarian ceasefire” on terms suggested by Kerry.

Kerry’s proposal reportedly includes some of the unprecedented terms proposed by Hamas leaders, but not all. According to the daily, the truce would not see any terrorists released, despite Hamas’s demands.

An official involved in the negotiations for a ceasefire told The New York Times earlier Friday that Kerry has proposed a two-stage plan that would first impose a weeklong truce starting Sunday.

As soon as the truce took effect, Palestinian Authority and Israeli officials would begin negotiations on the principal economic, political and security concerns about Gaza, with other nations attending.

It was not clear if the final plan would be endorsed by Hamas, noted The New York Times.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal declared on Wednesday that Israel must accept his list of unprecedented conditions for a ceasefire in order for any truce to be declared.

(Arutz Sheva’s North American Desk is keeping you updated until the start of Shabbat in New York. The time posted automatically on all Arutz Sheva articles, however, is Israeli time.)

JPOST reports:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet has rejected proposals for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and is seeking changes to the plans, a government source said on Friday.


[..] Most Israelis apparently oppose a cease-fire and are in favor of continuing to strike at Hamas. Despite 32 dead soldiers, at this writing, the interruption of operations at Ben-Gurion International Airport for nearly two days, hundreds of missiles being launched against Tel Aviv and northern communities (and not just in the south), the severe blow to tourism and the general feeling of depression – ending the operation now, just like that, as though nothing has happened, is not an option. Many cabinet members share this opinion, including a number of ministers from Netanyahu’s party.

“A cease-fire would be premature,” said one. “If Bibi ends it now – he’s finished,” announced a second. “If the bottom line of the operation is that Hamas comes out ahead economically, and every time it wants to get something from the Egyptians, it fires at us – Israel can close up shop now,” was the opinion of a third, who added: “The entire Mideast is examining us closely. Any demonstration of weakness now will bring major disaster down upon us in the future.”

Despite the great political risk, all signs indicate that Netanyahu is trying to arrive at a cease-fire, although not immediately and not under just any conditions. He frequently consults with two of his cabinet ministers, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni. They sit together in the Prime Minister’s Bureau for hours. They are the moderate members of the deciding forum, and we can thus draw conclusions regarding Netanyahu’s intentions and preferences.

As for Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who is supposed to constitute a critical link in this chain – nada. He is excluded from these meetings. He shares his insights with the cabinet, when he bothers to attend. The premier and his foreign minister speak only when there is no alternative. Netanyahu is convinced that Lieberman’s supreme goal is not only to attack him from the rear today, but to oust him from the government tomorrow.

The increasing rapprochement between Netanyahu and Livni, reported here last week, continued more intensively this week. He often takes advantage of her experience and services. She is the only minister who (as foreign minister in Olmert’s government) was a signatory to two cease-fire agreements: those that ended both the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead.

Netanyahu, as head of the opposition at the time, didn’t have many good words for those agreements, which in fact didn’t hold water. But now, when U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and other foreign ministers, are regular visitors to his Jerusalem office, Netanyahu needs Livni at his side, for public relations reasons as well. In addition, the two usually see eye to eye when it comes to Hamas, not to mention on the matter of Wednesday’s scandalous and predictable decision of the UN Human Rights Council to establish a commission of inquiry to examine whether Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza.

Signs of softening

In a discussion held by Netanyahu at the end of last week, hours after the Israel Defense Forces crossed over and infiltrated the Gaza Strip, he admitted that Hamas wanted to drag Israel inside, and that he had had no choice but to order the entry of ground forces. If the cabinet decides in the coming days to expand the operation, which is already in effect a kind of war, it will be against the wishes of the prime minister, as strange as that sounds.

Netanyahu is the son of a historian. An expert at learning lessons from the troubles of others. He knows that since the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel has not experienced any glorious, acclaimed or triumphant military campaigns. There are no longer any happy wars.

The 1973 Yom Kippur War, which began with humiliation and ended with a tremendous military achievement, sent the government headed by the Alignment (forerunner of Labor) home. The first Lebanon war sent Prime Minister Menachem Begin home, sad and depressed. The first intifada hastened the end of the government of Yitzhak Shamir. The second intifada helped to crush what was left of the political career of Ehud Barak.

The late Ariel Sharon is the only one who, in the recent past, benefited publicly and politically from a military campaign – from Operation Defensive Shield, in 2002, which contributed substantially to eliminating suicide terrorism from the West Bank – only because he was seen as the figure who fixed the damage wrought by his predecessor.

Netanyahu’s chances of being badly damaged by this war episode, the first in his three terms as prime minister (if we don’t count the bloody events caused by the opening of the Western Wall tunnel in September 1996) are greater than his chances of achieving political gain from it.

The security calm in Israel during the past five-and-a-half years, a period during which Netanyahu has served without interruption as premier minister, was the self-awarded medal that he wore on his chest with great pride. Until recently the mantra of “the quietest year in terms of security since …” could be heard regularly from him and his spokespersons. And the fact is that one can’t take that away from him, even if the glory was not entirely his but belonged to some extent to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who despises terror and violence and instructs his security services to behave accordingly.

At a cabinet meeting earlier this week, one could hear in the premier’s voice the first signs of softening toward the PA president. Ministers who were present believe that Netanyahu is beginning to consider Abbas part of a possible solution, rather than part of the basic problem. Several of his interlocutors in the past week got the impression from him that he feels that a successful conclusion to Operation Protective Edge, as far as Israel is concerned, would help in the turning over of a new leaf vis-a-vis the PA, which is today playing a positive role in negotiations toward a cease-fire.

People who speak to him say that Netanyahu greatly appreciates the fact that the West Bank has been quiet for the most part since the beginning of the operation in Gaza, which is claiming hundreds of victims, most of them women and children and innocent men. He does not take this for granted. If former PA chairman Yasser Arafat were in power, Israel would today be in the midst of a third intifada.

On the 18th day of the campaign, Netanyahu still had the support of over 100 MKs and the vast majority of the public. When it’s all over, probably shortly before the Knesset’s long summer recess begins, he will be forced to confront a series of political and public challenges, including the question of why he was willing to call for a cease-fire in the midst of the aerial operation, before the booby-trapped tunnels had been properly dealt with. Cabinet ministers and others said this week that the full picture of what was going on happening underground along the Israel-Gaza border was never explained to them, in all its seriousness.

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  5. Israel extends Gaza truce until Sunday despite Hamas rocket fire

    Security Cabinet approved extension of ceasefire, (26 July 2014) until midnight; source claims Israel likely to extend ceasefire by additional day.

    An Israel official said that “As far as Israel is concerned, there is no reason to prevent Gaza’s people from stocking up on supplies, so long as the military can continue its work against the tunnels. Our war is not against the population,” he declined to be named.,7340,L-4550194,00.html

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  7. @ AbbaGuutuu:

    I knew that at 8:08PM when rockets were fired at Ashkelon and Ashdod. Already old news.

    This is the 4th time Hamas has broken ceasefires since hostilities began 3 weeks ago.

  8. “This was the first time since World War II that an anti-Semitic pogrom took place in France.
    Almost all French politicians adopt an attitude of appeasement toward the enemies of Israel and Jews. They act as if they did not see that the hate speech that France finances in the Middle East is now spreading throughout France itself.
    No major French television report speaks of Hamas’s genocidal Jew-hatred or of the use of Arab women and children as human shields. Criticizing radical Islam on public television is now almost impossible. Members of the Israeli government are never interviewed on French television.
    French politicians know that 70% of all the inmates in French prisons are Muslims, and that these prisons have been transformed into recruiting centers for jihadists.”
    Read more at:

  9. @ bernard ross:

    Hamas and Fatah trying to agitate for an intifada. Hamas is still strongest Palis element in Y&S. Fair elections they will be elected. Abbas army have till now contained them not so much for Israels benefit but for his own. Hamas will have his head anytime they decide to but they don’t want to rule up front but control any government in power like with Hezbollah in Lebanon. That’s their model politically and militarily.

    The saudis have just now offered Hamas many billions for reconstruction competing with Qatar. The weaker they appear to be Hamas will demand and get more financial support from EU, USA, Qatar and the Saudis. As long as the leadership political and military are left standing they will have won and will like any good Mafia Family Don colect and reap the rewards they seek.

    It’s said the Hamas lweadership has stashed away in safe baks 2,5 billion between them and the Political leadership of Hamas in Qatar and other places are living like Kings.

    Israels problem with Hamas is like the difference between killing a snake and a scorpion. Unlike a snake if you go for the head a scorpion will get you by its tail.

    Why is Kerry involved? Who asked him to come and interfere?

    Who has an interest in seeing Israel continue to be under threat and who has an interest to save Hamas?

    There is obviously many double games be played out and Kerry is being called here in Israel by our politicians and media talking heads as stupid and duplicitous.

    After being showed up as the fool he is he ran to the EU and notice who is not part of his group of concerned and interested parties. Egypt, PA, Israel and Hamas.

    I guess he feels safer with ass kissers in Europe.

    Note: How this ends will impact on how all the other Islamic Jihadists around us view Israel and their chances against us in the future.

  10. bernard ross Said:

    Israeli ministers unanimously reject Kerry proposal, and government sources say it leans heavily toward Hamas, wouldn’t enable Israel to keep tackling Hamas tunnels

    Qatar is a family business with a seat in the UN

    “The Army Radio report highlighted that the: US on Monday signed an $11 billion arms deal with Qatar, and noted that Qatar is championing Hamas’s demands in the ceasefire negotiations, and is also alleged by Israel to be financing Hamas’s rocket production, tunnel digging infrastructure, and other elements of its military infrastructure. The radio report also claimed that Ban Ki-moon “is flying around the region on a Qatari plane.””

    U.S. signs agreement for $11 billion arms sale to Qatar

    Reuters) – The United States signed an agreement with Qatar on Monday to sell the Gulf Arab ally Apache attack helicopters and Patriot and Javelin air-defense systems valued at $11 billion.
    (America Still denies Israel same Weapon systems and platforms)

    “Today’s signing ceremony underscores the strong partnership between the United States and Qatar in the area of security and defense and will help improve our bilateral cooperation across a range of military operations,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement.

    The agreement was signed at the Pentagon by U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Qatar’s defense minister, Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah.

    It was the biggest U.S. arms sale so far this year, according to media reports.

    **** Interesting considering that Qatar has no Army. It has a population of some 250,000 citizens.

    Hagel visited Qatar in December when he and al-Attiyah signed a 10-year Defense Cooperation Agreement to govern interaction between U.S. and Qatari forces and enable the continued assignment of American troops to installations in the area, including the Combined Air Operations Center at Al Udeid Air Base.

    “This is a critically important relationship in the region,” said Kirby. “And the secretary is pleased to be able to continue to make it stronger.”

    Qatar is holding for a year five Taliban prisoners released from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in exchange for U.S. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl
    , who had been held captive in Afghanistan.

    Qatar is the Real enemy and the question is who is the real string puller Qatar or the USA? Hamas is basically a state sponsored Terrorist organization who could not exist without such massive support.

    Qatar has a population of some 250,000 Qataris, no Army, and a lot of Million to spead around. By giving America 2 enormous bases in Qatar they have bought a major survival insurance policy. Qatar on the other hand is a MB state via it’s laws, education and support of the most radical forms of Islam. They are a major supporter-of MB ISIS and others.

    Who is calling the tunes Qatar or America??

    The Saudis/ Qatar rift due largely to Qatari actions and support of MB and ISIS is viewed by the Saudis as an existential threat against them. The deterioration in Saudi-Qatari relations threatens the viability of the GCC and implies a realignment of alliances in the Persian Gulf.

    According to Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the head of the Saudi intelligence agency. According to him, Qatar is ‘nothing but 300 people and a TV channel’.

  11. @ bernard ross: Not working Iron Dome, really? Expert is drinking too much of something! There would be a lot of dead people in Israel if it was not really greatly reducing damage and limiting deaths. More deaths in Israel by car accidents than rockets because of Iron Dome.

  12. Is it possible to have truce with a terrorist organization (Hamas) that wants to destroy Israel?
    Have those who have been trying to bring a so called truce between Israel and a terrorist organization/Hamas, who does not recognize the existence of Israel/Jews
    lost their minds? It appears that way!
    When will they come out of self deceit to face the reality
    as it s totally impossible to have reconciliation between a fire and water.

    If the report on this website is true, Israel should be commended for not accepting the so called truce with terrorist Hamas. That is what is expected of a sovereign and self respecting country that puts its people’s interests first.

  13. wonderful, perhaps obama kerry showboating caused hamas to beleive they can get more thus causing them to take more hits from the IDF and extending their punishment