Israel struck nine Syrian targets in response to boy’s death, and a boost for the rebel bid for Quneitra

DEBKAfile Special Report June 23, 2014, 3:36 AM (IDT)

Israel carried out nine strikes against Syrian military targets after midnight Monday, June 23, in retaliation for the Kornet rocket attack which killed an Israeli boy and injured two others a few hours earlier. They were conducted by air strikes and Spike NLOS anti-tank missiles (Tamuz), against Syrian firing positions, its 90th Brigade command center in Quneitra and three battalions.

The IDF Spokesman called the strikes a direct response to ongoing cross-border aggression which culminated in Sunday’s deadly missile attack.

The deadly rocket attack was fired from a Syrian army position in the village of Ahmadiyeh outside the Golan town of Quneitra. It hit truck in which Muhammad Karaka, 12, from the Galilee village of Arraba and his father Fahmi, a defense ministry contractor working on the Golan border fence at Tel Hazaka, were sitting. The boy was killed and his father and a worker injured.

The IDF said: “We identified precise hits on the targets,” following “the gravest provocation which followed a series of terrorist attacks in recent months against Israel military positions in the border region in general and this area in particular.”

DEBKAfile’s military sources add: Israel took the opportunity for action that would break the standoff in the two-month battle for Quneitra between Syrian rebel and army forces. The Syrian army’s 90th Brigade has been defending the town against a rebel assault, reinforced by units trained and armed in Jordan by American instructors.
Last week rebel forces managed to overcome the Assad army’s main position holding the southern Syrian Deraa-Tel Jum’a line. They are expected now to take advantage of the weakening of the 90th Brigade by for a major push to win Quneitra. Israel almost certainly checked with the US command center near Amman and the Jordanian army before staging the multiple attack.

Our sources add that a small Hizballah advance unit was attached to the Syrian Quneitra unit..

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Reports like this lend credence to otherwise incredulous conspiracy hypothesizers who prattle on about “Illuminati” and “New World Order” activities. Could be they’re on to something. From top to bottom, the Israeli political, judicial, military, and intelligence echelons do seem to cooperate with our most vicious enemies. Yet, I personally think that there’s still a cadre of straight-thinking, clear-minded realists waiting for their opportunity to step forward and set things aright. Whoever you are, please do assert yourselves as soon as possible.

  2. Hi Ted,
    you should really think twice before posting Debka articles. I think they have a tendency to manufacture theories and story lines to create a more “sophisticated” headline.I hardly believe anything they say. You shouldn’t either.

    I agree with Shmuel’s comments. I would add that the IDF higher echelons are proving to the entire world that they’re useless. Every single enemy of Israel must fell good today knowing that Israel is incapable and unable to do anything to them. And if you don’t believe me, just ask the leadership of Hamas. Days after Bibi announced he has proof that Hamas was behind this kidnapping, Hamas is still untouched in Gaza. Israel has so far arrested 300 people, all for show, and have gotten back zero info on the kidnapped kids. The Palestinians openly hinder the Israelis in the pursuit of the hostages with the certainty they will suffer no consequences. Their lives go on as if nothing has happened.
    Useless leadership in government and at the IDF. Scary.
    Sadly, the IDF will not find these boys. Our best hope now is, if they’re still alive, to exchange them for all those Palestinians we’re now arresting.

  3. Half cocked BS as usual.
    As to the children. I dread of what the results of the “search” will be. No sane person can possibly accept that the repugnant rose beetle on a string styled gyrations are true tools to retrieve the kids.
    Electricity, water and fuels flow FREE to this moment to our mortal enemies. All other services are also given them. The lying aggregate posturing may blind others, now us.
    They are disgraces who already betrayed us to Iran and now also again to others.