Israel Under Fire – Anatomy of a UN Crime against Humanity

E. Rowell:  The WHO has written into its new plans a BDS program against the State of Israel. Think about what that would mean if the WHO gets the power over all countries of the world, and uses BDS against Israel.  In addition, the WHO ran the hospitals in Gaza that sheltered the Hamas murderers.  The director of the WHO, Tedros, is a former Maoist terrorist from Ethiopia with no medical credentials.  He is on Team CCP.

By Prof. Anne Bayefsky, JCPA    29 May 2024

UN Secretariat Headquarters (UN Photo/Manuel Elias)

Executive Summary

War for Palestinian Arabs and Arab and Islamic states that reject coexistence with Jews and the Jewish state has long had two phases. The first is the physical annihilation of Jews. The second is commandeering the United Nations to deny the Jewish state the right to defend itself and to enable repeats of the first phase until their goal is accomplished. The UN is the central vehicle for hijacking and perverting international “law” and the principles of universal “human rights” in the service of warfare and antisemitism.

This scheme did not emerge for the first time after October 7, 2023. The overall endeavor to eradicate the Jewish state and reverse the General Assembly vote to approve its creation on November 29, 1947, has been in operation for 75 years. At the same time, the post–October 7 onslaught is different in speed, intensity, and reach. We are witnessing the frightening and predictable pathogenesis of phase 2. For more than half a century, the United Nations and its international appendages have become engorged with a terrible—and lethal—combination of antisemitism, wealth, and global influence. Today, we bear witness to the perversion of law and human rights in the cause of the destruction of Jews and the Jewish state.

Events of October 7 and thereafter make the inextricable links between the United Nations and fatal antisemitism painfully clear.  Physical proof shows that UN facilities were connected to Palestinian terrorist infrastructure and that UN employees were physically engaged in atrocity crimes. The UN moved immediately to deny Israel the right to defend itself. It excused, justified, and blamed the Jewish victims. It obstructed and prevented condemnation. It fostered indifference. It pushed discrimination. It denied the crimes. It refused to call out the events as antisemitism. It subverted legal principles to promote more terror and to create impediments to the release of the hostages. It redirected humanity’s moral compass. It equated a lawless terror organization with a democratic society governed by the rule of law. It flipped the script between victim and perpetrator, attacked and attacker, right and wrong. It removed Israeli suffering from the scales of justice. It harnessed the velocity of the Palestinian attacks to mount a legal and political onslaught at breakneck speed.

It made no difference what Israel did afterward, short of self-immolation.

So here we are. Jews are still in captivity, tortured, raped, and starved. BDS is on steroids. The criminalization of Jewish self-defense and Jewish self-determination is underway.

We are witnessing a United Nations crime against humanity.

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