Israeli start-up turns your email into a phone

By Nicky Blackburn, ISRAEL 21c

Phoning from your email? Elad Hemar admits that at first it sounds ludicrous. But this is exactly the service Yoomba, the Israeli company Hemar cofounded and launched just a few weeks ago, has developed.

Subscribers who use the Yoomba online service can make web-based calls or instant-message anyone with an email address. It doesn’t matter if the user is a member of Skype, or Yahoo, or Google, all you need is an email address and a telephone headset. The service is easy to use, and free, whether you’re calling your neighbor or your Aunt Gladys in Australia. Missed calls go to voicemail.

“It won’t be long before you hear people saying ‘Give me a call on my email’,” says 36-year-old CEO Hemar. “If you Yoomba enable your email, it becomes like a phone number. You don’t have to register a new identity, or learn new applications. The software works in Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Google. You just click a button and make the call to anyone, even if they don’t have Yoomba software. It’s as simple as sending an email.”

September 3, 2007 | Comments Off on Israeli start-up turns your email into a phone

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