Israel’s Deep State

At the top of the pyramid sit the Attorney General and the High Court, now openly stating their vested interests. 

By Leonie Ben-Simon, INN     Sep 14, 2023, 

We hear much talk about the Deep State in the United States. And now we are hearing about it in Israel. But what does this mean?

A Deep State is a hidden organization manipulating a democratic state regardless of what the voters in that state have chosen. On the Deep State level, small and large networks of power operate independently of a state’s political leadership in pursuit of their own agenda and goals with ideological objectives different to those of the elected government. Occasionally some of the government leadership is involved.

We see Deep State operations openly in Africa with coup d’état takeovers, and we heard about it in the United States, particularly when President Trump was in power and tried to change the way things were run The Deep State is a force manipulating the way a country functions and not necessarily according to law. Past decisions have been made in Israel regarding agreements with neighboring countries behind the scenes as well as territorial concessions, and included involvement of the United States backing these agreements, even when they subverted what the voters wanted and what they expected.

This is a set-up that has been in existence for a long, long time. It started with the bureaucracy of entrenched civil servants who had been used to following the instructions of leftist governments and agreed with them, then to the upper levels of those who used to run the government, then to the leaders of the Police and the IDF. They have all been used to playing one tune.

At the top of the pyramid sits the Attorney General and the High Court, now openly stating their vested interests. They are given bold voice by former Prime Minister Ehud Barak in cohort with most of the media who organize demonstrations. The leftist mobs who lost the last election follow them all with a herd mentality, with overseas monies and the Israeli elite funding it all.

If anything could be anti-democratic, this would be it. The Deep State has long and established tentacles extending to both local and foreign countries bringing important names into the picture, heads of other states and professors who support their agenda together Jewish organizations in other countries. Funding from overseas is supporting yesterday’s agenda. All this is happening while the man in the street in Israel who voted for this government believes in the democratic process.

Strong Coalition Knesset members are being called out by most of the media for anything and everything they decide, while at the same time the Deep State has sprung into action threatening financial ruin of the country, mobilizing demonstrations, and trying to weaken the ability of the IDF. Now it is apparent what the composition of the civil service and the elite parts of the IDF has been skewed towards the Leftist elite in employment practices for too many years.. No wonder our enemies are laughing in glee.

It must be understood that the demographic makeup of Israel is now not anymore that from the days of Ben Gurion. Tradition is part and parcel of the life of the majority of Israelis, going back to the nineteen fifties and sixties when Middle Eastern Jews arrived. No amount of brainwashing and secular education has changed this growing sector, which now represents over fifty percent of Israelis. Together with the Haredi and Religious Zionist sectors they overshadow the secular and are trying to regain power, through a Deep State arrangement that has now come out into the open, using the force of demonstrations and questionable legal arguments from the Attorney General and the High Court.

Their threats of another election are real; however, they have forgotten one important matter: Every single year a huge number of eighteen-year-olds attain voting age. They are the voters who will determine the results of the next election. What sector do they come from? Mainly the Haredi, the Dati Leumi and those from the northern and southern towns of Israel who were not involved in the demonstrations. Then there are the swinging voters who are intelligent enough to understand that the Israeli economy is stronger than ever, that those making all the noise in the past few months were from the Left and could not understand the meaning of a democracy. In the next election the Secular Left will find that their percentage in numbers has been whittled away.

Legal manipulations, formerly behind the scenes but now completely transparent, are not what the people want and not what they voted for. Leaders in the IDF, Police, Intelligence Agencies and the Bureaucracy who previously cooperated with what became the Deep State are now finding out that they are being pulled into line as the damage that they have caused becomes painfully evident. The lines blur when we consider the definition of a Deep State as compared to the declarations and actions of the current Israeli Opposition.

With treasured democracy being threatened with unwarranted street demonstrations, huge expensive police forces having to control them, threats involving finance, emigration, and reserves refusers it may be only a matter of time before tragedy strikes. Lives are too precious to have the common man in the street bamboozled to the extent that violence is rearing its ugly head.

Despite their open plan to take over the government as they try to preserve the secular order and return to yesterday, their numbers and influence are slowly dropping.

The people voted. No Deep State or the Opposition can change that.

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  1. @Ted, For goodness sake, Ted, please print the comment I have just posted. Even if you disagree with its contents, Readers have a right to know about the reported misconduct of the Breslovers on pilgrimage to Uman and how it is “giving u Jews a bad name.” In Ukraine. There are still many Jews living in Ukraine. The misconduct of Jewish pilgrims fromm Israel is likely to make life more difficult.

  2. Israeli visiting Ukraine runs over local woman
    The Israeli citizen arrested after the accident. Separately, four Israelis who arrived in Uman arrested on suspicion of drug possession.
    Israel National News
    Israel National News
    Sep 14, 2023, 11:32 PM (GMT+3)
    Israelis abroad

    Awful report of Israeli misconduct on visit to Uman, An Israeli motorist ran over a Ukrainian woman and killed her. Four Israelis arrested for drug possession. Local bus driver and others report that Israelis bound for Uman are leaving huge amounts of in his bus. Other locals report that they are leaving huge mounds of garbage by every roadside. As you know I have been defending the haredim and saying that the complaints about them are exaggerated and unfair. Now I am beginning to think that everyone else has been right and i have been wrong about them.

    On the other hand, perhaps the other haredi sects, other than the Brelovers, are more responsible and behave better,

    In any case, even secular Israelis, when they travel abroad, are frequently criticized for leaving a lot of trash around. starting campfires and failing to put them out, etc. In general, we Jews seem to have a problem with good mannars and thoughfulness when we travel to foreign countries. And yes, this may well execerbate antisemitism, although it is not its fundamental cause.