Israel’s Fifth Column

By David Bedein
| March 16, 2007

There are more than one million Israeli Arabs — more than 15 percent of Israel.s population. These Israeli citizens have shown widespread support for Iran, causing the Israeli security establishment to worry. Israel.s General Security Service (GSS), the Israeli equivalent of the FBI, has warned about an alarming increase of subversive activity on behalf of Iran by Israel’s Arab minority.

This past week, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs issued a report entitled “Iran Is Building Hamastan in Gaza,” which documents how Iran is establishing a base in nearby Gaza, premised on .a growing strategic alliance between Iran and the radical Palestinian forces..

It has not been forgotten that the PLO, the harbinger of local Arab revolution, was the first sponsor of the successful Iranian revolution. Iran was the first and only Islamic nation ever to hand over an Israeli embassy to the PLO. And Iran now emerges as the greatest champion of Palestinian Arab Islamic nationalism.

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