Israpundit should get dishonourable mention

Congratulations, Blogosphere!
By Julia Gorin,

Because you’ve stayed so on top (NOT!) of Bill Clinton’s false claims of genocide in the Balkans, and because you’ve exposed to the American public (NOT!!) that the Clinton administration allied us with al Qaeda in Kosovo, and thanks to the hard-hitting pieces you’ve produced (NOT!!!) exposing that the Kosovo Albanians we “saved” have been shooting at NATO troops and blowing up UN installations — that is, using violence and terrorism to get the world to grant them self-determination as a state run by tribalistic blood code, collective guilt, mob justice and ethnic purification — this year, with U.S. blessings, an independent jihadi-narco-terrorist gangster state in the heart of Europe will become reality.

The blogosphere’s vigilance on this jihad thing is stunningly consistent! Real good job on noticing and picking up the MSM’s slack on the Balkans narrative, Guys. That’s why the public is so not confused (NOT!!!) on that rare occasion when someone does bring up the words Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, etc. — an area about which Israeli Colonel Dr. Shaul Shay, author of Islamic Terror and the Balkans, writes:

    In the eyes of the radical Islamic circles, the establishment of an independent Islamic territory including Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania along the Adriatic Coast, is one of the most prominent achievements of Islam since the siege of Vienna in 1683. Islamic penetration in to Europe through the Balkans is one of the main achievements of Islam in the twentieth century.

Thanks to your hard work ignoring this key region in the war on terror, the Iraq-burdened Bush administration has helped sweep Kosovo under the rug so that we can have our hands free of it and bury the problem that has already supplied explosives for the London and Madrid bombings — and appears to have been the launching point for the recent bombing of the U.S. embassy in Greece. You’ve allowed Soros-funded NGOs, former Clinton apparatchiks and the current administration to operate on Kosovo’s fate in the dark, without a light being shone on the realities there and the implications for the free world. And you’ve certainly made it easy for Hillary Clinton to continue doing what she, her husband, Wesley Clark, Madeleine Albright and Sandy Berger have been doing for years, particularly during the 2004 election year: touting their “successful” war in Kosovo. Expect reruns in ‘08 and pat yourselves on the back for making it possible.

Every time one of those obscure Balkan bloggers has a major scoop, rather than seize on it and make sure the story takes off and is finally exposed, your disinterest has ensured that the story drops with a thud. (Occasionally an MSM reporter actually pays enough attention to try and discredit the scoop, and the blogosphere graciously offers no counter-argument). Heck, the organized pogroms by marauding Muslim mobs against Christians in Kosovo that killed 19 people and injured dozens in 2004 (the same year Clinton & Clark et al were parading their “victory” in Kosovo) didn’t even register a blip on your radars, didn’t raise a red flag, didn’t warrant a second look, a follow-up story or anything more than a shrug.

Ah yes, thanks to your dedicated ignorance of this select region, the lives of the six or so individuals who have looked deeper into our Balkans policies and taken a dissenting position — the dissenting position being that they DON’T want to see an Islamic terror state in Europe — are in danger. You see, if you guys had been doing your job, if you had blown this thing wide open (which you’ve had eight years to do) and gotten everyone on the case so that we could finally have this overdue debate, there would be no one person or handful of people to target. So because you’ve all had my back on this Kosovo/Bosnia thing (NOT!), I now have to go to the shooting range regularly. (Fortunately, it’s not as expensive as it might have been: instead of paper targets, you can save money by requesting Serbs to shoot at.)

Again — congratulations, Blogosphere! You’ve really stayed true to your purpose!

February 13, 2007 | Comments Off on Israpundit should get dishonourable mention

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