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Israel, August 17, 2017. The Legal Grounds Campaign — largely sponsored and supported by ZOA and co-directed by ZOA’s Jeff Daube — is delighted with the ecstatic reactions (e.g., “brilliant,” “genius,” “hysterical”) to our irreverent new video, All About the Facts, a musical parody cleverly referencing the popular culture smash-hit All About that Bass. (The Meghan Trainor original had received more than 2 billion views in its day.) For widest possible viewing, including in the Knesset, the video is in English with Hebrew subtitles.

Just three days past its release, All About the Facts already has generated well over 300,000 views on Facebook and YouTube alone. Viewers also are visiting the complementary new section on the Legal Grounds website, which offers a summary of the most important facts getting short shrift because, as sings a clueless BDSer alongside Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage Tawil Fadiha, “Who cares ‘bout the facts, ‘bout the facts?”

The All About the Facts production process began many months ago with the exploring of ideas for an unconventional creative work — to spotlight the unabashed Orwellian lies told incessantly by Palestinian Arab leaders, and the swallowing of those lies whole by their under-informed supporters and gullible financial backers. With an eye toward reaching a younger Israeli demographic, in particular, we happily settled on Israel’s celebrated Latma TV team, recognizing its considerable comedic talents would be a great fit for our message and for this audience.

Latma, which means ‘slap’ in Hebrew slang, was founded in 2009 by Middle East pundit and former ZOA dinner honoree Caroline Glick, to bring balance to the leftist bias of Israeli satirical media. Latma’s massively followed television show sadly was cancelled in 2013, because of financial considerations.

Legal Grounds is now preparing to launch a follow-up project of another kind, in which viewers will be invited to point to examples of the lies denying Israel’s rights and history as they arise. The examples will be collected and posted on the Legal Grounds website for easy reference.


Watch the new Legal Grounds video, All About the Facts, a biting musical parody starring Latma’s beloved satirical characters. We hope that you will share it with your contacts and ask them to do the same:

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