Jerusalem is Jewish not Muslim and must not be divided.

Sixteen good reasons and counting why Jerusalem must not be divided.

1. Jerusalem is at the heart of Judaism.
2. Jews all over the world face Jerusalem to pray. Muslims all over the world, even in East Jerusalem, face Mecca to pray.
3. Jerusalem is mentioned in the Torah and other sacred texts, 832 times. It is mentioned in the Koran, not once.
4. “..on the ground, take a look and see, how can you do it? You can’t.” Meron Benvenisti.
5. Jerusalem must be expanded, not shrunk to have room to grow and to lower land prices.
6. The League of Nations promised Jerusalem to the Jews, not the Arabs.
7. Remember the “siege of Jerusalem” in 72 AD and in ’48. Jews fought for it and died for it. In ’67, Jews recovered it by conquest in a defensive war.
8. Remember the desecration wrought by Muslims of Jewish synagogues and shrines during Jordanian rule.
9. Remember that Jews cannot trust their security to anyone much less Muslims. We know from bitter experience that we can only rely on the IDF.
10. Muslims still want to destroy Israel.
11. A nation that doesn’t stand for something, falls for anything.
12. There is no moral or legal or security reason to divide it. Only a Dhimmi would do so.
13. Muslims all over the world will be embolden in their Jihad to conquer the West.
14. Jews owe Muslims nothing unless they are citizens of Israel.
15. Jews have nothing to atone for. The Arabs do.
16. Islam must be resisted, not appeased.

Caroline Glick put it this way,

“So if Olmert’s planned retreat harms Jerusalem, what purpose does it serve?

“The sole goal that Olmert’s partition plan advances is that of attempting to appease racist, anti-Jewish radical Islamic forces that claim that Jews have no rights in Jerusalem. Indeed, at its core, Olmert’s plan internalizes this jihadist view by completely ignoring the security, municipal and demographic concerns of the city’s Jews and non-jihadist Arabs.

This Israeli internalization of the jihadist view of Jews in Jerusalem also pervades the government’s treatment of Jewish land purchases in eastern Jerusalem. Last week Ha’aretz reported that a month ago the State’s Attorney, Eran Shendar, asked Police Inspector Yohanan Danino to undertake a covert investigation of Ateret Cohanim – a non-profit organization that works to bypass the Palestinian Authority’s policy of defining land sales to Jews as a capital offense for which dozens of Arabs have been murdered since 1994.”

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