Jewish Federations consort with BDS groups

By Janet Levy

The Jewish Federation and Hillel support a program that sends U.S. college students – Jews, Christians and Muslims – to Israel to meet with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Al Qaeda.  (Check out to review the itineraries for this program, the Olive Tree Initiative or OTI.  UCSB, UCLA, UCI and other schools sponsor the OTI trips).

Hamas leader, Aziz Duwaik has been one of the OTI speakers (2009) sponsored by the Jewish Federation, Hillel and UC Irvine.  At the time he met with UCI students on the Federation-sponsored trip, he had already been arrested twice by the Israeli authorities – once in connection with the abduction of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit – and served a three year prison sentence.
Today, Duwaik was arrested a third time in connection with the kidnapping of three teens.  
How can the Jewish Federation and Hillel send college students to meet with Hamas terrorists? 
Do you know that only ONE Jewish Federation agreed to sign the Fogel Pledge to ban the funding of anti-Israeli activities?  Do you know that the Jewish Federation consorts with BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel) groups?
Do you donate to the Jewish Federation and Hillel?
Read more about this DANGEROUS program here.  
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