Jewish Palestine and Arab Palestine Coming

On June 28, 2023 he tweeted:
The remembrance benefits the believers;
One people, not two peoples, in spite of the crow of the clear..
The map of Palestine approved by the League of Nations in 1917, starting from the Jaffa Sea and ending at the Iraqi Trebil borders.
Churchill established the Principality of Transjordan as an experimental Palestinian “autonomy”, and the residents of eastern Palestine used the Palestinian passport until 1948, and the Palestinian pound until 1952, as there was no Jordanian dinar before this date…
The future is a new arrangement of peace and fair prosperity for the inhabitants of historic Palestine in both its Arab parts (Jordan and the areas of the West Bank) and Jewish Palestine (Israel). The overthrow of the marginals and their henchmen, the Eliasin Sarsour, is one of the inevitabilities of the coming future as a first step for the stability and prosperity of the entire planet…

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  1. @Ted

    A very welcome post to read. There is no better path towards peace than the JO, real peace, not some promissory note between leaders, but actually providing for a reconstruction of society where the great potential of the Weitsman-Faisal agreement might finally come into fruition. Of course, it is no small piece of irony that it requires the necessity to be rid of every scrap and remnant of Faisal’s feckless, faithless and treacherous family from Jordan for this potential to become operational, that and their replacement with a true visionary, whose interest and support of peace and commerce with his Jewish neighbors will bring the best efforts toward fulfilling the failed promise for which the Mandate period was intended to broker, and which was never actually pursued. As you say, a long time coming.

  2. I have asked Mudar to clarify “areas of the West Bank”.
    I have written about this on Oct 17, 2018 in Trump’s Deal of the Century a.k.a The Jordan Option

    According to a very well-informed source (and reiterated in 2022), the administration of the A areas, will pass from the PA to Jordan. These areas include, Tulkarn, Qalkilya, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem and Jericho. The B areas will be absorbed into the C area in order to remove the Swiss cheese effect. Hebron, on the other hand will be administered by a joint local council made up of Israelis and Palestinians. This is the Confederation that Abbas rejected a few weeks ago

    Its been a long time in coming.