Jews in Mufti’s House=Justice!

by Atty. Elyakim Haetzni, INN

The notorious Haj Amin’s “Shepherd Hotel” was bought by Zionist US Jews and torn down to build homes for Jewish families. Sometimes we are privileged to see historic justice in our time, says this noted Israeli.

Karm el-Mufti is the Arabic name of the land in Sheikh Jarrah owned by Hajj Amin el-Husseini (“der grosse Mufti,” the great Mufti, as he was called in the Nazi German Reich, with which he identified, body and soul). In 1929, the year in which he was responsible for the murder of 118 Jews, two Jewish architects, almost on a volunteer basis, built a spacious home for him.

Hajj Amin, the ideologue who initiated harnessing belligerent Islam to all-out war against the Jews and Zionism and the father of Arab terrorism, was also a loyal, full-fledged Nazi,. In the [Second] World War, he directed the Nazi propaganda for the Middle East from within Germany . Hitler and Himmler’s doors were open to him, he built SS divisions in Bosnia,and he received a “franchise” to carry out the destruction of the Jews of Eretz Israel by means of the local Arabs, upon Rommel’s then-expected conquest of the area.

This same Mufti also prevented the rescue of Jewish children in exchange for German prisoners of war, and saw to their destruction in Auschwitz.

After the war, not only did the British not try him as a war criminal, they even allowed him to continue to fight against us in
partnership with Nazis, until his dying day.

Now Jews are in the “Karm” of the Nazi murderer, and a synagogue in memory of the Holocaust will be located in his house: is there any greater historic justice than this?

The Mufti rented the house to the Christian Arab historian George Antonius, one of the creators ex nihilo of the false Palestinian
mythos, in order to counter the historic claims of the Jews. Hajj Amin mobilized religious fanaticism in the service of the
“Palestinian cause,” and Antonius provided the educated West with a pseudoscientific Palestinian narrative with which to attack Zionism.

With the help of his wife Cathy, the house functioned as a social salon in which, in an aristocratic atmosphere, the Palestinian
nobility met with the senior British officials. Both shared their profound loathing of the Jews. Among her lovers, Cathy shared her
bed with the infamous General Barker, the commander of the British forces in Eretz Israel, and the author of the slogan “Hit the Jews in their pockets.” Members of the Haganah would eventually find his love letters in the Antonius home.

And now–Jews in the cradle of Palestinian nationalism and the upper-class British social anti-Semitism in Eretz Israel: is there any greater historic justice than this?

On April 16, 1948, a convoy to Mount Scopus was attacked close to the “Mufti’s House.” The British broke their commitment to defend it, and for six long hours, in broad daylight, Dr. Yassky, the director of the Hadassah Hospital, Dr. Moshe Ben-David, the director of the medical school, the linguistics scholar Dr. Benjamin Klar, Abraham Freiman, an expert on Jewish law, doctors, professors, nurses, and patients were brutally murdered. At that time, a British regiment (the Scottish Highlanders) was stationed in the Mufti’s house, but didn’t lift a finger.

And as in Hebron in 1929, the British eventually put an end to the massacre with a single shot, but only after they drank their fill from the blood of 68 Jews, so, too, next to the Mufti’s house, they put an end to the horror only after 78 had been murdered. On the contrary, they prevented the Palmah [Israeli pre-state defense forces, ed.] from coming to the assistance of those being

On the plot adjoining the Mufti’s house, the British built a beautiful consulate building, that serves – what else? – as a focal
point for the consuls’ opposition to Jerusalem being the capital of Israel.

Now, the hostile British cannot open a window without seeing Jews through it, from close up: is there greater historic justice than

“The Mufti’s House” stands at a major junction, on the seam line of historic Jerusalem. The Ramallah authorities, the American and European foreign ministries, and the Jewish collaborators claim that Jewish “settlement” here will prevent the partition of the city, and will frustrate the establishment of the Palestinian capital in it.

O that it would be so! Amen! And if this is the case, then the good Dr. Irving and Cherna Moskowitz, who purchased “Karm el-Mufti” and other strategic sites in order to plant Jewish life in them, have secured their place in Jewish history.

Only a single question remains hanging in the air unanswered: what has happened to us, that we have lost the ability to experience wholeheartedly the satisfaction of achievement, the gratification of success, and the joy of this victory?

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. I read this article with great interest. I am so sad that the involvement of the grand mufti in WWII is often overlooked, especially outside Israel. I would love to celebrate the day on which Jews build homes and high rises all around the British conulate, so that from every window all the can see would be happy Jewish families raising happy and healthy Jewish children.
    I once lived in Alonei Abba, a Nazi encampment called Waldheim by the Germans in Israel prior to Statehood, where the German settlers sent their children to serve with the Nazis in WWII.
    We must remember. Shamor VeZachor, Observe and Remember, means that we must first remember before we can claim “Never Again.”

  2. Wow. It seems not even some of the Jews are capable of learning a lesson from history. Many Jews, it seems, will make the same mistakes over and over, just like their stupid Gentile friends. I know of one Jewish newspaper political cartoonist in Africa who makes Israel the aggressor and the Arabs the victims in his cartoons time and time again, to the loud applause of Africa’s Muslims and other anti-semites. Does he ever show Arab terrorism in a negative light in his cartoons? Never. Me?

    Disgusted, view the man with contempt. And I’m not even Jewish.

    But then, those who put good for evil and evil for good are contemptible people. The world we live contains billions of them.

  3. Yamit, you said,

    Jews are no different than anyone else, no better no worse

    By and large, I agree with you! I wonder, though, why you aren’t bombarded by fellow Jews wanting to stone you for blasphemy for saying such things? If you weren’t Jewish, you would certainly have been called an AntiSemite by now, by just about everyone on Israpundit, for saying just this.

    Concerning Israel, I support it because, first and foremost, it is the place where MY God has chosen to hang his shingle. The very land is sacred because of that, and ought to be reverenced by all the world. The fact that my country’s leaders refuse to acknowledge this, turns my stomach. The fact that the Jewish people, whom God has chosen as stewards over that land, take their task so lightly, upsets me; but in the latter case, I am upset as an onlooker, and as a friend of God. That said, it’s still HIS business — not the UN’s, not America’s, not the Crusaders (may their names be blessed), not mine — to deal with these people and perfect them. They are his chosen, and I am His servant.

  4. Just lie. That’s what Bill Levinson would do. I’m so tired of hearing about this treacherous, stab-one-another-in-the-back people called the Jews. I want to support Israel. Give me a chance.

    Jews are no different than anyone else, no better no worse. I believe you have some idealized conception of who and what real Jews are. Israel? Support all you want! You have always made your support subject to artificial conditions just like you do with Jews.

  5. I’m not interested in justice, except the type I can enforce directly.

    My interest in al-Husseini’s former house in Jerusalem is only that it is a site which can ultimately house thousands of Jews in the united capital city of the Jewish state. That, plus the knowledge that the State of Israel can enforce its will to flesh out a Jewish population of about a million persons in Shomron and Yehuda in the next 15 years or so, exclusive of Jerusalem’s municipal borders. And that, plus the fact that such a demographic Zionist goal can be achieved without having to offer Israeli citizenship to the Arabs of Hevron, Beit-Lechem, Aricho, Ramallah, Shchem, Jenin and Tulkarem by turning them into individual “haddadlands” with their own autonomous governors and police forces, dependent on Jerusalem for water supplies, roads, trade and much else. and permitted to capture and kill any Arab in their bailiwicks who engage in terrorism either against them or Israel.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  6. In 1929, the year in which he was responsible for the murder of 118 Jews, two Jewish architects, almost on a volunteer basis, built a spacious home for him.

    Ted, I didn’t know this before, and I wish I hadn’t heard it now. Jewish complicity with the enemies of Israel and of the Jewish people is so pervasive, maybe you would be better off just printing lies. El-Husseini is a perfectly understandable character, and I don’t criticize him: He fought for the interests of his own people, while Jews were selling one another out. How can one fault someone for that? Jabotinsky warned us that this is exactly what the Arabs would do, and that it would be an insult to them to think they would do otherwise. I’m sure that all sounds “anti-semitic” to you and yours here; but if so, it makes Ze’ev Jabotinsky also an “antisemite” and I am honored to be in his company.

    Just lie. That’s what Bill Levinson would do. I’m so tired of hearing about this treacherous, stab-one-another-in-the-back people called the Jews. I want to support Israel. Give me a chance.