What BDS campaign? Jews stand tall and proud

By Ted Belman

I have a weekly gig on the Zelda Show, broadcasting out of Toronto in which I expound on my views. This week Zelda asked me about the affects on Israelis flowing from the constant deligitimating attacks. I surprised her by saying that the right in Israel strongly believe in Zionism which means building the state and settling the land, all of it. The attacks do nothing to diminish their beliefs or their will. Just the opposite. And the center is moving to the right notwithstanding the attacks. The Left unfortunately are demoralized but they too will come around.

Another group of people undaunted by these attacks or the prospect of war are the young American 18 year-olds who make aliya and are anxious to join the IDF. This year they number 350. YNET reports that IDF magnet for US olim

    The recruits are mostly 18-20 year-olds who have decided to give up college and the comforts of life in the US and leave family and friends in order to immigrate to Israel and join the Israeli army.

Most of the expected arrivals are setting their sights on combat units. The men would specifically like to volunteer to elite units like Duvdevan, Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet 13, paratroopers and the Israeli Air Force flight academy. The women opt for Oketz (The IDF K-9 unit) or to be medics, education guides, or firearms instructors.

In another YNET article Report: EU to upgrade Israel ties notwithstanding their verbal abuse and BDS activities and their support of all the left wing NGO;s in Israel attempting to undermine Israeli policies.

    The EU will offer Israel upgraded trade and diplomatic relations in more than 60 areas at a high-level meeting in Brussels on Tuesday, just weeks after European foreign ministers warned that Israeli policies in the West Bank “threaten to make a two-state solution impossible,” The Guardian reported Monday.

According to the report, the EU will widen its relationship with Israel on a range of areas including migration, energy and agriculture. It will remove obstacles impeding Israel’s access to European government-controlled markets and enhance Israel’s co-operation with nine EU agencies, including Europol and the European Space Agency

One senior EU diplomat criticized the decision citing Israel’s non-compliance with its obligations under international law. He noted that not one minister was prepared to oppose Tuesday’s agreement for fear of irking Jewish communities.

Foreign Min Lieberman is to be congratulated for his success in building relations all over the world in the midst of all the deligitimating activities in the news.

If that weren’t enough, JPOST reports Anglos are studying the Torah:

    Tens of thousands of people in Israel and abroad, who have devotedly pored over the complex tracts of rabbinic debate with study partners, in groups, in special lessons and by themselves will finish the entire Babylonian Talmud on Monday.

And the Anglo community in Israel is no exception, with several thousand expatriates from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and South Africa all getting ready for the big celebration.
Tens of thousands of people in Israel, abroad, who have devotedly pored over complex tracts of rabbinic debate with study partners.

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