Jihadists have won – US in retreat

The fruits of Hizbullah’s victory
By Caroline B. Glick, JewishWorldReview.com

[..] In Sharm e-Sheikh, Rice is clearly looking for a way to forge a US surrender of Iraq to its nemeses Iran and Syria. So it is that American commanders in Iraq are barred from noting publicly that the Iranian and Syrian governments are directing the war and killing their soldiers.

Rice’s embrace of surrender extends to her position on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Rice and her State Department colleagues oppose both striking Iran’s nuclear installations and providing assistance to regime opponents inside Iran who seek to overthrow the regime in order to prevent the mullahs from acquiring nuclear weapons. All they want to do is negotiate with the ayatollahs. They have no other policy.

So too, in recent months the US has embraced the Palestinians.

Although the Speaker of the Palestinian legislature Ahmad Bahar just made a televised appeal to Allah to kill every Jew and American on earth, Rice insists on transferring $59 million in US taxpayer money to the Palestinian security forces. So too, last week the State Department dictated a list of security concessions that Israel must make to the Palestinians over the next eight months regardless of whether the Palestinians themselves cease their attacks on Israel, or for that matter, regardless of whether the Palestinians maintain their commitment to annihilating the Israel and the US.

Rice’s shepherding of the US to strategic defeat against the jihadists in the Middle East extends to Africa as well. In Somalia, the US now supports the unity government in spite of the fact that the Al Qaida Islamic Courts Union is a member of the government.

So too, Rice’s embrace of failure extends to Asia where she accepted a nuclear armed North Korea and even agreed to give Pyongyang money. Rice’s uncontested control of US foreign policy is one of the ancillary results of the Second Lebanon War last summer.

Israel was not the only loser in that war. Its stalwart allies in Washington, who battled Rice and her State Department colleagues in support of an Israeli victory also lost. Those supporters, commonly referred to as the neoconservatives, were led by their chief, President George W. Bush.

The Second Lebanon War placed the true nature of the global jihad in stark relief. By waging a proxy war with Israel through Hizbullah and the Palestinians simultaneously, Iran and Syria demonstrated clearly that the war against Israel is not a unique war, but rather a key battleground of the global jihad whose forces are fighting the US and its allies in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the world. More than any war before, the Second Lebanon War demonstrated Israel’s vital importance as a US ally. And Israel’s decision not to fight that war to victory played a key role in the neoconservatives’ defeat by Rice and the Washington establishment. [..]

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  1. Israel fought the war in Lebanon to win. The key problem was not one of tactics or of strategy. Israel did not have enough time. In order to defeat an enemy as powerful and dug in as Hezbollah is would have required at least three months and probably longer. Israel only had a month to do this. There is simply no way to defeat an enemy like Hezbollah, using conventional means, in only thirty days.

    Israel should have refused to agree to the UN resolution calling for the cease fire and they should have continued fighting. The US should have done its part by using its veto power to veto this resolution. By refusing to veto the resolution the US and the Bush Administration demonstrated that they are fundamentally unserious about fighting the war against Islamic terrorists.

    Unfortunately, if things continue as they are now, Israel will soon have to fight round two with Hezbollah. This time they will be far stronger than they were for round one. This time it will probably require a year or more to defeat them, if only conventional means are used.

    Btw, Hezbollah and their allies of Iran and Syria poses a far greater threat to the US than imperial Japan ever did or likely ever could have during WWII. In order to defeat the Japanese, the US used nuclear weapons. Given that Hezbollah and its Syrian and Iranian allies are far more threatening to the US than imperial Japan ever was or likely ever could have been, how far will we go to defend ourselves from them. The longer we wait the harder it will be to defeat them and the more likely it will be that we will have to use nuclear weapons.

    Even with the use of nuclear weapons an American victory is not assured. If it were to come to this point, Russia and China would almost certainly get involved. Russia and China are the two most powerful countries on earth right now.

    The US, Israel, and the Western world need to start to immediately work to enhance their military capabilities. Unfortunatley US military strength is inadequate to face the current threats.

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