Jordan intends to stop discrimination against women

Islamist Leader Slam Govt on CEDAW statements

AMMONNEWS – Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) on Saturday denounced statements made by Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour in which he vowed to implement in full the articles of the U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Ensour had vowed in statements earlier this week to review the reservations that Jordan voiced towards implementation of CEDAW.

IAF secretary general Hamzeh Mansour sent a memo to Ensour in response to the latter’s statements, calling on the Premier to recant his statements or apologize for them because they “contradict the principles of our religion and Jordanian values, and threaten the wellbeing of the Jordanian family and social fabric.”

Mansour noted that CEDAW is a product of a “culture other than our own, and a creed other than our own..” adding that the stipulations of the international convention “is in confrontation with our national and religious fixed principles.”

Mansour added in his letter to Ensour that the articles of CEDAW were faced with wide opposition from Jordanians, and that the Jordanian government and other Arab and Muslim governments had also voiced reservations on a number of articles in the convention for their clear contradiction with Islamic and Arab values and principles, according to his expression.

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. Islam will dominate Arab nations until–until God puts an end to it; when God supernaturally destroys four fifths of the Russian army along with their Arab counterparts on the mountains of Israel–this will no doubt cause many to rethink their adherence to Godless Islam.

    When God speaks about the world ending–he is referring to the evil world system ending.

    As for the Earth–it and Yerushalayim and Israel will continue on in perpetuity as God said they would–there will be no end to them!

    Mr. Harris–you would know everything I have written here if you knew the Tanakh as you should.

  2. Steven, The feminists of the West are busy gussying up for Obama’s inauguration party.

    There aren’t very many socially-useful photo opportunities sitting around in some shit-hole of a Pakistani or Arab village trying to teach Islamic women to insist that their husbands treat them as other than Islam and multiple millenia of Middle Eastern cultures have hard-wired into their heads.

    Also, Western women who show up in such places unescorted by armed bodyguards, such as that well-remembered blond reporter in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the “Arab Spring” riots, not infrequently get gang-raped for their troubles.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  3. Thanks Allah for the support the left provides the Muslim MEN. Women & girls must remain ignorant, poor and dependent on savages. Where are the feminists of the West?

  4. CR, That’s more or less akin to saying that the world will not end until our star, the Sun, burns up all its hydrogen and converts it to helium, or whatever it does.So, for starters, enlighten me on how long Islam will dominate the cultures of the Arabs, Iranians, Indonesians, and various other national groups; starting with what you think will bring that all about.Arnold HarrisMount Horeb WI

  5. but, but, but what about kkk 4;34 and what about all the truckloads of rocks intended for stonnings?
    should all that go to waste?

  6. Well, there goes another soon-to-be assassinated Arab Moslem leader, caught up in the conundrums of western liberalism in their attempts to spponfeed western culture to the Middle East.

    Tell me all about it, if Prime Minister Ensour escapes the inevitable bullets, car bomb or whatever at the hands of his Moslem brothers.I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I would always bet against the longevity of anybody who is really serious about women’s’ rights in the Arab world.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI